UN/Human Rights Activists where are you? TNA MP rapes 56 females & sells rape tapes for Rs.200

All these years the fabrications & humiliations targeted against the armed forces of Sri Lanka has been many. Even the UN system has blatantly misused their status and have based on hearsay chided the armed forces & ridiculed them going so far as to quote these unproven allegations on their reports thus tarnishing the image of the national army. However, there is something called nemesis & there is also the law of karma & truth will come out one day. The Lankadeepa has brought to light a case of a TNA MP raping 56 women, taping these rapes & selling them as porn for Rs.200 each. How many more of such cases by Tamil MPs have been credited to the army over the years based on bogus allegations?


The Lankadeepa reports that TNA MP from Thunukkai in Mullaitivu district which was a LTTE den at one time, and where virtually all of its inhabitants are from poor low caste families who were plucked & turned into child soldiers by LTTE.


This MP from Mullaitivu district had raped 56 such poor girls one of which had been a married mother who having discovered husband & son had seen the nude photos committed suicide to hide her shame.


The politicization of the incident is seen in the manner police had been reluctant to even take down a complaint as it was against a TNA MP. A case of another young girl attempting to commit suicide related to the same rape-tape scenario is also highlighted in this news report. A procession against TNA starting from Duraiappah Stadium to the TNA office where effigies of TNA leader Sambanthan & Mavai Senathirajah were burnt. Please note Sambanthan is also the country’s Opposition Leader. Mavai Senathirajahs assurance was that they would get the Tamil Diaspora to send a monthly stipend for the family. But why not take legal action against the TNA MP for raping women? The letter sent to Chief Minister Wigneswaran has not had any response from him too.











This goes to show the extent to which TNA popularity has reduced and this is the political party with stalwarts like Chief Minister Wigneswaran wanting to run a separate independent state for only Tamils. How many more such innocent Tamil women would get raped, end up committing suicide & their stories hidden forever from the public domain because TNA MPs would have a carte blanche to do as they like? The scenario is seriously dangerous as the female activist who has taken pains to voice the plight of these raped women had supporters of TNA surround her house shouting at her to stop finding fault with the TNA.


With so many NGOs stationed in the north & many foreign agencies too … it is only this one single Tamil activist speaking on behalf these innocent Tamil girls being not only raped but having the raped filmed & sold as cheap porn for Rs.200.


Since we are on the subject of rape & porn we will recall the gruesome killing of a young school girl in Kayts – Vidya who was gang raped by a group of Tamils living overseas who were making a living of selling cheap porn. In fact this rapist too was helped to flee after villagers caught him & handed him to the police by a UNP MP whose supporters many allege are also raping young women in North Sri Lanka.





The lies associated on hyped rape charges against the armed forces can be seen in this following article that covers the statistics & allegations involved & readers can see how much money & propaganda had been pumped into humiliating our armed forces. https://www.onlanka.com/news/how-credible-are-stories-of-rape-in-north-sri-lanka.html


TNA is fast loosing public support. It is no different to the present government – all talk no action. TNA has since it began heading the Northern Provincial Council spent more time travelling the global telling lies instead of looking after the people of the province. The money TNA demand from the Treasury is returned most of which is unspent while the governments allocation to the North is spent on various development programs. However, every foreign envoy for some unknown reason think that after paying courtesy calls to the President & PM their next stop should be the North & visits to the Northern Chief Minister …. This is a major breach of protocol and it should be stopped. The Northern Chief Minister is just another Chief Minister and we have 9 such Chief Ministers. All should be treated equally. There is nothing that makes the Northern CM any more powerful or bigger than the others.


It is getting clearer that the North will soon reject the TNA & all of its MPs. The best that the Tamils themselves need to now do is to allow a national Tamil leader to emerge. One who will think of the country first & who will work for the welfare of the Tamils as a community living in harmony with the other communities & not in isolation or as a separate & independent entity. Agreed that any community has issues & these issues are relevant not only to the minorities but the majority too has shortcomings that politicians have never addressed. To have all these issues brought forward we need to have nation-centric leaders and not ethno-religious minority thinking leaders. We cannot have another alternative to TNA emerge in North or East Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is no better a time for Tamils to think of Tamils who have been working for their community & select these young men & women & give the baton to them instead of these old men with radical & selfish ideas who want to simply rule & enjoy power & hide their misdemeanors from public domain.


Catch this TNA MP who has raped these women. Charge him & take legal action against him according to the law of the land. Let Justice prevail.





Shenali D Waduge

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