History cannot be hijacked & history cannot be distorted for politics

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The innocence of Buddhists have cost them much. A good example of this was seen during the enshrining of toothrelics at the Ruwanwelimahaseya. 30 arath theros were to descend from the sky. Areas that were once Buddhist like Iran, Iraq (Mesopotamia) – the yonaka area are today known as Arabia. The Buddhist land where Bamiyan Buddhas stood is known as Afghanistan. Even in Lanka, Buddhist areas were taken over. The temples in Senkadagala were turned into kovils. Even Sripada was taken over. They are claiming it to be Sivam Padam. If Sinhala Buddhist sites like Senkadagala & Sripada were taken over, should we be surprised at what is happening in North and East of Sri Lanka?

The Konneswaram kovil in Trincomalee is on top of Gokanna Buddhist viharaya. The Bo Tree was cut by ITAK MP Thangadurai in 1960s.Thambalagama viharaya in 1970s today has a kovil on top of it. Another Buddhist temple has been destroyed close to it & a kovil is presently being erected. It is without a doubt that all of these new structures are taking place on top of ancient Buddhist sites. Hindu, Christian, Islam are all guilty of this destruction.

The best example to nullify the mythological Tamil homeland claim is the Vallipuram Sannasan. This was discovered in 1936 in Nakadiva/Nagadipa. In ancient times entire Jaffna peninsula was identified & known as Nagadipa. The Vallipuram Sannasa found stated that a Minister named Isagira of King Vasaba’s kingdom (126BC) was ruling Nagadipa, a Buddhist temple was erected. Today, a Hindu kovil is erected on top of this Buddhist temple. This clearly shows that the King of Anuradhapura was ruling todays Jaffna and Sinhala Ministers were sent to rule the area on behalf of the King. The names of villages also establishes that Sinhalese were living in Jaffna. There are plenty of ancient texts that showcase Sinhala rule in the North. Kadurugoda is another Buddhist site.

It was as a result of South Indian invasions by Chola, Pandya & Chera that South Indian Tamils began to settle down in Sri Lanka. It was after these invasions that the Sinhalese were chased out of the Northern areas.

The people of Lanka must know the true history & claim heritage to the correct history.

Today we are witnessing unprecedented lies & bullying and confiscating of Buddhist sites on the justification of political correctness, politically bargaining, bogus reconciliation & separatist racism as well as to fulfil regional & geopolitical agendas.

The Gods and Goddesses that have protected these ancient ruins must come out & protect the people who are trying to preserve and foster these ancient sites from the incursions and unfair political games at play.


  • Arunasiri Kottegoda

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