Dangers of 13a to both India & Sri Lanka

India’s intel chief is to arrive in Sri Lanka for talks with the President. Top on the agenda should be 13a but not to canvass for its implementation, but to discuss the dangers that underlie its implementation for Sri Lanka, India & entire South Asia.


In 2021, 4 actions by US raised eyebrows about where relations between US & India stood.


While India is the world’s biggest vaccine maker it relies on US exports for raw materials which were banned by US & diverted to US vaccine production houses. Then US put India on a currency manipulator watch list with India’s Reserve Bank being accused of foul play leaving India claiming US of being guilty of foul play. Next came US Navy warship sailing to Lakshadweep Island & the final nail came with US State Dept issuing human rights report claiming India’s human rights & religious freedom was deteriorating. Is this how US treats a partner they wish to line up against China? Is this what India sacrificed its non-alignment for by aligning with Western-US agenda QUAD? Is India, America’s friend or foe or just a pawn in a pivot to Asia which requires India for US political, diplomatic, trade, economic & cultural agendas? How aware of this ulterior motive is India & how aware are the rest of Asia in the sheepish manner either US, India or both together will exert influence across Asia?


Has US placed India on par with its allies in pro-US Islamic satellite states, how far have America’s silent partners media, NGOs, faith-organizations, Church, Evangelical, Born Again groups, CSOs and Western-backed HR organizations & activists acted in favor of India?


Has US-linked terror groups who are all linked to banned Islamic terror movements infiltrated into India & are marking time. How aware is India of these pivots that can target India internally?


India must realize that the India-trained LTTE became “our boys” to India’s intel agencies who sacrificed Indian soldiers by giving false intel while LTTE was steered by Tamil Catholics from overseas which eventually resulted in the assassination of an Indian Prime Minister. Exactly, what did India gain from training given to create Tamil militancy on Indian soil?


None of the LTTE Diaspora groups operate from India – why are they all operating from Western nations inspite of a cosmetic ban? Does this not speak volumes? Is India keeping track of the barrage of West-sponsored players arriving as conflict-resolutionists most of whom are Christian organizations on a conversion mission of Hindus. Are the statistics of conversions not available for India to read between the lines of all these undercover operations? These entities are collecting data & information for bigger plans. While India may also have its tentacles across Sri Lanka’s media, legal fraternity, academia, youth etc – is the same not happening by western entities. Do these players have a common goal or are they being positioned for something bigger that will take India unaware just as the Sriperumpudur blast in 1991?


India cannot ignore that the Western agenda is taking place & shape parallel in both India & Sri Lanka. India is being neutralized & hypnotized into believing US is their friend but if India analyzes what US did to EU economy using Ukraine, India should know better. EU has economically collapsed because of Ukraine, look at the number of acquisitions US has made in Europe dictating EU’s future. Can India trust US?


The divide & rule continues and the majority Hindus in India and the majority Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka are attacked by the same Western entities. What is India gaining by joining in their efforts to attack Sri Lanka’s majority? Where Tamils have sided with Western agenda, have the Sinhalese not been clear that a balkanized India is disadvantageous to the entire region & warned India of the dangers it was venturing into by playing the “Tamil” card? Will Tamils choose India or West? The Church provides this answer. India should realize the fate of creation of micro states & breaking the nation-state system. Kosovo & South Sudan are created states in disarray & left to its own fate by the West & UN. Do we need to same happen to a separated Sri Lanka?

Tamils are being used as pawns in this greater game, probably promised visas to West in lieu of their allegiance to the western agenda. Do we want an Okinawa in Sri Lanka or even Tamil Nadu, is what India & Sri Lanka must ask. A few Tamils are beginning to realize that they are being used in a greater game, but the rest are mesmerized by visa!


When US Vice-President declared US will not hesitate to interfere in the welfare of Kashmiri people, will US allow India to dictate a broken North-East Sri Lanka unless it falls under Western hegemony?


West declined to give self-determination to Tamil Nadu in the 1940s, but the political scenario is different now in 2022. The calls for self-determination is nothing but a move to create a satellite state for the West using Tamils in both Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka. The key to this is the 13th amendment where provisions are beneficial to the West, which is why the West including the UN & international monetary agencies now negotiating bail out for Sri Lanka are pushing to implement 13a, devolve land & police powers & legally separate Sri Lanka. If this succeeds, it is only a matter of time that the same call will take place in Tamil Nadu.


India is dreaming if it thinks the West will allow India to use 13a to wrest control of Sri Lanka’s north & east.


India should not encourage 13a implementation or any of the off-shoot demands that are being promoted by the West. All these align to their agenda & are using India to realize them.


India must wake up to reality. It must shift from its big bully policy against Sri Lanka and pay greater attention to the Western interventions and interferences taking place inside India & across Asia. The West has brainwashed India into taking an anti-China line and thereby diverting India’s attention from the real enemies making strides inside India & into India.


India must seriously look at the provisions in the MCC-SOFA-ACSA agreements & their impact on India as well. While India has been repeatedly parroting India’s security concerns, India is oblivious to how US boots in Sri Lanka will eventually impact India internally & how far India’s military is also being influenced by western military training.


The Easter Sunday showed the sensitivity of the situation and the manner that India was also linked to Islamic movements in South India. India’s intel may be good at penetrating Sri Lanka but can it match western intel? India must take lessons from the Wests’ jealousy of China’s rise. Does India think the West will allow India to prosper as an emerging market on India’s term or make sure West controls the profit-centres in India. When India has the talent, why should India hand over its resources to Western-controlled entities?


The steady pro-West aligned entities in both India & Sri Lanka should reveal the hidden agenda at play. It is to India’s advantage not to pursue 13a for India will never be allowed to dictate policy in a separated Sri Lanka & 13a will eventually end up balkanizing India.


India’s policy advisors should be sharp enough to read between the lines.


Shenali D Waduge

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