Does India want 13A LAND & POLICE POWERS or is it USA/Church – Sri Lanka’s dilemma?

13A is not about police or land powers, it is only about power. The question is, power for whom & under what conditions. 13A came subsequent to the signing of the Indo-Lanka Accord in 1987. Both were acts of aggression. India was pro-Russian & a closed economy while Sri Lanka had tilted towards West embracing an open-market economy. It is curious to ascertain whether the West coerced Indira Gandhi into training Tamil youth, tapping her personal anger against Sri Lanka’s JR Jayawardena. In short, did that Indian initial training have an element of indirect foreign involvement, needs to be established. If LTTE & Prabakaran opposed the Accord & 13A – there is no reason for LTTE agents to be promoting it unless it is for other reasons & other persons!

Was India’s training of Tamil militancy part of a western ploy is something that people in India & Sri Lanka should answer. This is important as the LTTE international office was set up in London far before LTTE offices were set up in Chennai (Madras). The involvement of Christian/Catholic priests with LTTE was visible from the outset. Let’s not forget that the Dravida Nadu concept was birthed by Bishop Cadwell. Therefore, when there is a call to establish a separate Cardinal for the North & East, it exposes the bigger plan.පුවත්/උතුරු-නැගෙනහිරට-වෙනම-කාද/

Why does only the North need land & police powers to carry out their devolved powers? Doesn’t this look strange when only 1 province out of 9 provinces in Sri Lanka keep on demanding land & police powers without attending to the 36 devolved powers given to them out of the 37 powers devolved to the provinces?

The call exposes the intent & it should dawn upon India that the 13th amendment if enforced giving land & police powers to the North & East, means the West is targeting a missionary influenced Western satellite autonomous state no different to what was set up in Kosovo & South Sudan. For the natives, it was the opposite of what they expected but there was no going back & they had to suffer the consequences of ignoring advice about West’s real intentions. Tamils are likely to be in for worse times thinking they will not suffer what Okinawians go through on a daily basis from US troop presence. There is little point in warning those that ignore warnings.

It is good for India to wonder if being roped into Quad was also part of a bigger western plan to enable the US greater access to Asia & South Asia via India, using ‘India is our friend’ mantra. Was it all a charade?

Now that inroads have been made & the necessary links have been established, is India no longer needed? Is this why the sudden anti-Modi wave appearing in the West? Did it have to do with India refusing to break ties with Russia or was India a “friend” only so long as India could be used for the West to penetrate into Asia & Asian systems.

An analysis of the LTTE terror in Sri Lanka would confirm that it is the Church that has been heavily involved in promoting terror over the years. Count the number of fathers that are direct spokesmen for LTTE & LTTE fronts, then & now. Look at the NGOs, civil society organizations that either directly or indirectly promote objectives of the LTTE & separatist quest using different tactics & nomenclatures but with the same goal. Notice the speakers local & foreign, majority of whom are non-Hindus. Look at the editorials, journalists & other soothsayers promoting “reconciliation” but their goal being something else. That something else is politically aligned & for the advantage of the nations that these entities are operating from. Even Tamil Nadu – has the Indian diplomatic establishment looked at the growing influence of the Church on Tamil politicians across Tamil Nadu & how far these players are influencing people in Sri Lanka as well as the Indian Central Govt?

Take the LTTE fronts & LTTE Diaspora – how many of them are operating from India against those that operate from US-Canada-UK-Europe. Western governments claim to ban LTTE but majority of these fronts, established immediately after the demise of Prabakaran are happily holding events promoting separatism & none of the Western governments care to do anything about them. So we must ask, if separatism in Sri Lanka is tied to the geopolitical goals of the West. This was seen immediately after a surprise Easter Sunday suicide bombing that popped the MCC $480m also attempting to grab Sri Lanka’s land by privatizing State land through the World Bank imposed “bim saviya” and US-run electronic-land database.

With a surge in evangelical movements in Sri Lanka, penetrating to influence cricket, artists, NGOs, civil society, youth & even politicians – India too knows the inroads it is making in India with entire villages caught to their spell that taps poverty & penetrates the minds of people via handouts, position, money & creating a cult system. These are the footsoldiers that are given the task of penetrating State & Private sector & making the administrative changes to fulfill western agendas. It is not difficult to understand how they are now creating the narrative as per their agenda. Only a handful in Sri Lanka & India understands the manoeverings taking place.

Notice how Western funds are pouring to create gay communities & use them to advance western agenda that includes depopulation, creating physically & mentally traumatized people who are hooked to medicines for life & completely ruining their lives after the honeymoon of enjoyment is over. Then there are the youth, the newest pawns, who are tapped with scholarships, laptops & high tea with envoys. Their complexes and desires are tapped & manipulated to use their inherent rebellious nature for geopolitical designs as was evident in the manner they were manoevered during the aragalaya where the galle face green became a centerpiece for western-indoctrinated creativity that set to tarnish Buddhism & Buddha as Catholic nuns and fathers looked on providing them protection. The legal fraternity too has become a pawn with west even establishing offices inside their own compound & the “I know the law” bandwagon do not seem to see any conflict of interest in these actions.

Taken together – India must seriously wonder, where the 13th amendment with land & police powers given to the provinces will end up for India’s security interest.

India has bullied Sri Lanka beyond measure using the “india’s security interest’ mantra but it is no one but India who has invited the enemy to Asian shores, allowed them to spread their tentacles in all directions and watched them as they have even penetrated into the armed forces via training & scholarships as well as green cards.

India’s pet pawn Perumal against India’s wishes declared independence in 1990 March, fast forward, its February 2023 and India’s pet pawns have found other surrogates. Look closer at the players that are demanding police & land powers & their religious allegiance to foretell who is behind these demands. When Perumal declared UDI, thankfully President Premadasa had the pluck to quickly change legislation & impose direct rule. India just watched knowing that Sri Lanka had averted a catastrophe. At that time too, India may have sent IPKF and India’s intel may have thought it was running the show, but in reality Tamil militants were advised and maneuvered from elsewhere.

We now return to that 1990 scenario where land & police powers means a declaration of UDI eventually & this is not to either Sri Lanka’s advantage or to India’s benefit. India must never forget that the balkanization of India is on the cards, it is being openly advocated & it will be launched from Sri Lanka’s North & East & it is precisely for this reason that India should use its powers to prevent police & land powers being implemented.

All of Sri Lanka’s Presidents understood the dangers & opted not to give police & land powers, there is no reason why a President who has no electoral mandate & is only a sitting interim president should especially when the demand is tagged to another Western ploy – the IMF loan conditions.

The sequence of demands against the main & ultimate objective is now quite clear! India cannot sit silent & watch land & police powers fall into West/Church control!


Shenali D Waduge

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