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Open Letter seeking clarification: Yasmin Sooka & EU Funding for ITJP-Sri Lanka via Foundation for Human Rights South Africa

16 July 2021   Ms. Fiona Knab-Lunny European Commission MEMBER OF CABINET +32 (0) 2 29 60220 Email: cc:   Dear Ms. Fiona Knab-Lunny   Open Letter seeking clarification: Yasmin Sooka &...


If Germany accounted for their crimes why can’t US/UK & EU?

The EU/US & UK believe themselves to be & demands us to believe, they are paragons of virtue & models of human rights. This supremacy-mindset created Hitler who told the Jews how to behave...


The evil pact between “Genocide Canada” & Terrorist LTTE-Tamil Eelam danger to Asia

  It is often said that a thief shouts ‘thief’ to divert attention from himself the real rogue so that everyone runs after the wrong person, is this the strategy deployed by both Canada...