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Correcting 40 years of lies about Sri Lanka’s July 1983 riots – Tamils, please set the story straight

When countries with records of unprecedented mass murders feel it politically fashionable to annually commemorate an incident which took place in Sri Lanka which is miniscule to the crimes they committed, when political correctness...


The Cost of “People’s Riots” – Role of social media in Sri Lanka & France & double standards in commentary

In France, a teenager is accused of being killed by French police. Yet, can  riots, burning vehicles, stealing goods, burning libraries, damaging public property bring justice?  In 2022, Sri Lanka experienced shortages in essential...


Is US envoy venturing into India’s “Kashmir” in Central Sri Lanka to woo Hill Country Indian Tamils?

Geneva diplomatic protocols appear not to apply to US envoys and Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister/Ministry is little bothered to remind diplomats that there are protocols to their movements. Having said that, it is interesting...