Maithripala Sirisena’s Election Promises

Maithripala Sirisena left the Sri Lanka Freedom Party to contest under the SWAN symbol from the party National Democratic Front. His election manifesto was released at the Viharamahadevi Open Air Threatre in December 2014. His key promise was a ‘Compassionate Maithri Governance – a Stable country’. Over 62lakh people believed in this assurance & voted for him on 8 January 2015.


  • National Unity Alliance Government appointed for a 100 day program ‘interim period’ & implemented by a National Government comprising SLFP, UNP, JHU and people’s representatives from all other parties who wish to be part of the program.
  • The election manifesto promised to make the then Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremasinghe as the Prime Minister (if from a Presidential Election a PM is appointed why do we need General Elections then)
  • 6 year program to build an ideal country (3 years have passed)
  • General Elections after 100 days (that did not happen)
  • Abolishing the Executive Presidency with unlimited powers within 100 days (transferring that to the Prime Minister)
  • Abolishing of 18th amendment in 100 days
  • Number of Cabinet Ministers would be based on a scientific basis!
  • Code of Ethics binding all MPs to be enacted
  • Abolishing of preferential system & enable every electorate to have a MP – campaigning confined to a single electorate to reduce
  • Establishment of independent commissions to ‘secure impartiality of the judicial, police, elections, auditing & office of Attorney General.
  • Apolitical merit system to secure impartial function of the Public Service
  • Establishment of Judicial Service Commission to ensure independence of Judiciary
  • Establishment of Election Commission to control unjust use of ‘state power, power of money & media power’ by election candidates!
  • Maximum action against abuse of women & children
  • Establishment of a powerful Anti-Corruption Commission without political interference (present SL govt ranked more corrupt than previous govt)
  • Right of Information Act – people will know all activities related to development activities (agreements being signed in secret without clauses made available to public before signing)
  • I would achieve for the country ten times the development that actually occurred during the past six years ONLY by preventing mega corruption that existed in the country” (roads were to be made from gold from the savings made by stopping Rajapakse corruptions!)
  • I will suspend all wasteful expenses” (wonder what those are)
  • Establish a National Economic Planning Council comprising learned personnel (it met for the 1st time only in September 2017)
  • I will expose to the country the true state of state loans” (still waiting)
  • Urgent steps will be taken to lighten the state debt burden”
  • Policy of not selling state property, I will prevent the appropriation by foreign states or companies of strategic locations that endanger the economic security of Sri Lanka”
  • Samurdhi allowance to get double increase
  • Salaries to the Public Sector to be increased by Rs.10,000 – first instalment by February 2015
  • Monthly allowance of Rs3500 to pensioners till salary anomalies are settled
  • Illustrated warnings on cigarette packs increased to 80% (funnily enough consumers of cigratettes have increased to despite the pictures J)
  • A Special Force to be created combining the National Intelligence Service, Special Task Force, Sri Lanka Customs, Authority for the Control of Dangerous Drugs to suppress drug dealers.
  • Names & addresses of all drug dealers to be revealed (awaiting)
  • Ethanol deals bypassing Customs duties punished irrespective of status of culprits
  • Liquor sales outlets in close proximity to sacred placed including Sri Dalada Maligawa to be removed immediately (not done)
  • Motor car racing in areas surround sacred places to be banned (good)
  • Legislation to prevent violence to animals (still a dream)
  • Agro chemicals causing kidney disease will be banned” (waiting)
  • farmers pension to be increased” (do they get a pension)
  • A National Land Commission to be established to ‘suspend the autocratic transfer of land to foreign companies for development activities harmful to the environment & to provide opportunities for petty farmers to use land for cultivating purposes” (but now foreigners can buy any land anywhere in Sri Lanka!)
  • 50% of farmers loans will be written off (can anyone confirm this)
  • 60 per litre of milk to milk farmers increased to Rs.70 (can anyone confirm if this was done & if it still prevails)
  • I will prepare the background for preventing the destruction of forestation & conserving sensitive ecological systems in order to protect forests & forest animals. All environmental laws will be implemented without reservation & in doing so offenders will be punished irrespective of their standing in society. A clear policy on forest cultivation will be formulated & implemented without prejudice to the traditional livelihoods of the rural community”
  • Zones that are environmentally sensitive & under threat of destruction at present will be identified & protected”
  • Implementing Flora & Fauna Act
  • Environmental assessment compulsory at initial conceptual stage of development projects
  • National policy on prevention of threats to rural people from wild animals
  • National policy to face modern ecological challenges
  • All mothers to be given an allowance of Rs.20,000 at the delivery of each child.
  • Increasing healthcare budget to 3% from present 1.8%
  • Education budget to increase to 6% from current 1.7%
  • Mahapola scholarship to increase to Rs.5000
  • International schools to come under full supervision of the government
  • I will take steps to investigate & take legal action over contracts, advisory services and other facilities given to various private institutions & persons by the foreign ministry and the Central Bank”.
  • A pension scheme for those employed overseas
  • I will take into custody all illegal firearms that are in the possession of individuals allegedly under the cover of the public service. Illegal armed groups will be disbanded and their leaders and those who use State property for such activities will be dealt with strictly under the law”.
  • I will immediately stop all illegal filling of sea & land that is being carried out by the State security forces”


How many of these promises have been delivered?



Shenali D Waduge

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