About Me

Welcome to my world where I invite you to look at national & international issues from a different perspective.

I am no journalist, no media personality, neither do I work for any media institute. I took to writing and penning my views primarily to be the voice of the unheard, the voices that were being subjugated, unfairly vilified & voices who were unfairly treated via false propaganda, bogus stories & slander. With time I began challenging accepted norms, asking direct questions & calling a spade a spade.

Too often, the voices of reason are silenced by name tagging, labeling & character assassination but we must stand our ground & stand firm for what we believe in & not allow anyone to silence our right to express.


I can proudly say I belong to a category of truly ‘independent’ writers because I do not take a cent for anything I write and whatever comes to print is my own personal views to which anyone is welcome to accept, reject or even constructively criticize.


I’ve written on a range of subjects – colonial crimes & policies that form the legacy of ills that former colonies continue to suffer, the Euro-centric international legal systems & standards that remain biased, the historical quest to annihilate Buddhism & manipulation of dharmic faiths, the hypocrisies of war on terror, the quest to end national sovereignty, societal ills all as a result of people unable to live a life of value… I am trying to draw everyone’s attention to the need to return to the basics – the fundamentals of things, make society & the world a more loving, a more accepting & a more compassionate place.      


All that I ask of you is to read my version, it’s certainly a different version that asks you to also process the issues but derive your own conclusions.  


With metta to all

Shenali D Waduge