Will LTTE Fronts eventually rule Canada ?


When the Prime Minister of Canada calls himself a “feminist” we seriously have to wonder what kind of ideology he professes for Canada. We all know Canada was confiscated from the indigenous who had been living there for centuries & history was rewritten. No doubt that is a key factor that gels well with LTTE fronts, both adept at creating new history. Today, Canada is ruled by immigrants & they are the ones who contribute to the national economy. When an Indian could become the Prime Minister of UK, there should be no reason why a handful of very powerful Tamil players cannot rule over Canada. Whether they will change its name to Eelam is another matter but given the talents that these Tamil lobbies have & the manner they got Canadian Prime Minister to even issue a “genocide” statement, shows the power they yield. Bravo to them.





From isolated groups that went as asylum seekers and refugees, these LTTE fronts have become powerful entities. Where else would you find a terrorist displayed on shop windows & authorities turning a blind eye. Where else would terrorist flags, emblems & other terrorist paraphernalia be allowed to be displayed. Kudos to them.

They now operate legal chambers, human rights organizations and are crusaders of human rights & move shoulder to shoulder with the highest echelons of Canadian society & Canadian politics. Probably they have greater access to the Canadian leaders than our High Commissioner in Canada. Amazing.

They have a carte blanche to raise funds – no Canadian authority is bothered about what these funds are used for and the biggest laugh is to see Canadian politicians attend the LTTE memorials and issue statements mourning ‘dead LTTE’. For that these LTTE fronts deserve a round of applause. They’ve made jackasses out of the white Canadians and now some Sikhs are joining in too.

Let’s look at the situation from a different angle.

The LTTE fronts, their children are now well known faces in Canada. They have made a mark for themselves, they are people with recognition & stature & they have certainly done well for themselves. Would they wish to waste their time on Sri Lanka, a debt-ridden, politically prostituted, geopolitically vulnerable state? Even if they declare Eelam, would the neighboring giant allow them to rule freely? Will the Western geopolitical alliances allow them to rule without interference & interventions. These thoughts must surely be going on in the minds of the brains behind LTTE front. Would they want to shoulder such a headache?

When they have clout and when that clout is getting larger and larger in Canada, would it not be preferable to rule over Canada with or without Eelam name?

Already the LTTE fronts are building bases around key political structures in Canada. The same tactics and strategy they are adopting slowly in other Western countries as well.

It is a given that the white race is fast dwindling due to their own theories that are backfiring on them. Every country that was once ruled by the white man is now ruled or controlled or influenced by non-whites. So we must be happy at the manner that LTTE fronts have made progress internationally.

Their past history of funding armed terror is now no more. Today, they are adopting a political path, that path has seen them make inroads into the Canadian political system. It is a sort of blueprint for others in other parts of the world to follow. Whether they create Eelam chapters or whether they rule the country like Rishi Sunak, is their choice. But we must be proud that they have come this far.

Whether some view this as hoodwinking the Canadian Prime Minister or other Canadian politicians is a matter of contention, if a Prime Minister can be hoodwinked, does he deserve to be the head of State? If politicians can be bought, should Canadian citizens be voting for them? Therefore, in a way the LTTE fronts have exposed all of these Canadian leaders.

Nevertheless, they say the people deserve the government they vote, so it is going to be a matter of time that Canada’s federal Parliament will see more of these fronts taking key roles and may even become its Prime Minister. Now that would be an accomplishment.

And, please if ever that happens, just bury the “genocide” claim and rule Canada or better still create that Eelam in Canada where those that align with the cause can also make it their new home.


Shenali D Waduge

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