Connecting the dots to Eelam: Thimpu Talks-Himalayan Declaration-Akhand Bharath

Where did it all begin & where will it all end? Not too many are able to piece the puzzle. To do so, requires us to go back in time to colonial divide & rule policies that sought to divide people while their territories were plundered. They also decided to clone people to carry forward the colonial agenda so their authority would prevail even without their presence. Thus, people were classified as majority-minorities, a pen drew new territorial boundaries, new states were christened, new systems of governance & laws were introduced & everyone had to fit into these terms & regulations. The western-church alliance held sway throughout colonial rule & it is likely they had an influence over other faiths too. This is why every form of extremism prevalent in other faiths find their roots back to the West-Church. This certainly explains the robes that backed the LTTE’s separatism & continues to do so.

Before addressing the key components it is important to realize that the nation that is called India today never existed until its creation in 1947. That same India is also earmarked to be balkanized by the very creators. Therefore, who is actually controlling the Arkhand Bharath quest, or is it an interim agenda to watch India secure all of the targeted Asian nations & thereafter balkanize them into newer territories as per wishes of those doing the balkanizing.

Thus, India trained, armed & provided logistics support to LTTE & over 30 other Tamil youth in the 1970s – the question is did India do so of its own will or was it indirectly encouraged to do so?

Was India’s decision to train armed militancy & palm off its headache to Sri Lanka based on Tamil Nadu’s quest for a separate Tamil Homeland for Tamils in Tamil Nadu? Which means a problem between Tamils & Hindi unnecessarily or strategically became a new problem created between Tamils & Sinhalese. It is important to understand that the demand for a separate homeland in Tamil Nadu emerged as a result of anti-Hindi sentiments and based on the fact that Tamil Nadu was never part of “India” prior to its formation in 1947 while Emperor Asoka (Maurya Empire) never ruled over Tamil Nadu.

It was the colonial missionaries who created the term Dravidian in 1838 & a fake history to match it.This certainly raises the question whether the same Church created the Eelam demand first in South India & thereafter in Sri Lanka? The Church has a heavy influence in both Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka’s North. If Bishop Robert Caldwell & the Church separated Brahmins from non-Brahmins coining the term “Brahmanical Aryans” connecting these with Europeans & terming low-caste Chanar people as “Dravidian” did not the same happen turning “Malabars” into “Vellalas”?

Western coined self-determination terms that use language, culture, literature & history were all merged by the missionaries into the demands of people they had brainwashed over the years. It was Caldwell who plugged the South Indian languages Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada as Dravidian languages creating a previously non-existent language family. His own book “Comparative Gramma of the Dravidian or South Indian Family of Languages” traces the beginning of Tamil literature to not earlier than 10th century. It is the same Dravidian movement & Church that are promoting ethno-linguistic Eelam state with the Church even calling for a separate Cardinal for North Sri Lanka, proving the links beyond doubt.

If we wonder when or how the balkanizing will take place, we only have to look to the Church that is influencing both Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka. Eelam quest in reality is not led by Tamil Hindus but by Tamil Christians/Catholics on behalf of the Church.

One may ask why or how Hindu extremism is entering the fray of late in particular the incursions into Buddhist archaeological sites in the North & East of Sri Lanka. It is more than possible these are crypto-Hindus or missionary Hindus working for the Church agenda no different to the crypto-Buddhists & missionary Theros doing the same damage.

Educationist Chithbayananda declared the Dravidian movement is a time bomb set by the Church. No doubt Eelam is the same. Notice how suddenly scores of US Congressmen are also raising the Tamil Eelam flag & even demanding a referendum. These are no coincidental calls.

The balkanizing experiments first began in 1939 with the “Dravida Nadu for Dravidians” movement for a separate sovereign & federal state & in 1940 a Dravida Nadu map was released in Kanchipuram. In 1947 Tamil Nadu created the “Dravida Nadu Secession Day” & then on 17 September 1960 “Dravida Nadu Separation Day”. Between 1960 & 1963 the Dravida Nadu was replaced with “Tamil Nadu for Tamils” & then the “We Tamil Movement”. It was then that the Indian Govt passed legislation banning secessionism in 1963.

Poignant to note is that all secessionist movements were poodles of the Church. If the Dravida Nadu map was created by the Church so must be the Tamil Eelam map.

Was it because of the banning that the secessionist movement got transferred to Sri Lanka? Was Church behind this transfer & India was happy to pass its headache to Sri Lanka? No wonder it was the Christian Chelvanayagam who arrived from Malaysia & was tasked by the Church to stir the separatism pot in Sri Lanka using his party ITAK.

With this background clear, it becomes easy to understand that the demands for Dravida Nadu were virtually the same as that which LTTE & the Tamil leadership of Sri Lanka demanded in Thimpu in 1985. Were these demands also drafted by the Church? Coincidentally, a hashtag movement #DravidaNadu was relaunched in 2017 the same time that India became a partner of QUAD.

Modern evangelical movements have been designed in such a format that people pretend they are of the religion they are born into but get rewarded handsomely for working against that religion. So there are too many camouflaged “missionaries” around us making it difficult to identify them or their agendas or who they are actually working for. Many of these are also tasked to sway people of their own faiths towards a newer version of Hinduism/Buddhism essentially distancing from their own faiths.

The Church cannot take offence. Its list of misadventures are many. Jesuit priest Father Miller claimed to the US embassy officers in Colombo that the orphanages that LTTE recruited child soldiers were run by churches – no wonder these were inside thick jungle locations. 600 children were in a Church in Walayarmadam when LTTE stormed it on 24 March 2009 & took the children! Lets not forget that the LTTE’s radio station “Voice of Tigers” was also operating inside St. Sebastians Church in Mallavi in 1999 & inside Madhu Church too. Voice of Tigers even collaborated with Radio Veritas run by the Asian Catholic Bishops Conference.

So if the demands of the Dravida Nadu secessionist movement & the Thimpu Talk demands are the same, what is this new Himalayan Declaration? The Church is known to use its poodles to peddle “secularism” it is a subtle method to bring down an elevated non-Church religion to a level the Church can control. Towards this end they have successfully tapped missionary “theros” who are from within dividing the Buddhists.

The Himalayan Declaration too subtly peddles the ‘devolution’ theme & is part & parcel of the stepping stone to an autonomous state by first pushing for asymmetrical federalism. The Himalayan Declaration appears to be nothing but a wolf cloaked as a sheep and its timing is poignant as well.

India’s parliament displayed a new map that brought whole of South Asia under India calling it Akhand Bharath. If so, it means there is no Tamil Eelam, then why does India continue give eelam lobbyists hopes?

The Akhand Bharath is a creation of the RSS of which the BJP is its political wing & openly promotes Hindutva rule (home of the Hindus) The call is no different to Islamic rule or Christian rule where all other faiths have to bow down in defiance. 80% of Indians are Hindu while 14% are Muslim. In 2019, BJP revoked the semi-autonomous status of Muslim-majority Kashmir & brought it under direct control of New Delhi which was followed by India’s Home Minister claiming it achieved the dream of Akhand Bharat.

How does this “greater India” or Akhand Bharat fit into the scheme of the West-Church’s eventual balkanizing of India where we view the Tamil Eelam promoted by the West-Church is part of a future plan to separate entire Tamil Nadu together with Sri Lanka as a new state not necessarily championing the demands of the Eelamists.

With the American people prone to all types of neo-liberal experiments resulting in decline of their emotional-physical-economic-status, are the new global elite proposing to transfer their power arena to East where a rising number of Indians are already holding globally powerful positions at public & private levels. They may be Indian & Hindu but they are not necessarily practicing or have any of the “Hindutva” sentiments in vogue, but may utilize these to gain the power base. Even the Church has diluted its original teachings and has created a cocktail plugging rituals and practices of other faiths & promoting them as theirs. They use religion to vest power for themselves.

Is the West-Church using Chanakyas Arthashastra & Akhand Bharat into their scheme of things while allowing India to do the leg work. This we can see happening in Sri Lanka where India is subtly taking economic-social-cultural-political control over Sri Lanka as a result of the stupidity of Sri Lanka’s politicians.

The West-Church will doubtless be following the developments of Akhand Bharath & maneuvering how it can overturn the developments to their ultimate advantage.

Sri Lankans need to seriously look back & understand the connections and links – who trained LTTE, why, who came into the scene, when did LTTE transfer allegiance from India to US & why & who were the main players involved. Let us not forget LTTE’s ideologue was a British agent while his white wife trained children as child soldiers and the Church helped open LTTE’s first international office in London. There are a string of fathers holding key positions in the LTTE fronts established after demise of Prabakaran and these are all operating from western shores with Western MPs unashamedly attending terrorist events while US Congressmen are passing resolutions calling for Tamil Eelam.

None of these demands are happening in isolation & behind all these demands are the same faces – its up to you to identify them.




Shenali D Waduge

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