Sri Lanka’s Parliament must look at the Socio-Economic aspects of LGBTQ movement


Geopolitical Terrorism:

There is a difference in being BORN gay & BECOMING gay. When there is a sudden surge in adults becoming gay & inducing teens to follow, it raises doubt as to its ‘natural’ increase. When the LGBTQ movement is being sponsored by Western governments, within UN apparatus & via well-funded movements it further raises doubt especially when “job quotas” “promotional campaigns” “scholarships” draw people to become gay to gain a “place” for themselves. This aspect of whether people are being drawn to become LGBTQ against their natural orientation needs to be publicly debated by all stakeholders.

Cultural Terrorism

The global campaign is being steered by the usual slogans that illegally invaded nations: “human rights” “freedoms” are all western coined phrases used to nitpick on countries they geopolitically target. The slogans force western values, western laws, western freedoms & western rights & attempt to erase Eastern civilizational heritage that is centuries older than the West. Therefore, can the West dictate what values, freedoms, rights should be upheld by countries & punish countries for preferring to follow their historical cultures instead of the new cultures imported by the West?

This is another area for public debate.

Economic Blackmail

Is it not strange that the Western countries & UN backing LGBTQ take pains to demand decriminalization & inclusion of LGBTQ agendas even in school education or face economic sanctions/ AID cuts or even negative UN reports? Wasn’t this what led to Sri Lanka’s Foreign minister agreeing to decriminalize LGBTQ without even seeking permission from the GoSL or the People. Why do the West not show similar attitude to stop drugs, human smuggling, child prostitution, elite crimes etc?

To be included to the debate is the issue of “against order of nature” as given in Section 365/365A of the Penal Code. Even normal man & woman are required to behave differently in public. Why should this small community get preferential treatment to behave as they like?

If the Penal Code regards ‘against order of nature” as being illegal & anti-social, when the LGBTQ movement & its supporters demands its removal – does it not imply that they admit that their behavior is against the order of nature & that is why they want it to be removed? Should a small segment of society be able to erase clauses that have been upheld by people as law whether they like it or not?

The lobby to decriminalize LGBTQ want the Legislature to accept their behavior is not against law & order by removing the clause that refers to their behavior as being against the order of nature (365 & 365A of the Penal Code)


If Sri Lanka’s Parliament passes the law & repeals the Penal Code that has thus far criminalized their behavior, Parliament is firstly accepting that their sexual conduct was against the order of nature but agrees to repeal it. Is what the Parliament is doing fair by the larger populace of non-LGBTQ public who regard LGBTQ behavior as being against the order of nature (at least done in Public)?

When supporters of LGBTQ request to remove 365/365A they are asking to remove their conduct of ‘indecency’. In so doing, they are admitting to their behavior as ‘indecent’.

LGBTQ community are giving themselves the seal of ‘misconduct’ and ‘indecency’.

They are arguing to repeal clauses that have regarded behavior against order of nature as being indecent. To seek to remove it means they admit to acting against the order of nature & being indecent.

If they now claim their behavior is natural – what is their ‘evidence’ to show?

Cultural Shock – Children Shocked

Simply because there is a global wave supported by foreign funds & foreign lobbies & foreign campaigns to spread LGBTQ among young & adults, Parliament has to consider the likely outcome to society. What is the percentage of this movement which has suddenly gathered numbers because of the foreign wave of lobbying. This itself confirms there is no ‘natural’ tendency but a movement based on a trend.

Decriminalizing would impact society in many ways.

Why would LGBTQ movement wish to remove the penal code clauses applicable to safeguard children from carnal sex / indecency or anything against order of nature?

Why are entities paid to protect children’s rights backing the removal of provisions that safeguard children! Would they sacrifice their own children to become gays & behave in ways that they are advocating for other children to behave?

Imagine a child from 1 year to 18years viewing men & men & women & women in carnal pleasure in public? What kind of shock is this to these  young minds? Would they not want to experiment themselves (is this type of behavior to be regarded as the new normal simply because it is diplomatically forced down on us), what would this mean to their psychology & mental framework. How do parents explain these matters? In a world where virtues and values are getting warped and ruined by all types of illicit programs at play, mentally tormenting the child constitutes abuse.

Is Parliament being led to legalize unnatural behavior?


Parliament needs to also look at the manner this form of new sexual behavior has escalated. There are all forms of sex that borders on brutality, enslavement, even endangering life of people (including children). What is the protection for adult & child against hard sex? It may come to a point where the LGBTQ partner comes a victim & a sexual slave & physical & mental victim of sexual bribery. The Parliament & not the Court must take this up.

What is the psychological standard which the Parliament must set to maintain a healthy society?

Man is differentiated by animal not because of the lower carnal similarities but because of the mindfulness of the humans.

Is Parliament to give prominence to carnal behavior over the mind?

If LGBTQ that thrives and survives on the carnal aspect enters into all spheres of society & is encouraged as ‘natural’ which is defined not something coming from birth as something being a common factor of life, will this not be deployed as another tool no different to how geopolitics used prostitutes to defeat the enemy. There are scores of examples from history where great battles & leaders have fallen, simply by hiring the services of a prostitute for carnal pleasure. The moment the psychic level is brought down & degraded, the society declines & the eastern civilizational pattern also declines. Is this the Western agenda?

Even the West that boldly legalized LGBTQ ar

A society is at an advanced or lower state based on the psychological prowess of its people not their carnal prowess – the battle is thus between human’s natural vs unnatural & decent vs indecent. The Legislature is expect to maintain the people at a higher level not move them lower to carnal instincts.

The LGBTQ community & their supporters are asking to be accepted at an unnatural & indecent level(in the manner they have sought to repeal penal code)

It is proven that the moment the psychic level lowers vis a vis sexual pleasure it brings disastrous outcomes to the level of addiction, mania & madness & impacts long term psychic health of a society. Some may even view this as ‘fanciful’ but what if these hypotheses become a reality?

Ideally, the LGBTQ lobbies should have sought to maintain the penal code sections & requested changes to laws so they do not face discrimination in everyday living.

The Court looks at the constitutionality only but the Legislature/Parliament has a far bigger role & must take stock of the social economics & psychological impact & gain a majority consensus  without rushing to please the western promoters and a handful of their stooges.

Shenali D Waduge

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