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Facts & Ground Realities in Indo-Lanka relations & ECT

  Fact 1:India will always interfere in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs   Fact 2:India will always attempt to destabilize Sri Lanka   Fact 3:International Relations is based on no permanent enemies, no permanent friends, only permanent interests. Permanent...


UK removing LTTE ban is more of a threat to India than Sri Lanka

  LTTE terrorism was defeated in May 2009. Without a charismatic terrorist leader, LTTE is unlikely to resurface. But, the efforts to create a Tamil Eelam or a Greater Tamil Eelam encompassing Tamil Nadu...


How did 13th amendment become part of Indo-Lanka Accord & India’s role in it

The Letter sent by TULF to PM Rajiv Gandhi on 28 Oct 1987 provides clue to how 13A evolved. The history of the events should awaken Sri Lanka’s advisors promoting the theory that ‘we...