Sri Lanka’s Parliament toying with biological Male-Female sex to allow foreign-funded LGBTQIA+++ agenda to ruin Sri Lanka’s society


Sri Lanka was declared economically bankrupt in 2022. Its 2024 and we are fast on our way to becoming socially & culturally bankrupt as well. This situation is sadly brought about as a result of foreign funding & diplomatic pressures that are promoting an agenda that even the parents in the Western world are now condemning & demanding reversal of legislations passed. The failed experiment in the West, no doubt has little meaning for those promoting the ideology in Sri Lanka, primarily because these programs come with $$$ and nowadays the evil are ready to sell their soul to any devil.

If anyone has been following the developments in the sports arena they would understand the gravity of the situation. Men are competing in women’s sports and the injustice to the biological women & women’s sports has resulted in many women boycotting games unless only biological females participate. In an increasing number of states in the US, parents are coming out against the LGBTQ curriculum where the famous Gingerbread Man has suddenly become the Gender-based Person! It’s a lucrative new business – opening up a whole arena for those writing new children’s books completely changing Man/Woman, Father/Mother, He/She traditional terms to a new & confusing vocabulary.

Jennifer Lopez wants her daughter to be referred to not as she but “they”. Angelina Jolie too dressed all her adopted children in opposite sex clothing & they too were referred to in this new terminology. A string of other artists are obviously roped in to use their celebrity status to promote this as an “in thing”. However, the US experiment has not lasted too long for parents to be coming out in large numbers against it. Even teachers are opposing having to indoctrinate children as per the new LGBTQ curriculum. Some teachers have given up their jobs & started their own schooling following traditional values. This may soon start a new trend across Europe as well. In Europe, the side-effects of puberty blockers and hormone treatments have even resulted in some governments banning their usage. In a country where the health minister now lies in prison for bringing sub-standard medicines, Sri Lanka’s experiment is likely to have far more dangerous side-effects if same medications are prescribed for children. Sadly, Big Pharma is part of this evil ideology as they stand to gain the most from gender changes – which include operations, post-operational operations, life-long medication, psychological therapy, psychiatric treatment and the list goes on.

The internet and social media are the two most evil tools that lure children to believe this new gender ideology as a fad & this coupled with peer pressure from friends and social circles that they move in, will eventually result in decisions they will regret for life & imagine carrying the burden of changing one’s sex at 15 years, to have to take medicines for life, the expense it will cost, more operations, inability to ever have normal sexual relations & more than anything unable to reverse what has been done in haste.

In the US & parts of Europe, parents who oppose their children’s impulsive decisions to “change sex” are having to be separated from their children who are put into homes where unmonitored they are given all types of medications preparing them for sex change. Eventually, these children end up hating the world & themselves & we all know the final decision they end up taking. What agony this outcome must be for their parents.

All this has been brought about because their MPs have not read the dangers, heeded warnings and simply agreed to accept Bills that include clauses that sneak in provisions to enable rolling out of the LGBTQIA agenda. MPs are more concerned about enjoying power than worrying about the fate of other people’s children. This attitude is going to cost the nation dearly. From the shocking examples of the true face of the LGBTQ world outside of the well-funded campaigns promoting a pride paradise, parents & the LGBTIQ victim-children are living in a sad & reclusive world of regret & inability to reverse their decisions. Imagine carrying this trauma from age 15 to age 70!

Sri Lankan MPs from all political parties stand guilty of neglecting their duty to the State & the People since independence. If they had functioned in the interest of the State, Sri Lanka would not be in this abysmal state. Now, to remain in power agreeing to anything that comes with $$$ and contributing to ruining Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage and destroying the society completely is unforgiveable. People’s personal choices cannot be legalized and forced down upon people who wish to lead normal lives & funding should not legally change that status quo. A piece of paper can never replace centuries of customs and traditions Sri Lanka is proud of especially promoted by nations that hardly have 250 year history to boast of.

Shenali D Waduge

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