Who masterminded Swiss local recruit ‘abduction’ story whether it happened or not  

Sri Lanka’s sleuths must conclude the investigation before Geneva sessions. Firstly, Sri Lanka must answer whether the abduction happened or not. Secondly, the Sri Lankan police must show if it didn’t happen the evidence to showcase this. Thirdly, if it did happen, Sri Lanka must arrest all those linked to & masterminds behind it. Fourthly, Sri Lankan police must also unearth the masterminds behind the fake abduction story and expose all involved and why.

If Garnier Barrister Francis/Sriyalatha Perera WAS ABDUCTED ……..we want to know

  • When she was abducted (date) (corresponding to date embassy claimed)
  • What time she was abducted (corresponding to time embassy claimed)
  • Where she was abducted (place corresponding to where she & embassy claimed)
  • By whom she was abducted (corresponding to what embassy & international media claimed)
  • If 5 men abducted her (claimed by international media) and have they been apprehended
  • If her phone was ‘unlocked’ and information taken (claimed by international media)
  • If she was sexually molested (claimed by embassy)
  • What type of vehicle abducted her (claimed by international media) has the vehicle been located
  • Have the international media releasing the news been asked for their statements
  • Has the Swiss embassy and Swiss Foreign Ministry also given statements accounting for the sources for their press releases?
  • If she was in ‘deteriorating health’ & required an air ambulance (claimed by embassy)
  • If she was asked ‘embassy-related information’ (claimed by embassy)

So in short we need to have the Sri Lankan authorities confirm if

  • All that the embassy claimed (BEFORE) Sri Lankan authorities questioned Sriyaltha Perera was true
  • All that the international media publicized (BEFORE) Sri Lankan authorities questioned Sriyalatha Perera was true
  • All that the Swiss Foreign Ministry press release issued on 27th November 2019 (BEFORE) Sri Lankan authorities questioned Sriyalatha Perera was true

Next we want to know if what Sriyaltha said (AFTER QUESTIONING BY POLICE) corroborated with all that the Swiss embassy, Swiss Foreign Ministry and International media reported.

If Sri Lankan sleuths conclude that

  • There was no abduction – it means all that the Swiss embassy claimed, all that the international media reported was NOT TRUE.
  • It is hUNLIKELY that neither the Swiss embassy nor the international media WILL APOLOGIZE for NOT TELLING THE TRUTH …. In all probability they will try to create another twist to the tale.

BUT, we must now be told or we must in the least start wondering

  • Why did the Swiss embassy take this version of ‘abduction’ for a length of time (they kept the woman inside the compound for virtually 13 days without producing her to personally file a statement with the police. It was only after the Colombo Magistrate gave a deadline and prevented her travel that the Swiss embassy produced her to file a complaint)
  • Who created the ‘abduction’ story – was it originally from Sriyalatha or anyone else? THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION THAT NEEDS TO BE ANSWERED 

Who created abduction story & Why? 

  • If it was created by Sriyaltha – why? What was her reason?
  • If it was created by Swiss Embassy – why?
  • If it was created by International media – why?
  • Is there some other source who created this story? If so, WHO

There is no need to cite excuse of upsetting bilateral relations and hiding the truth. US strip-searched an Indian diplomat in the US in 2013 and Indo-US relations are on a roll now. There is no need to scare the Sri Lankan Government with these ‘upsetting bilateral relations’ stories.

Swiss FDFA is accusing Sri Lanka of not following due process, Sri Lanka must first put on record what the due process for any act of crime is – firstly the victim must make a formal complaint to the police & based on the statement given by the victim police begin investigations. Did the Swiss take the victim to record a statement? NO – they kept her inside the embassy compound for 13 days. It appears what the embassy said on behalf of her and what she says happened are two different versions. So naturally anyone will ask – WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH? The Swiss embassy or Sriyalatha? So police need to get to the bottom of this too.

The Swiss FDFA is also accusing Sri Lanka of violating Sriyalatha’s human rights. If the law states that the victim must file complaint for the police to take action by virtue of Sriyaltha being a Sri Lankan national, it is the Swiss embassy that has violated her human rights for 13 days by keeping her inside the embassy compound. The Sri Lankan authorities have given Sriyaltha facilities not given to other Sri Lankan nationals (lawyer presence during CID interrogation) This is giving her special treatment over and above what other Sri Lankan nationals are given – isn’t this violating the human rights of other Sri Lankan nationals in prison? Swiss cannot ask for special human rights treatment for Sriyalatha while violating human rights of other Sri Lankan nations. By asking Sri Lanka to transfer her to a hospital when she is no deteriorating health condition is also seeking special privileges and causing a violation of human rights to others.

Certainly the presumption of innocence applies, what we are all concerned about is who is telling the truth or who is lying. This is what Sri Lanka as a nation demands conclusion over. 

Whoever is behind this ‘abduction’ story if it happened or if it didn’t happen needs to be exposed.



Shenali D Waduge


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