Canada Genocide Day before Tamil Genocide Day

Why is Canada not commemorating Canada Genocide Day in memory of all the indigenous Natives it killed? The National Inquiry Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls found Canada guilty in 2019? Is it unbelievable that Canada preaching human rights to the world is found guilty of Genocide? Why is Canada shy to use the term “genocide” for its crime but allowing the use of term “genocide” to recognize May 18, 2022 as Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day without any evidence of genocide taking place in Sri Lanka? Given that Canada birthed the concept of responsibility to protect, why is the world silent on the continuing discriminations to the indigenous natives of Canada? Canada’s genocide allegation encompasses all that the term genocide constitutes – inflicting mental/physical harm(sexual abuse & mistreatment of children in Canadian residential schools), imposing living conditions by starving children, inadequate water, food & medical care, imposing measures to prevent birth (forced sterilization) All these are well documented unlike the fabrications drummed by LTTE Diaspora against Sri Lanka. Canada intended to destroy the indigenous people physically, biologically & psychologically. Sri Lanka’s Tamils are holding plum positions in public & private sector as well as monopolizing industry sectors across Sri Lanka.

Canada is a created country.

Canada was created in 1867

Canada’s history is just 156 years old – less than period Portuguese ruled parts of Sri Lanka.

Canada was occupied by indigenous people for well over 12,000 years.

Canada continues the 1876 pass Indian Act that allows Canadian Govt to define who an “Indian” is but Canada demands Sri Lanka to change its laws

Canada decides if to give “Indian” status & the rights they should enjoy.

Canada’s Indian Act does not include the Metis & Inuit people – this is how Canada treats its minorities.

Canada erases the Indian Status to indigenous women who marry a non-Indian.

Canada also denied these women from voting & running for elections.

Canada denies Inuits & Metis women from serving in the Canadian armed forces – but Canada demands rehabilitated LTTE terrorists to be inducted into Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces & police.

The invaders gave “citizenship” to the natives only in 1951

The invaders that usurped native lands allocated “reserved” land for natives.

The invaders disallowed natives from moving out of these reserved lands without passes.

These reserved land still exist & are governed by the Indian Act

Is it a surprise that Canada supports LTTE’s bogus homeland theory & usurping of land?

Having taken over native land, Canada’s “SOLUTION” was to force indigenous people to assimilate as per their rules/regulations/culture/systems. All that the indigenous people cherished as traditions were to be erased from history.

Residential Schools were in operation from 1600s even before Canada was created.

Residential School in Saskatchewan closed only in 1996.

Canada’s ASSIMILATION of Indigenous Indians (funded by Federal Govt) resulted in

Forcibly removing children between 4-16 years from their families & communities & segregating them by gender

Not feeding them & making them vulnerable to diseases

Subject to sexual abuse & experimental brain tests

The system was criminalized & prohibited eventually.

Has Canada solved what Canada did to the Indigenous People by its Truth & Reconciliation Commission or its National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women?

Was Canada not caught hiding child abuse evidence

In the case of Sri Lanka, we demand to know where the evidence of killing is?

The allegation is that 40,000 or more has been killed?

Where are the dead bodies?

Why are those making the allegations UNABLE to name the dead?

Where are their skeletons?

Canada has named 4 persons – 2 are former Presidents, 2 soldiers – first soldiers case is over 20 years old. Is Canada implying this one soldier out of over 200,000 soldiers engaged in the final phase of the war, killed 40,000 or more Tamils? These allegations are getting ridiculous by the day & when a developed nation like Canada bans individuals sans evidence, it makes a mockery of Canada’s legislature.

The hypocrisy is when Canada, a country that was created illegally by usurping land & carrying out a program of annihilation of the natives & not even declaring a day to accept and apologize for Canada’s abuse of natives, which is still ongoing, Canada sees fit to ban individuals without evidence.

Canada’s federal govt even denied funds in 2009 sought by the Canadian Truth & Reconciliation Commission to find mass graves at these residential schools.

Why are there no calls to hold a Canada Genocide Day for the Indigenous Natives that were abused & killed? Why is there no national movement to demand reparations for the Indigenous Natives killed as well as demand EQUAL STANDING for all the existing Indigenous Natives?

Shenali D Waduge

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