Changing sex of your child : Sri Lankan Parents be warned of LGBTQIA Movement

When the topic of gender ideology is part of the West’s & UN’s expansionist & cultural invasion agenda, it should not require too much brains to realize how diplomats & aid would be used to implement programs that seek to roll out these agendas. Thankfully, that which started in the West is also now collapsing from the West. Parents & traditional Christian bodies as well as Muslim lobbies are rising against the LGBTIQ agenda in particular the manner they are targeting children to change their sex. We look at some of the sad stories of these children for the children in Sri Lanka & their parents to realize the dangers. The current list of bills sneaking the term “gender” means that those presenting the Bills & those promoting have been lobbied to do so. Sri Lankan parents must realize the dangers to their child.

This is how it is done.

Sex education is forced to include promoting LGBTQIA ideology in schools.

Teachers are trained to encourage children to think they can be an opposite sex

The confused child starts to slowly believe she is not a girl but a boy or he is not a boy but a girl.

This confusion, the promoters term as GENDER DYSPHORIA.

Then starts the next phase where children are placed on puberty blockers/hormone therapy & prepared for the operation.

Parents have no say & parents are either taken to court or children are removed from parents who oppose this transitioning. These are all dangers that may face Sri Lankan parents.

When people are said to be “gender dysphoric” only after these LGBTQIA programs have been rolled out, clearly shows the brainwashing via peer pressure, educational programs sponsored by the State & social media at play. This is why Sri Lankan citizens must be firm to ensure Sri Lankan MPs do not commit to programs that destroy our children.

According to Willims Institute 300,000 children (13 years to 17 years) claim to be transgender in the US.

This means this campaign has lured 300,000 children & completely destroyed their lives.


The story of Chloe who became Cole.

At 11 she fell prey to transgender activists on instagram

At 12 she wanted to be a transgender

At 13 she informed her parents & started taking puberty blockers & was prescribed testosterone

At 15 she was operated – double mastectomy

Just before turning 16 she realized her mistake (4 years too late)

At 17, Chloe/Cole is trying to “detransition” to reverse the gender transition.

But she will suffer the rest of her life with IRREVERSIBLE MEDICAL consequences.


Helena Kerschner 23 years

She was a biological female

At 14 she became victim of Tumbir sites that were filled with transgender activist content & encouraged her to change her sex.

This shows how children with some kind of complex are easy prey to a community waiting to grab any child & change their sex.

Helena was given testosterone prescription by the Planned Parenthood which instead of looking into the welfare of the child is happy to promote transgenderism.

Helena is trying to detransition

Unfortunately, who in the medical profession can parents trust? Most are silenced by Big Pharma that is making a big business out of changing childrens sex & putting them on life long drugs. Medical profession is making merry by providing various types of after surgery care. It has become a big business. How many doctors have come out against the bogus gender dysphoria indoctrination of children & advised children not to get themselves operated?

How successful are detransitioning both mentally & physically & at what cost is it to the person?

For the medical industry even de-transitioning is a business advantage as they can prescribe more drugs while their sponsors are happy because their depopulation agenda is bang on target. Children who become transgenders will be infertile.

How many doctors like Marcus Evans are there? He was the Clinical Director of Adult & Adolescent Services – a publicly funded mental health centre in UK. He resigned to show opposition to unnecessary medicalization of dysphoric children as he felt children were being ‘fast-tracked onto medical solutions’ for psychological problems.

Apparently in the UK puberty blockers are even given to 9 year olds.

Testosterone & Estrogen injections are prescribed for 13 year olds.

Mastectomies are performed on 13 year olds.

This is shocking but happening & could happen in Sri Lanka too.

What is also shocking is that the LGBTQIA campaign & activists are so powerful & well funded that their influence on children is such that parents in the UK initially agreed to dangerous operations simply for fear that their children may harm themselves permanently if they disagreed. Imagine the trauma for both parent & even children because of this mentally questionable community promoting transitioning.

How risky are these medical treatments? What are the side-effects for the child?

Puberty blockers restrict growth & effect bone density

Testosterone results in high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, blood clots & infertility (just what they want) as well as emotional instability which for Helena resulted in 2 hospitalizations due to self-harm.

In hospital Helena realized her mistake “I saw how much my face changed and how unhappy I looked. I realized this was all f….d up & I shouldn’t have done it. It was a really dark time”.

Shouldn’t we be learning lessons?

Chloe said testosterone altered her bone structure permanently sharpening her jawline & broadening her shoulders. Chloe says she suffers increased body & facial hair. She has a large scar across her chest due to mastectomy. She is also likely to be infertile (that’s what these promoters want)


Grace Powell

At 12 she realized she could be a boy. She was suffering from depression because she thought she was not pretty enough. Obviously the LGBTQIA community are tapping this natural feeling & basing their GENDER DYSPHORIA promotion on it.

No one has a perfect body – but manipulating this & luring young easily misled children to change sex is a crime.

At 17 she wanted to begin hormone therapy.

She had a double mastectomy & became a transgender man.

Grace became Grayson.

At 23 she has detransitioned.

When owners of the global media entities are also promoters of the LGBTQIA movement it is unlikely we will hear balanced & forthright news on this topic. From surveys to statistics, the true picture is not conveyed unless people seek alternate news & learn to do their own research. People’s laziness has resulted in falling prey to any news relayed in social media & media that LGBTIQA movement heavily funds.

Thus both parent & child have fallen victim. Parents are made to believe “MANY” children are trans and should be operated while the child through teachers & the education system alongside peer pressure groups, social media activists think they are not the sex they were born to & encouraged to change sex. Parents who disagreed were at the risk of losing their child & this fear was what compelled them to accept the trans lobbying.

This is truly a vicious evil game being played with the minds of people. Therefore, in Sri Lanka we must not allow these people to get into the heads of the child, the teenager, the adult or their parents.

When institutes or practitioners whose mandate is to protect the child are promoters of gender transitioning & operations it is only because of the funds given to them to promote it by those who are globally rolling out transgender model using every influencial lobby possible.

So how can parents trust their child’s life to any of these persons whose medical advice is compromised? Moreover this experiment with a biologically formed natural human body injecting medications will eventually destroy the natural immune system. It is going against the order of nature. That people are detransitioning or have become mentally unstable to even take their lives as a result of regretting what they have done to their bodies are all warnings we must take serious note of. How can anyone recommend a child of 12 to socially, medically or surgically change sex simply because she/he has become victim to a lobby promoting sex change?

At the heart of the matter is a globally pumped up psychological operation that presents the notion that people are ‘not pretty enough” from here starts the lobbying & encouraging to pay for all types of surgeries to become “pretty”. Ultimately, look at the faces of some of these actors and actresses who have paid handsomely for beauty treatments – they now look a nightmare. With age, they will look worse. Age gracefully, they say. Thus, it is truly important to be happy with who you are and not fall prey to people who make you feel you are not pretty or not good enough. Your mind is what you need to control. No therapy can do that except yourself. You are the master of your mind & soul & your body. Do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise!

There is a well funded movement to ensure the trans agenda of gender transitioning children & adults are not stopped. They target anyone going against them referring to them as ANTI-TRANS and TRANSPHOBIC and uses heavy overseas funding for this. Many of the new laws being introduced in favor of transgenders are in reality to facilitate their violent acts towards the anti-Trans people and to bring punitive actions against anti-trans people.

Weren’t Sri Lankan MPs warned about this?

Were they this inhuman not to consider what the children in the West were suffering because of LGBTQIA movement & their gender transitioning programs & to ensure Sri Lanka’s children were not victims?

The transcommunity that lovingly embraces children & encourages them to change sex are equally hateful of those who wish to depart & both Chloe & Helena were under severe attack by the transgender community. Transgenders have even gunned down parents.

In Sri Lanka too we can see early signs of their behavior.

We must always look at the larger picture & connect the dots with what is happening abroad. The programs rolled out there & the consequences the anti-Trans people are suffering will be exactly what Sri Lankans will have to go through if clueless Parliamentarians or compromised Parliamentarians pass detrimental Bills. On top of destroying the Nation, Parliamentarians should not be allowed to destroy the Child too.


Shenali D Waduge

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