Kofi Annan turned UN into a puppet of imperialists

As the customary outpouring of sympathies flow across the continents for the former UN Secretary General, there are some hard truths no one can ignore.
Kofi Annan served as UN Secretary General for 2 terms (10 years) from 1997 to 2007. He was the first official to rise through the UN bureaucracy to become a UNSG. Prior to becoming the UNSG he served as head of the UN Peace Keeping department (1992-2006). Kofi Annan must therefore account for the UN peace keeping failures in Rwanda, Darfur Somalia & Srebrenica, Bosnia. He had ignored a cable by his peace keeping commander in Kigali, Gen Romeo Dallaire in January 1994 alerting the UN about a civil war being provoked. Dallaire had even sought permission to take action to stop an impending genocide but Annan’s office gave orders not to take action. Everything that Dallaire described in his cable to Annan occurred. All that Annan said years later was ‘we did not do more to prevent it’. What good are crocodile tears when a million Tutsi’s had been exterminated? Kofi Annan was just another puppet for the French government in 1994.
UN peacekeepers in a range of countries, including Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo, were found to be sexually exploiting those they were charged to protect
Philip Gourevitch regular contributor to New York Times says Annan has a habit taking credit when there’s praise to be had & blaming member states for the organization’s failures.
Immediately after taking office as UNSG Kofi Annan announced plans for reform. How linked were these to overall imperial goals & agendas. Kofi Annan in reality facilitated the neoliberal agenda utilizing the UN to penetrate into countries which combined various initiatives into a package that countries had little choice not to refuse or reject. Some of his proposals including reducing powers of the General Assembly & Security Council.
Though UN is supposed to derive its powers from the sovereign powers of its member states, Kofi Annan was responsible for paving the way to transfer sovereignty of nations into the hands of the UN. He was responsible for helping steer UN Security Council approval to legitimize an illegal invasion against Iraq.
After allowing the US to whisk away the 12,000 page Iraqi weapons report, Kofi Annan had the audacity to say the UN was not a US puppet.
His son was implicated in the infamously corrupt food-for-oil programme while he was forced to launch an investigation it concluded that he had failed to refer the case to the UN’s independence watchdog agency.
The manner in which he protected the former head of UN refugee agency accused of sexual harassment adds to the lists of Kofi Annan failures having chosen to side with the perpetrator & penalize the victim & use the UN’s legal immunity to avoid responding when she sought justice. This is not what any women sexual victim would have expected a UNSG to do. Ruud Lubbers, was accused of sexual harassment and Annan cleared him. https://www.nytimes.com/2004/07/16/world/annan-clears-refugee-chief-of-harassment-accusations.html
In 2001 the Nobel Peace prize was awarded to Kofi Annan & the UN. If Barak Obama did not know why he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize the same feeling would have been inherent in the conscience of Kofi Annan. Against a string of major failures (Congo, Rwanda, Liberia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone ) what achievement deserves an international award for peace? What a comedy of errors this award has become.
Many of the UN’s goals like the Millennium Development & Sustainable Development are shrouded in controversy & allegations of using fancy terminology to deceptively push Agenda 21 to depopulate the world forcing sovereign UN member states to adapt & meet goals dictated by UN agencies. These allegations are brushed aside claiming them to be ‘conspiracy theories’ but there is no fire without smoke. http://finalwakeupcall.info/en/2015/10/21/agenda-21-converted-into-2030/
Even when the ICC was hounding African leaders completely ignoring the crimes being committed by West, Kofi Annan sided with the ICC. I remind the Africans that it’s wrong for them to say that only African leaders are put into the dock,” He mentions Milosevic has been tried for war crimes but what is rarely mentioned is that Milosevic was exonerated of war crimes but unfortunately he mysteriously died or was killed in prison! https://thisisafrica.me/stand-icc-kofi-annan-says/ why cannot Annan speak in the same tone against Western crimes as well?
Statistics reveal the hypocrisy behind the hyped UN tribunals. ICC spent $900m over 10 years to complete just 1 trial. The Tribunal for former Yugoslavia took 23 years spending $2b but only 161 indictments but ignored atrocities of NATO & West. The hype about mass graves in Srebrenica ended up just 2788 dead. In the tribunal against Rwanda too international involvement was excluded from investigation & after 20 years of trial only 2 were declared guilty! Cambodia’s hybrid tribunal spent $200m to indict 5 and convict 1. The Tribunal for Sierra Leone spent $23 million on every defendant but only 22 have been indicted. Not one of the UN tribunal has served justice to the victims. These have been nothing but a waste of money, time & have peddled bigger agendas by those funding it.
R2P & humanitarian intervention now plugged into the UN system during Kofi Annan’s tenure as UNSG was in reality a means to dilute the Westphalian principle of international relations to respect national sovereignty & embodied in the UN Charter. Both R2P & HI were a legal means of applying aggression through the UN & at times even ignoring the UN as was in the case of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya & Syria.
Do the bigwigs in the UN not realize the hypocrisy behind the great powers that deem themselves ‘benevolent’ to invade nations & bomb them claiming to prevent other countries bombing these invaded countries! NATO’s bombing campaign of Serbia is a perfect example of how NATO countries organized the Tribunal against former Yugoslavia & the ICJ which NATO countries funded & ensured none of NATO crimes went to the dock! ICC prosecutor Moreno-Ocamp even declined to prosecute NATO officials for attacking Iraq in 2003. How can any doctrine exist if it omits & exempts the main violators who are also the promoters of the very doctrine they violate?
We can all recall former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright who in 1996 said that the deaths of over 500,000 Iraqi children from sanctions was ‘worth it’. Why was there no calls for R2P or HI intervention on behalf of the Iraqi’s when US & UK invaded Iraq in 2003 killing thousands of Iraqis for no reason. The Canadian-sponsored International Coalition for R2P justified Iraq as a R2P invasion necessity. Gareth Evans a key architect of the R2P doctrine was foreign minister of Australia when Indonesia occupied East Timor & Evans shared the stolen oil of Timor (John Pilger) This is the biased personality behind the doctrine of R2P which Kofi Annan blessed. By the very application of the doctrine why are those advocators ignoring the injustices suffered by those invading these nations using the doctrine of R2P – isn’t Kofi Annan himself guilty of sitting silent & watching innocent people suffer from a doctrine he endorsed?
How can the US be benevolent & champion R2P or HI when it has overthrown at least 35 governments (William Blum) R2P & HI have become convenient alternate options for regime change & national asset take overs.
So should we have been surprised when Kofi Annan became the ‘outstanding choice’ to broker peace in Syria. We can well guess who made the outstanding choice. Isn’t it a coincidence that the same UN heads are given to hold international roles which are funded by the very imperialists these UN heads served. Kofi Annan became a convenient peace envoy to buy time till the West was ready to penetrate Syria. What did Annan do when in 17,000 Syrians had been killed after he took over as peace envoy earning $5.7m as envoy fees?
After departing the UN as Secretary General Kofi Annan joined the Elders & he has his own Kofi Annan Foundation which is not surprisingly supported by the usual entities that have been funding depopulation & regime change across the world – Belinda & Bill Gates Foundation, George Soros Open Society, USAID. Annan was a member of Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) a lobby group funded by the Bill Gates Foundation & Rockefeller Foundations promoting GMOs.
Annan was also a member of JP Morgan’s International Council making him automatically aligned to western interests. According to Andrew Gavin Marshall an independent researcher, this international council is chaired by Tony Blair! Annan also sat on the boards of the UN Foundation, World Economic Forum, Global Board of Advisors of the CFR, a Trustee of the International Crisis Group which directly links him to George Soros & the neocon agenda. He was also a member of the Club of Madrid comprising 89 former presidents & PMs from 58 countries. He was also Board of Director of Global Centre for Pluralism. Thierry Meyssan writing to Global Research in 2012 claims Annan to be a handpicked choice of Ford Foundation (unofficial US foreign policy advocate) & CIA initially head hunted by Ford Foundation under the ‘young leaders program’ where Ford even funded his Harvard studies where he went on to marry Nane Lagergren the niece of Raol Wallenberg & connected to Rothschild banksters. Annan’s initiatives like Global Compact, Agenda 21 were all in line with the greater objectives of the corporate family to which he by marriage belonged.
Of all his awards was the 2008 Peace of Westphalia prize when Annan by promoting R2P & HI actually weakening Westphalian sovereign states.
Today, the UN is nothing but a puppet serving the interests of Western neocon agenda. Every UN entity is being used to promote & advance the weakening of sovereign states, the diluting of its internal systems, laws & is even poking their noses into the cultures, heritage & traditions of countries in a well-orchestrated, well-funded & manipulative mechanism that taps into local traitors who can be bought over & aligned to various NGOs & other programs that will help them in their overall objectives.
This is the legacy that Kofi Annan helped create & departed with many wrongly thinking him to be a hero.
You become great by your actions & in deciphering the outcome of one’s role, that greatness becomes diminished by the wrong decisions & actions taken. They depart not knowing, not bothered about the damage done – nations destroyed, people devastated & the unlikelihood of ever recovering from the chaos & abyss their actions helped create.
Shenali D Waduge

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