CARDINAL’s CID: Identify & Investigate the MANIPULATORS of Easter Sunday


Is truth dependent on who deems it as truth or the truth as prevalent with facts? What we see is a bunch of people throwing tantrums wanting everyone to believe what they claim is truth. Are those who were not found guilty trying to manipulate & erase their names from ever coming out as being a key part of the negligent parties.

A thorough review of the C4 mockumentary and several protagonists including the Cardinal & C4 it is clear that attempts are being made to promote the return of a team of people who were handling the investigations of a group of people who turned out to be the suicide bombers. What we must wonder is why C4 & Cardinal wishes to bring back the very investigation heads who had received intel & who were dilly dallying without taking action against the team who became the suicide bombers. When action could have been taken against the suicide bombers before they blew themselves up, why should these same officers who neglected their duties be returned to key duties as per demand of the Cardinal via his letter immediately congratulating C4?

This is something readers need to think about.

Was the senior police officer speaker with adjusted voice on C4 – the very officer Cardinal wants to bring back to investigate? Was this the manipulation behind C4 new mockumentary?

Wasn’t the other face who ran away claiming asylum also a close associate of that senior police officer. Why would C4 & Cardinal be promoting these 2 police officers?

Something more for readers to think about.

If the CID officers who had been given initial information since 2017 failed to act upon them to prevent the eventual mass murder, what is the objective behind promoting the same persons to be returned to their roles? Is there more critical information to be concealed, is this why the hurriedly compiled C4 mockumentary plugging in 90% of events not related to Easter Sunday aspired to do?

Something for the readers to think about.

The FBI has declared Naufar Maulavi as the mastermind behind the heinous attacks. Zaharan & his team were indoctrinated by Maulavi & executed what they were indoctrinated to do. Cardinal & the Church must challenge the FBI report if they deem FBI international investigation conclusions incorrect. Similarly, Cardinal & Church can also challenge the reports of other foreign intel agencies who arrived to help investigations.  The C4, Cardinal nor the Church are judges, lawyers or the police.

Cardinal must also question why the CID did not put Naufar Maulavi to be cross examined by the Judges & instead

There is a flip side to the whining by C4, Cardinal, the Church & Sri Lanka’s Opposition. Present their facts and not more dramas. Produce evidence not hearsay.  Challenge the evidence accepted by previous Commissions/Reports with facts only.

Let’s see if C4, Cardinal the Church or the Opposition can come up with facts and not simply demand their “hero” police officer be returned to take up their case. Why should they all want only him to handle their case? Something is odd going on here! Are these the architects behind the conspiracy theories to divert the truth? If so, it is they who must be investigated for manipulating a tragic incident. That so many attempts are being made to change the narrative, divert people’s attention along a line that serves their interest, dismissing evidence that contradicts their narrative culminating in a hurried C4 movie certainly makes us to now wonder.

How is it that the CID & the officers who handled investigations from 2016 have been overlooked by the Presidential Commissions/Reports probing Easter Sunday attacks?

After 2015 regime change, the Directorate of Military Intelligence was deactivated and its scope fell upon the CID which included escalating violence by Islamic extremists, which CID was not cognizant of and DMI sent a dossier on 24 Sept 2016 to President Sirisena, Dr. Wijayadasa Rajapakse, Dr. Harsha de Silva, Champaka Ranawaka & Udaya Gammanpila & some other prominent politicians. Only Wijayadasa Rajapakse raised alarm in Parliament while Mujabur Rahman surprisingly found fault with him.

Questions readers must ask of the CID

From Mar2017 to April 2019 – 11 major incidents related to Islamic extremists took place. Why did CID not investigate, arrest & take contingency measures.

  1. 10 Mar 2017 – a traditional Muslim organization attacked at Aliyar junction in Kattankudy
  2. 17 May 2017 – Moh. Masji of National Tawheed Jamaat shot
  3. 6 Feb 2018 – Member of the People’s Movement for Good Governance assaulted
  4. 12 Feb 2018 – People’s Movement for Good Governance Office attacked
  5. 8 June 2018 – Palani Bawa shot dead in Kattankudy
  6. 26 Aug 2018 – Explosives tested by Zaharan’s brother Rilwan in Ariyamapati
  7. 30 Nov 2018 – 2 police officers brutally killed in Vavunathivu by Zaharan’s men
  8. 23-25 Dec 2018 – Buddha statues vandalised in Mawanella
  9. 16 Jan 2019 – explosives hidden in Vanathavilluwa & tested
  10. 8 Mar 2019 – Thasleem shot at for giving information to police
  11. 16 April 2019 – Bombs experimented using motorcycle & blasted in Thalangkudahi, Kattankudi

The Sri Lanka Guardian raised an important question with regard to the professional integrity of officers who appear to be compromised as a result of divulging information & making unprofessional statements with an actor-politician. This is the same officer the C4-Cardinal-Church & Opposition wants to continue to conduct the investigation. Doesn’t this look strange!

The very team that C4-Cardinal-Church & Opposition are demanding to be returned to investigate are those that declined to arrest Zaharan’s 2 brothers – Rilwan & Saini  & Army Mohideen when SIS requested them (7 Mar 2019).

The C4-Cardinal-Church & Opposition should listen to the sub-inspector who giving evidence at the Presidential Commission on Easter Sunday claimed that senior officials of the CID had explicitly instructed not to arrest Zaharan’s siblings while instructing him to establish a rapport with them. The head of the CID is the same person C4-Cardinal-Church & Opposition want to handle a new investigation!

This is what the judges of the Presidential Commission asked after hearing this: Are officers within the Criminal Investigation Department fostering relationships with terrorists instead of apprehending them?” 

More shocks emerged after arrest of Army Mohideen by SIS on 25 April 2019 (6days after the Easter attacks) -Mohideen informed that a sergeant from the CID was in contact with him. Far more damaging than the suicide attacks is the manner the team Cardinal is promoting to continue the investigation were involved in manipulating evidence & shifting blame.

Readers should by now have doubts about the heroes of the Cardinal!

What happened to the CID officer who produced 2 “eye witnesses” to claim Sara Jasmine (Pulasthi Mahendiran) had escaped to India which unfairly resulted in an IP being jailed unfairly and not brought before the Commission. The officer has fled to US, the eyewitnesses were never eye witnesses and Sara as per DNA evidence died with the others who exploded themselves.

Did Cardinal’s CID team not mislead the Commission – shouldn’t everyone wonder why this investigating team & its head were not investigated?

Let’s summarize.

3 groups should be held responsible for Easter Sunday attacks.

  1. Zaharan & the suicide bombers
  2. Those who were complicit in the suicide attacks – 748 have been arrested for helping
  3. Parties that neglected to take action (intelligence accused of not giving quality intel / the IGP/ Defense Secretary / President of Sri Lanka) – there is a missing link – why is the CID omitted from this neglected group?

Why has CID not been questioned?

  • From Mar2017 to April 2019 – CID had 11 key incidents to take action against Zaharan & Co. Why did CID not take action as each of these incidents showed a pattern of violence. CID had the arresting power & investigating power while the intel agencies could only provide the leads.
  • DMI/SIS had submitted over 250 reports to the police & CID – why did they not act & catch the culprits after investigating?
  • How or why did the failures or blunders of CID not get questioned by the commission was it because part of the CID were also handling statements for the Commission?
  • More importantly why did the CID team not produce Naufer Maulafi before the Commission to be cross examined – why did the CID team take only a recorded statement from the “maha molakaru”
  • Did CID team mislead the judges who even went to Kalmunai simply because CID produced 2 eyewitnesses claiming Sara Jasmin had escape but later proved by DNA that she had actually died. Two instances of faux pas by CID & questions why Cardinal wants this same team to continue investigations!
  • Was Jameel / Sonic Sonic and Abu H also introduced to divert the truth? Why was Jameel released by CID even after SIS/DMI reports against him – relevant B reports are all available. It is not the SIS/DMI modus operandi of work that should be looked into but the shortcomings of the unit tasked to arrest & investigate.

In reading above, readers should seriously be questioning why Cardinal, the Church & C4 as well as the country’s Opposition are insisting that this same CID be brought into investigate another Commission? Wasn’t it their shortcomings that resulted in the culprits not being caught & stopped & then manipulating the outcome? Are they all looking to divert the crisis along another path?

Shenali D Waduge

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