We want to know the BRAINS behind the Easter Sunday suicide attacks in Sri Lanka


Multiple venues were targeted on 21 April 2019 Easter Sunday causing death & mayhem across the island. What is tragic is that Sri Lanka’s Govt were given not just 1 warning but over 90 warnings over a period of 2 years. What is more baffling is that on the month of the attack and hours before the attack names of the suicide bombers, their phone numbers and even venues were given. Why were these venues not informed, why were police not dispatched are not as important as knowing who planned this attack and why?

We know who the suicide bombers were.
We need to know how connected they were to big local names and whether they too were aware of the plans.
We know who in Govt knew of the attacks but did nothing to stop it, but the other question we want answered is whether they knew who planned the attack.

The most important question we want answered is not about who executed the attacks and died but who thought of attacking Sri Lanka’s churches and hotels on Easter Sunday, for what reason, what were their other objectives and who else was involved in mapping out this plan.

Obviously those that plotted this had arranged for the suicide bombers to be brainwashed into carrying it out – who did the training, who acted as go-between and how much did every player in this chain know of the ultimate goal?

Were there a foreign involvement – if so whom? From what nation, what foreign intel agencies, where and how did they carry out the plan that eventually materialized in so many innocent deaths.

We are having in prison the IGP and the former Defense Secretary for neglect of their duties and true that is a major faux pas in their duties, but more important is that we identify the players and individuals who had planned this attack because if we do not catch them or at least identify them, there is more possibilities of them planning more attacks in the future changing their modus operandi.

Therefore, the Commission and the new investigation teams appointed must come to the bottom of this – we must know who planned the attack, why, who they co-opted, how much was paid to each, what other payments for their silence etc.

Without this all important question unanswered there will be no justice for the innocent dead.



Shenali D Waduge

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