TNA aspires to continue caste discrimination via 13A devolution-police-land powers – Tamil lows castes must oppose it.

There are several aspects to Sri Lanka’s “problem” that cannot be repeated enough primarily because there are paisntaking efforts to divert people’s attention from the real “problem”.

There are 2 historical factors that need to be considered

  1. The colonial legacy that favored minorities, that brainwashed minorities against the majority, that laid the grounds for divisions amongst communities. It also favored only an elite group of people (Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims) who were given English education after converting & who received plum jobs & titles. It was to these cloned kalu suddas that post-independence governance was handed with the understanding that they would not rock the boat too much. Those that did met their ugly fate as Patrice Lumumba & Aung San found out too late.

  1. Inherent caste differences among Tamils that was the basis that sought to demand devolution, as it was the best modern administrative system that would hide the caste discrimination factor. This aspect has to be understood by the majority of Tamils who do not belong to the so-called Vellala caste that aspires to dominate Tamils. Into this web of deceit the Christian-West are subtly creating evangelical Tamils to plug themselves into the devolution-song, so as to advance Christian expansionist agenda. This is where India needs to be cautious by realizing that the Tamil Nadu separatist agenda is also led by Christian Tamils similar to the rising number of Christian-Tamil politicians holding the same placard. Whatever lingams are being planted, the politicians at the helm both in Sri Lanka & Tamil Nadu are not Hindus.

Therefore it is crucial that Tamil low-castes across Sri Lanka must look at the devolution demand from the point of view of how it will impact them.

We are living in the 21st century – however, the psyche of most high-caste Tamils in Jaffna has not changed, neither have Tamil high-castes inspite of their education. What has Sampanthan or Wigneswaran actually done for the benefit of low caste Tamils? Wigneswaran became Chief Minister in 2013 – exactly what has he done for low caste Tamils? The answer came when funds requested by the NPC returned to the treasury without being spent on the upliftment of undeveloped areas where low-caste Tamils lived. However, Wigneswaran loves to brag to the world that he represents Tamils.

The majority of LTTE cadres were low caste & poor Tamils – what did Sampanthan do to save any of these children from being kidnapped and turned into child soldiers? In the minds of these Vellala Tamils, these low-caste children were only good to be trained to kill and die to advance the dream of Sampanthans. Low caste Tamils need to understand this ground reality. If low-caste Tamils think that converting from Hinduism to Christianity is the answer, they must also realize that the Christian movements are only fishing for more flocks & since the low-caste Tamils are considered discards in a highly-caste based Tamil society, the Evangelical movements are only too happy to embrace them. It is not out of any love for low-caste Tamils.

Why would elite leaders like Sir Ponnambalam wish to request to encode the caste system & even make such a request to the British?

All of these truths are being nicely camouflaged by presenting Sinhalese as the ‘enemy’ and ‘ethnic’ tag to hide the true issue.

The 1956 Official Language Act is being cited as a root cause when bids to separate Sri Lanka started far before

The 1956 Official Language Act saw only pocket protests without mass participation but Tamil leaders sailed to UK to oppose the 1957 Prevention of Social Disabilities Act enabling low caste Tamils to enter schools & kovils. Mass protests by Tamil leaders were also seen when the Govt made it mandatory for police to act on complaints by low caste Tamils for violations of the Act.

The tarring of Sinhala letters on vehicle number plates and violence against Sinhala politicians began not after the official language act was passed but after the social disabilities act was passed. However, the Tamil propagandists artfully clothed the protests as “ethnic” and the foolish Sinhala politicians failed to read the writings on the wall & see through the craftiness of the elite Tamil politicians.

The Bandaranaike-Chelvanayagam SECRET PACT (parliament or cabinet unaware of it) was signed on devolution & had nothing to do with language though the drummed issue was Sinhala Only language. This clearly shows the 1956 Official Language act is only a trumped up issue & a trump card being used unfairly.

The opposition to the 1957 Prevention of Social Disabilities Act is what prompted the BC Pact to enable devolution so that CASTE BASED DISCARIMINATION BY TAMIL ELITE COULD CONTINUE under a devolved set up which no one could question. This is what needs to be understood & this is what is kept hidden from the public, especially low caste Tamils.

The Sinhala politicians are hopeless at understanding the manoeverings of the crafty Tamil politicians. Imagine agreeing to Amirthalingam’s request to remove sea patrols by the army to enable the LTTE to freely smuggle arms & ammunition & thereafter order one soldier to carry the rifle & the other to hold the ammunition. No wonder LTTE militancy grew to what it became.

However, Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces managed to corner Prabakaran & if he was allowed to be captured – there was no reason to have a 30 year war. The conflict would have ended in 1987. India with their famous parippu drop whisked away Prabakaran & held him in Delhi until Indian PM travelled to Colombo to sign the Indo-Lanka Accord on 27 July 1987 and Indian Peace Keepters landed 3 days later. India is directly responsible for the 30 year conflict as Sri Lanka was threatened not to capture Prabakaran.

Yet, Prabakaran was  virtually kept hostage by India in Delhi. Why was Prabakaran not part of the Accord similar to the Norwegian brokered CFA in 2002, where Prabakaran was a signatory? Naturally, Prabakaran was against the Accord & the IPKF & initially the TULF & TNA were also parroting Prabakaran. What has made TNA suddenly change to demand implementation of police & land powers?

All that TNA wants is to have an area that they could rule over Tamil low castes, India is happy to make TNA believe that they are getting their “devolved” province. TNA wants land & police so that they can decide who gets what & it is highly unlikely any low castes would get any land & TNA police will make sure no low castes will question the TNA. India is happy to take over a devolved province eventually, while the West thinks that under Christian TNA leaders, they can easily reign the area.

So all the proxies are at work – TNA India vs TNA West with Sinhal traitors happy to give whatever so long as they can enjoy the perks of power, not caring what happens to the Nation.

It has come to a point where Tamils (low-caste & high-caste/Hindu, Christian or Catholic) must decide whether they are happy to be a vassal of India or West or whether low-caste Tamils want to be ruled by Vellala’s in a separate independent state or whether Tamils want to live in harmony with the rest of the communities disallowing communal politics to rule over people’s lives.

India & West may have their own reasons to promote 13A implementation but the TNA elite want devolution only to continue the CASTE DISCRIMINATION – this is what low caste Tamils must understand & reject the 13A.

The majority Sinhalese reject the 13A primarily because such a small island like Sri Lanka does not need devolution (we cannot be compared to India or US) we have had devolved powers since 1987 & no magic has happened except waste money & build a bunch of useless political families. This is why all Sri Lankans must reject 13A & the Provincial Council system. It is just a waste of money & a den of corruption creating corrupt politicians.


Shenali D Waduge

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