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Sri Lanka: Temporary Custodian(Govt) cannot distribute State land – find better ways to help farmers!

  Sri Lanka is an island nation. A government is elected only for a term. A government is only temporary custodian and guardian of the State. A State comprises its People and its Resources....


19a plotted to transfer powers from President to PM – 21a an attempt to do same

  To understand this, it is imperative to look back to the regime change that took place in 2015 and the surprise common candidate fielded as President. Maithripala Sirisena was that surprise candidate as...


21a cannot pass powers to a Rejected National List Caretaker PM

Democratic principles are being questioned following the scurry to pass the 21st amendment, drafted by a caretaker Justice Minister and aspiring to pass powers from a directly elected President to a caretaker Prime Minister...