How can Sri Lanka deal with Islamic extremism?


Ideological extremism leading to terrorism is a growing national security threat to Sri Lanka. The ideological extremism is being nursed by politico-religious & ethno-religious extremist groups who have covertly placed themselves in influential public & private roles. These extremisms take place openly & covertly in a synchronized action plan unaware to all. A covert buying-time new-social order program combined with manipulations by non-Muslim change agents is the threat that Sri Lanka has to deal with.


It’s all in the text

How did Islam become militant? The interpretation of the text.

This means – so long as the texts cater for misinterpretation there is always scope for Islam to be manipulated by both Muslims & non-Muslims using Muslims. The belief that Islam is superior to all is the key element that both extremist Muslim groups and extremism advocating non-Muslim groups tweak to their advantage & action plans. Manipulating Islam has been key & Muslims have been easy bait.


Scenario 1:Extremist Muslim groups misinterpret Islam to draw Muslims into violent jihad


Scenario 2:Non-Muslim groups covertly fund/train extremist groups to use Muslims against Non-Muslims & even Muslims (Islamic terror groups have killed more Muslims than non-Muslims)


Scenario 3:Same non-Muslim groups covertly fund/train non-Muslims to attack the extremist Muslim groups they are indirectly funding & supporting.


In all 3 scenarios – peacefully-living Muslims are caught between wishing to live in an inclusive society or being indoctrinated into violence and extremism because they are told they must follow their Book.


No country where ideology has risen to extremist ideology and thereafter to jihadi terrorism has found peace.

So long as Muslims are bound by elements that manipulate Islam, the cancer will spread to infest the minds of new recruits or converted non-Muslim recruits.

Rise in Islamic ideological extremism shows that moderate-Muslims are either not addressing the issue or are themselves being drawn into the extremist ideology – the justification for this has been a ready-made excuse that the actions of non-Muslims have led moderate-Muslims to become extremists. Ulema Council is today hijacked by extremism promoting group from the traditional Muslims that ran it.

This means that non-Muslims have to either agree and accept all that the ideological extremists demand as the handful of remaining moderate-Muslims threaten to become ideological extremists.

With the unlikelihood of ideological extremists declining, what safeguard and solution do non-Muslims have to preserve their country, territory, culture and heritage from jihadi ideological extremisms that are being fueled also be non-Muslims with geopolitical agendas?


Non-Muslim use of Islamic extremism for geopolitical agendas

With nations having significant representation of Muslims, it has become an easy ploy to disturb nations using Islam to create anti-Government forces and anti-National themes in other countries or spur Muslims to demand exclusive rights with intent to divide Muslims and view them as being anti-National. Countries can give enough of examples how Muslims have been easily aroused to make demands angering the rest of the citizens in countries. Ironically, the radical Islamic extremist groups can be easily engaged for they use these scenarios to increase their following while non-Muslim groups using Muslims for their geopolitical means do so to take advantage for their plans. Eventually, radical Islamic groups & the non-Muslims that sponsor radical Islamic groups and radicalized Muslims turn Muslims into extremists.  Muslims have been easy bait for Muslim radical groups & non-Muslim radical groups.


Why do Muslims become bait to Muslims & non-Muslims? How do Muslims become bait?The answer to both is Islam. Islamic groups have learnt how to radicalize Muslims for their advantage and non-Muslims know what parts of Islam can be used to radicalize Muslims. However, Muslims must realize that their own people who are radicalizing them are doing greater damage to Muslims and Islam than the non-Muslims who are manipulating Islam & Muslims to their advantage. The Book gives ways for Muslims to tactfully deal with every situation to the advantage of the Book.



Muslims who wish to have nothing to do with Muslim groups who radicalize Muslims by manipulating Islam because they know Muslims can easily be subdued to bow down to Islam must be identified by Muslims and exposed by Muslims and Muslims must refuse to fall prey to them.


Who are these groups

Who are their leaders

What are the names of these organizations/institutes/schools/madrassas

How do they operate

Who funds them

What are the tactics and tricks they use?


The Government must also find answers


The answers can help in drawing mitigation options to countries grappling to find ways to protect the national security of their nation while also not stigmatizing part of their citizens.


What role can non-Muslim moderates play?

It is presumed that there are Muslims who are

  1. Aware of radical Muslim groups & individuals manipulating Islam
  2. Aware of how these radical Muslim groups & individuals are manipulating Islam
  3. Wish to have nothing to do with these groups
  4. Compelled to silently accept because they must bow to the Book


Obviously, given the power of the extremism in numbers these moderates prefer not to collide. But tacitly colluding with extremism by their silence will not help.


What are the realities that exist?

  • The international community wage’s war on terror ignoring that the intel units of their countries are nurturing the extremisms & even funding terror – naming and shaming selected perpetrators will never solve the problem. Who funded & supported Al Qaeda & all of the Al Qaeda linked terror groups?


  • The need for non-Muslim majority nations, their governments & the citizens to realize that Islam is not just a religion but an entire social order.It is virtually a Constitution.It tells how the Muslims have to behave when they are a minority and how to subtly acquire their way to becoming a majority numerically. Their positions at various levels give them targets to accomplish this social order. In such a scenario, countries & their governments must clearly declare that the National Constitution must prevail over any Islamic Constitution & these have to be clearly conveyed with legislative & legal provisions. When Muslims establish their positions in prominent roles they begin to seek the wishes of their Book (though not explicitly told) and when these are not given there is another group ready & waiting to draw their people to Islamic extremism bordering terrorism. The waiting method must be dealt parallel with nations clearly establishing laws and initiatives to ensure the covert operation does not lead to extremism/terrorism. We are yet to know the reason for 21/4 and we are now told denying burial will result in extremism/terrorism. Notice how these demands are taking shape.


  • Only a handful of Muslims who understand this overall larger picture yet follow their faith at a personal level & wish to have nothing to do with any groups that manipulate the Book. This understanding is self-found, nothing that can be taught. For non-Muslims, it is important to understand the mechanisms in place to build a social order tacitly – anyone in prominent roles are subtly drawn into this fold as they have to first bow down to the Book. This is a reality non-Muslims and non-Muslim majority countries & their governments must understand & ensure protections & safeguards are taken.


  • The most unfortunate and exasperating situation for non-Muslims is the manner corruption has weakened and diluted countries opening doors to extremism bordering terrorism. Operational role of the Book has found it easy to bribe & get their way. This has led to unnecessary social animosities & strife. The corrupt see no larger picture and even if they did, their greed for handouts take over doing right by the Nation & all citizens.


  • How easy is it for Muslims to understand that the manipulations of the Book, quoting the Book has not created any peaceful nation ruled by the Book while non-Muslims knowing the ultimate outcome for non-Muslims if only the rulings of the Book prevails, naturally negatively react every time demands of the Book gains prominence. Middle path is not the solution as scope for manipulating this scenario is also given. The moment the scenario is mapped out the response is to denigrate the message through a well-funded campaign of name-calling (hate speech-racist-fundamentalist using all of the terms in vogue). This will happen no sooner this article is read.


  • Therefore, non-Muslim nations have to make clear that National Law & National Constitution is above ALL and only that will prevail without allowing scope for the rise of groups (Muslim & non-Muslim geopolitical) manipulating the Book as they know Muslims will bow down to ONLY the Book. This is what Muslim extremists are taking advantage of and this is also how geopolitical bullies have used the Book to create a set of jihadi extremists/terrorists for their geopolitical maneuverings.


The issue is something Sri Lanka cannot ignore or regard lightly. It encompasses an entire social order that creates a shadow system within the system buying time until the objective is reached.


Sadly, those who remember how life was before 1980s with no Islamic extremism/terrorism wonder if Muslims & non-Muslims can return to that friendly period without living in doubt & animosities where new cultures, new dress, new trends, exclusive demands & self-isolating behaviors never existed. We must strive to bring this back by removing all elements that stand in the way of friendship. For this effort – it takes the genuine effort of all.


We have a Problem
We should want to solve the Problem
We need to identify who the Problem makers are



Shenali D Waduge

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