Category: Lessons for Sri Lanka


Is there any economists in Sri Lanka who can give an alternative to IMF?

From CBSL bigwigs to the economists in the corporate world & even economic advisors to the GoSL have only one mantra – “go to the IMF”. Do they need to be called “economists” to...


“LTTE killed my beloved father” – Arun Siddarths wife Thangathurai Thayani’s heartbreaking story

A letter written by Thangathurai Thayani, wife of Arun Siddharth on her mother’s 60th birthday that fell on 4thAugust 2022 should make the human rights organizations feel ashamed and should make the international human...


The Tamil “problem”: How can Sri Lanka solve a problem that does not exist?

  Ask the majority of so-called Tamil leaders & they will claim Tamils have problems. They will quote problems that is not exclusive to them & examples that do not even exist. Ask them...