Gender Dysphoria-Sex Change-LGBTQ is a BUSINESS, don’t fall prey/victim Sri Lanka

Sadly, whatever schooling, education and inspite of tremendous flow of information available, people continue to fall victim to mass propaganda and fashionable trends & hypes. The LGBTQ lobby is one such newly created fad, surging globally by creating a community of susceptible individuals who when they eventually regret, will find that the decision they have taken are irreversible.

Yes gays and lesbians have existed for centuries, yes the Abrahamic religions condoned and condemned them and yes some maybe prone to discriminations but so are millions of ordinary people on a daily basis. Who says non-gays are having a honky dory life sans discrimination?

A handful of people who determine the state of affairs across the world probably came up with a new project and how to make more money while fulfilling a plethora of their earlier project objectives. These include culling population (depopulation), breaking the institution of marriage & with that preventing birth of children and now the LGBTQIA+ (there are many more add ons being lined up in the years to come) to encourage sex change especially amongst children that would result in having to take medicines for life. The main players behind the promotion of LGBTQ are the Big Pharma and the medical industry including many doctors who see increase in revenue for them and lawyers who see potential in legal cases and insurers who see avenues to take from the State when countries are forced to legalize LGBTQ and bring the scope under state purview, which means tax payers are made to foot the bill.

The scenario should be easy to visualize.

Lets look at some statistics to help you understand better

  • The sex reassignment surgery market was $623million in 2022 & expected to grow to $1.9billion by 2032 (this shows their “profit” plan) – you will notice that massive funds sent to target countries where victims are easy to source are being indoctrinated using university conferences / high profile personalities including doctors who are now yapping about gender issues… all these are subtly to prepare people’s minds for their ultimate agenda.

  • The sex reassignment surgery is created by first legalizing LGBTQ in countries, including the subject in school curriculum, training teachers to encourage children to think they are not necessarily a boy or girl & thereafter make them want to change their sex, some US states have brough legislation to punish parents who refuse to allow their child to change sex and these children are even placed in LGBTQ homes where they are given hormone therapy, puberty blockers and prepared for the sex change when they reach 16 or 18. Thereafter these sex-changed children are on medication for life as externally they may have become a boy or girl but the internal functions inherent in a boy/girl has to be treated with medications (ex: growth of beards in boys will have to be suppressed in a boy who changes to a girl)

  • The cost of a female to male sex reassignment surgery in Europe is $12,000 to $20,000 & likely to increase (over Rs.3.6million to Rs.6.2million) – this omits the medical treatment for side-effects and other trauma as well as daily/monthly medical bills throughout one’s life. Imagine a child of 16 years underoing a $12,000 surgery and the amount of other medical bills he/she will have to monthly pay for.

  • The US has an annual average of 9000 transgender surgeries.

  • Puberty blockers and sex hormones do not have U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for children’s gender care however it is prescribed. In 2016, the FDA ordered makers of puberty blockers to add a warning about psychiatric problems to the drugs’ label after the agency received several reports of suicidal thoughts in children who were taking them.

  • US – 121,882 children (ages 6 to 17) were diagnosed with gender dysphoria 2016-2021) – Komodo Health Inc

In 2021 Dr Lisa Littman discovered that 55% ‘felt that they did not receive an adequate evaluation from a doctor or mental health professional before starting transition”. These individuals now suffer PERMANENT physical and psychological damage. Even if loss of fertility is not a problem, no one likes to lose one’s sexual function. In most cases this is what happens.

Transgenderism has no-objective diagnosis – feeling of being at odd with one’s sex is sketchy. The feeling may be momentary. Reality is NO ONE CAN LITERALLY CHANGE THEIR SEX – it is DETERMINED at CONCEPTION.

Is there no other less harmful solution to this new term “gender dysphoria” without surgery?

Sexchange surgeries are only enabling a boy to RESEMBLE a girl & vice versa.

The 1st sex change surgery was in 1965 by John Hopkins University. The EXPERIMENT was discontinued in 1979 due to the efficacy of the treatment . This experiment was not because people wanted it to be done but simply an experiment.

The entities providing the statistics are unreliable as most of them are recipients of funding by the very entities that are funding the promotion of LGBTQ.

In 2004 the Guardian commissioned research from Birmingham University & follow up on over 100 transsexual post-operations found nothing beneficial to the patients. Research revealed that the trials were flawed, surgery was without therapeutic intervention, complications to hormones & genitals inclung deep vein thrombosis & incontinence.

In 2011 a study by Karolinska Institute in Sweden looked at over 300 patients over 30 years. Their findings revealed that transsexuals mental health had declined a decade after surgery, some even showed suicidal tendencies.

In 2014 a research by Hayes Inc revealed that ‘quality of life & function in male-to-female adults was very sparse’.

In 2016 the Obama healthcare govt plans did not include sex reassignment surgeries because of the low success rate. Studies that show success rates conveniently omit to cover follow-up of surgery & mental/phsycial health of patients which show clear failure & something not to be encouraged.

It is clear that the fund campaigners for LGBTQ line up people to swear by gender reassignment treatment – but people should not fall prey to sponsored subjective testimonies. These campaigns are making LGBTQ community to be overrepresented in every aspect of the community but the reality is changing sex is not going to change their lives for any better.

American hospitals are given financial incentives to do sex surgeries which is likely to be $1.5b by 2026. Some operations are said to cost $53,700. 50 such operations make $2.7m annually. The business model for the medical industry is what lures doctors to align and promote sex change. Is it a surprise that doctors are encouraging gender identity referrals that are a stepping stone towards surgery (from 97 referrals in 2009 the number has shot to 2519 in 2018 in UK)

The challenges are many – it is easier to remove a penis than to create a penis in a female. Phalloplasty involves grafting arm for skin, fat, nerves, arteries, veins then wrapping it round a tube to construct a pseudo-penis. If the operation is successful, one can urinate and even have penetrative sex but a prosthetic pump is needed to get an erection. However in most pseudo-penis cases (girl turned male) patient complains of severe pain, bleeding, tissue damage not to mention the ugly wound.

Its costly to take doctors to court while patient has to prove the doctor breached informed consent. Hospitals and doctors cover their tracks. After the side-effects of puberty blockers emerged the hospital websites quickly described puberty blockers as “little is known about the long-term side effects of hormone or puberty blockers in children with gender dysphoria” and “it is not known what the psychological effects maybe”. Patients have no chance against these wordings! Why i regret sex change surgery

There are many promoting sex reassignment surgeries upon others – why don’t they first undergo the surgeries and show how it is done first instead of putting people in trouble.

With Europe put in trouble by US vis a vis Ukraine and Quad partners Australia & India also being subtly economically dragged down, at lease Europe is realizing the LGBTQ promotion among children by US maybe a bad idea & Europe is showing caution.

  • Norway has revised its guidelines for minors seeking sex change & restricts use of puberty blockers – Finland, Swedend & UK are also adopting similar measures
  • UK has shut down Tavistock’s Gender & Identity Development Service in 2022
  • US Republicans are also reversing some of the legislative changes brought by democrats.

Sri Lankans should not be fooled especially by a bevy of “academics” now promoting the “gender” issue who are also funded heavily to introduce it to schools as “sex education”.


Shenali D Waduge

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