US Govt & Billionaires behind the LGBTQIA+++ movement


When a movement is funded, the question that should be asked is why is it been funded & who are the one’s funding it. Why are these funding bodies using the LGBTQIA+++ movement. The key word here is “using” implying manipulating. Is their power not in numbers but the power of those who fund them, as these are the very entities that hold power over media, academia, business etc. They are able to with their wand of $ influence anyone & everyone.

More importantly when funding gets merged with geopolitics & western governments use LGBTQ as a carrot against foreign governments, it is cause for concern by all citizens of these nations.

An article by Jennifer Bilek lists out these billionnaires

John Stryker of Stryker Corporation created Arcus Foundation to promote LGBT. He also has stakes in Stryker Medical Corporation.

Ronda Stryker, his sister is a trustee of Kalamazoo College & member of Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows. She gave $30m for a queer studies program.

Pat Stryker, another sister works for Tim Gill of Gill Foundation both of whom gave half a billion dollars to advocate LGBT agendas.

Note what Jennifer says “prior to 2015, Stryker had already built the political infrastructure to drive gender identity ideology & transgenderism across the globe, donating millions to small & large entities”.

Clearly, there is nothing NATURAL about this movement. It is solely based on, thrives & is spread only because of the funding that accompanies the movement that has built into a network across Europe, Central Asia & Asia.

Using the power of funding, conferences are being organized, leadership programs are being funded, research publications are funded & politicians are being pressurized.

It is no surprise that Arcus is funding

  • Victory Institute
  • Centre for American Progress
  • ACLU
  • Transgender Law Center
  • Trans Justice Funding Project
  • OutRightAction International
  • Human Rights Watch
  • GATE
  • Parliamentarians for Global Action
  • Council for Global Equality
  • The UN
  • Amnesty International
  • Planned Parenthood Federation of America

When Soros & his foundation fund initiatives for transgender children we have to wonder what mischief he is up to. The NoVo promoting transgenderism was founded by Warren Buffet’s son & Arcus works closely with them.

Jennifer Bilek also points out that the funding for gender identity ideology is extended to faith organizations, sports, cultural associations, police depts, schools and even kindergartens. Using the power of money they have succeeded to plug this new ideology to be spread by the entities they fund.

It has created a new job opportunity & what is unnerving is the trend that many non-transgender or non-LGB people who are led to believe that they can get better prospects by becoming LGBTQ. This is the ultimate aim, it appears! It is no coincidence that all of these funding bodies are promoters of depopulation and hold shares in pharmaceutical industry which will have plenty of business if normal people are indoctrinated to change sex, operate & thereafter take medicines for life!

Clearly it is a problem that parents in the West are worried about too & such a situation should not be allowed to occur in Sri Lanka.

This article by the Heritage Foundation is a must read & covers the manner Govts & diplomats are ordered to pressure foreign governments to

The article titled “if you want our help you must accept our gender ideology” confirms our fears & justifies the rights of Sri Lankan citizens concerned about protecting the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka to be heard by Sri Lanka’s parliament.

The article is a must read. It highlights that while Americans are finally grasping the horrors of gender ideology which they are being forced to accept but are rejecting it for its “irrational, destructive & anti-human” elements, the ideology is being exported as FINANCIAL & DIPLOMATIC demarches to the developing world. Some sillies in Sri Lanka think accepting such is an honor!

Their plans are clear – the National Strategy on Gender Equity & Equality is their blueprint. Are we surprised that suddenly there is a Bill called “Gender Equity Bill” being pushed in Sri Lanka?

US is using its might to shove all things bad down foreign governments in the form of “diplomacy” and “foreign assistance”.

USAID is said to have over 180 gender advisors across the world & are tasked to run these gender confusing programs across poorer nations. Is it a surprise that US taxpayers money is being funded to give new gender terms for Sri Lankan journalists to use!

Soon they will start a trend & make it seem fashionable for one’s daughter or son to be called “IT” or “THEY” instead of she/he.

If Sri Lanka’s education curriculum is recipient of aid – it surely means that Ministry has been infiltrated & LGBTQ curricula has been forced down on them to implement too.

If politicians or political parties are chirping gender-equality terms and promoting such, it surely means they’ve been enlisted to promote it too.

Anyone who the USAID has signed up with are promoting this ideology for a payment & there is little doubt about it.

US State Dept as per the article has an open grant of $1.5m in the Global Equality Fund & those who promote LGBTQ can receive grants! Anyone greedy for money will not be bothered about the nation’s culture or the outcome for a normal child!

Sri Lanka is now a subject of ideological colonialism as we see all sorts of players being brought out by the power of $$$ to promote this new ideology.

While the Catholic & Islamic faiths are very clear in their religious texts about the LGBTQ issue and religious passages make clear the religious stand, the silence of both these groups while the US is spearheading diplomatic & funding carrots to promote LGBTQ & only concerned citizens & the Maha Sangha are making their concerns on behalf of the entire nation.


 Shenali D Waduge

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