Decriminalizing LGBTQ & impact on Schools & Children in UK

It is one thing to decriminalize homosexuality & enable relations between men-men & women & women but does things end there? The next demand becomes same-sex marriage, thereafter, right to adopt children & then to treat LGBTQ as ‘normal’ which brings the next demand of demanding schools to teach LGBTQ & encourage children to become gays/bisexuals & the newest vogue transgender later progressing to becoming queer.

What is the situation in UK

Suddenly a group known as ‘transgender’ children are demanding changes to uniform & use of toilet based on their preferred gender. A boy may claim he feels like a girl & wish to use the girls toilet. These are real incidents happening in US & UK schools. e

While people may think that a government deserves to make room for people who are gay & lesbians – they would not have expected another group called transgenders determining how toilets are used.

In July 2022, the UK government announced that gender-neutral toilets are not safe for women & girls though it is now being termed as ‘transphobic’ – everything that doesn’t conform to what the newbies want is either ‘homophobia’ or now ‘transphobic’ another form of scare tactic being used to prevent people voicing their views.

In 2019 UK decided to make sex education (from age 12) including teaching same-sex relationships & transgender identity mandatory. It sparked backlash from religious parents & faith schools which had been given to opt out of such teaching. However, parents can still decide to take their children out of sex education lessons. More than 10,000 people have signed a petition to opt out. They have highlighted grave concerns covering physical, psychological & spiritual implications of teaching children about new forms of concepts applicable to a small handful of people though a trend is being created by funded media & lobby groups & campaigns. This is to create an artificial wave of belief that there is a major surge in LGBTQ community. These campaigns are toying with people’s minds while also encouraging the weak-minded youth & adults to join them placing sexual pleasure over mind.

Many argue that children should be taught tolerance & respect applicable to all – is there a requirement to be specific to give LGBTQ community only exclusivity. That itself is violating the fundamental right of equality. No one is more special than the rest.

In fact this was brought up by a school that had pre-dominant Muslims in Birmingham. 600 Muslim children were removed by their parents in objection.

In 2020 the UK government issued gender identity guidance for teachers following decision to drop plans to allow people to change gender WITHOUT MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS (which implies this was part of a growing trend & one lobbied by the LGBT charities).

UK schools have also been discouraged from working with organizations that produce materials suggesting ‘non-conformity to gender stereotypes should be seen as synonymous with having a different gender identity”.

A group of parents, professionals & academics calling themselves “Transgender Trend” have raised concern about children “diagnosed” as transgender & put on waiting list for sex change operations. How far indoctrination has contributed to the rise in children deciding to change sex is a concern as no parent wants to have their child subject to transgender curriculum, later to decide to change sex simply because the course syllabus was able to make him/her think she/he was another sex. Without simply laughing off people’s concern it is advisable for those who have not read about the subject to look up gender dysphoria, gender equality, transgender clinics, hormone therapy, puberty blockers, sex change operations & find out just how complicated the problem is.

Several schools across UK are facing angry parents after some schools announced to allowing trousers-only gender neutral uniforms & ditching their skirts(Tiverton High School/Devon)

In April 2023 the UK government decided to allow single-sex schools not to be forced to accommodate transgender pupils (legally male but identifying as female & vice versa)

Schools were also told they could refuse to use different pronouns demanded by pupils.

A new wave of gender dysphoria is not only upsetting British parents, but school authorities as well. This followed over 5000 referrals to the Gender Identity Development Service run by Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust (a decade earlier it was only 250 – how did it shoot to over 5000 waiting sex change in 10 years?)

This is what Margaret Thatcher said in 1987 Conservative Party Conference,: “Children who need to be taught to respect traditional moral values are being taught that they have an inalienable right to be gay.

Some thoughts of British parents

  • “We bring our children here so they can later work as a solicitor or a teacher, not to be taught about being gay or a lesbian”
  • “This is nothing but indoctrination of our children. You are using our children as an experiment”
  • “Sex relationship education is being taught without our consent. We’ve not been informed about what’s being taught”
  • “The school knew the local community and parents have a different set of family values and morals, and were opposed to an LGBT agenda that says being gay is OK.Our community ethos was not respected. We feel betrayed by the school”

If parents & teachers teach good values from home & in school – there is no requirement to be specially focusing on treatment to LGBTQ with syllabus including absurd set of new pronouns. The children grow up in a home where their parents are the mother (female) & the father (male) If there are children who have same-sex parents, it is upto them to teach their child the difference, not to make the children of conventional system to follow or accept an unconventional system. This is the crux of the argument that is of concern to parents as adults too are being shoved a new craze gaining momentum simply because of the power players backing it & turning into a craze where ordinary youth & adults are also joining because they are being promised jobs, remunerations & a higher place in society. Its become the hip thing.

Let the children become grown ups to decide what is rational or irrational. Even when adults are making bloopers, how can a school syllabus do a magical change in notions? If so, all students passing out annually going through the same text books should be having the same literacy rates!

No one has any right to shove an ideology by force on anyone. That is the tall and short of the issue. No one’s view is better or more important than the other, but so long as it is their view, the others have to respect that view & not disregard it.

Everyone must learn to live within the limits of rights & freedoms.

Shenali D Waduge

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