King Dutugemunu victory against Elara in Vijithapura

Elara invaded Sri Lanka with 10,80,000 troops. Elara was defeated in Vijithapura and a message was sent to send 60,000 reinforcements. Dutugemunu defeats them with only 16,000 surrendering. Rajavaliya mentions this epic battle and the account of this should be listened to to draw pride & inspiration in the manner our nation was defended. These are all lessons for present politicians who are bargaining with the land that was defended with life by our ancestors. The bravery of our Kings and their troops cannot be diminished and diluted by the selfish actions and decisions of present day politicians. If only, we had kings of the caliber that lived in ancient times, where all the communities lived in peace & harmony & everyone knew their duties before demanding any rights. The dhamma prevailed then and the dhamma must prevail now.

Arunasiri Kottegoda

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