Ending JVP’s role as Political Prostitute & ruining the futures of the Youth


JVP stands guilty of ruining the lives of university adults and functioning as political prostitute depending on the deals inked by their handlers with the likely political party coming to power. Each time JVP has played a key role in either bringing a political party/alliance to power or defeating a political party/alliance. Is it a surprise that JVP is the richest party in Sri Lanka? Such a status cannot come holding tin cans at bus stops & preaching Marxism! What really is the role JVP is assigned to play passing allegiance from one party to the next depending on the political environment conducive to its handlers. What is the role tasked to the JVP in ruining the lives of youth? What have political parties, the youth or Sri Lanka gained by JVP? The damage JVP is doing politically and to the youth of the country cannot continue.


Evolution of the JVP – Who came to Adopt JVP – How JVP came to prostitute itself


To trace why JVP remains in politics even with a relevance of 3% it is important to go back in time to how it started. This takes us back to 1960s where a pro-Christian military coup attempted to oust Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranayake as a result of her ending the monopoly of Christian denomination schools which has a knack for breeding ant-national, pro-West/UNP individuals. The failure of the coup meant rank & file that was enjoyed by the imperial Christians began to change and revenge came via covert operation against the State.


Poetic-justice was such that JVP was launched 2 months after UNP returned to power in March 1965 on Vesak day 14 May 1965 the symbolism to deceptively draw Sinhala Buddhist youth. So were the handlers of the UNP and JVP the same?


JVP has either aligned, partnered or supported directly or indirectly all of the governments that have come to power – Sirimavo, JR, Chandrika, MR, Ranil & ironically went against them too.


Before the insurrection of 1971 members of the JVP supported the government of Sirimavo Bandaranaike to come to power. But less than a year later it attempted to capture the State. Was JVP handled to support the party to power & then handled to attempt to overthrow it?


JVP attacked 74 police stations in 24hrs, captured 92 police stations, killed 53 military & 37 police and even 41 civilians while its leader Wijeweera was locked up in Jaffna prison. The damage JVP caused was Rs.400m.


1st insurrection claimed around 5000 Sinhala lives and the 2nd insurrection claimed some 60,000 Sinhalese lives. Within a span of 20 years some 65,000 Sinhalese were killed by arming Sinhalese. Where were the human rights activists for the Sinhalese? Or was this part of the bigger plan in arming Sinhalese to kill Sinhalese cream of youth & future of Sri Lanka?


Whether for right or wrong reasons, those that come forward for a cause are people who can take a stand and shine among others who opt to take an appeasing or drawn back role. Those that come forward for a cause are generally the one’s that can easily be galvanized into defending the nation too. Is it to cull them that 2 insurrections were orchestrated?


The JVP were all Sinhalese youth. The victims were mostly Sinhalese. The JVP were also killed by Sinhalese. According to Dharman Wickremaratne’s book on the JVP insurgency – number of persons killed and missing was 41,813 of which 6661 were killed by JVP, 1222 killed by PRRA which operated 13 vigilante groups (others place figure at 60,000)


The Sirimavo Govt appointed a Criminal Justice Commission adopted a strategy to present Wijeweera as a fraud & succeeded in diluting his popularity resulting in just 5% continuing to support him. The CJC was repealed by JRJ in 1977.


It is also good to explore whether the same handlers that created the JVP in 1965 following defeat of Mrs B against her nationalization policies, went on to create Prabakaran’s Tamil New Tigers (TNT) in 1972 when she introduced the country’s first Republican Constitution. Did they also encourage the 1971 JVP insurrection> Did the same handlers also step up their brawn by encouraging the Vaddukoddai Resolution in 1976 teaming it with armed movement after rechristening TNT as LTTE?

We will be surprised how all these extremist elements are all linked.


JVP has registered itself as a political prostitute.


In the 1977 election UNP won a majority of 140 seats with the SLFP winning only 8 seats. JR Jayawardena released all the 1971 JVP prisoners including Rohana Wijeweera.

According to EG Perera – Retired Superintendent of Prisons – Ronnie de Mel’s wife Mallika visited Rohana Wijeweera in Magazine prison and suggested Wijeweera work with them after his release!


JR/UNP released JVP leader but removed the civic rights of Mrs. B (the world’s first female Prime Minister)

On 28 October 1982 Wijeweera contested the presidential election, with Prins Gunasekara as his legal advisor and agent. Prins had even brought a British human rights activist – Lord Avebury to tour South in 1970s & was given British asylum in 1989 and US embassy escorted him in an embassy vehicle to Bandaranayake airport! Do we smell some British/US involvement in JVP? South Asian Bureau of the US State Department was monitoring sending weekly ‘D and D’ (Death and Destruction) reports during 1980s. Why would the US embassy assign a senior Foreign Service Officer (FSO) to be present at the RAVAYA editorial office to protect Victor Ivan from Premadasa goons? http://www.asiantribune.com/node/92511

The JR/UNP that released Wijeweera in 1977, allowed him to contest for Presidency in 1982 next banned JVP/Wijeweera on 30 July 1983 (along with CP and NSSP) accusing them of causing 1983 July riots!

JVP took an anti-Indian stand threatening anyone wearing an Indian saree with death. The Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987 had to be signed under emergency rule and curfew with even UNP MPs not aware of the documents contents. PM Premadasa boycotted the signing. JVP & Premadasa did not see eye to eye and Premadasa/UNP went on to murder Wijeweera in 1989, Somawansa Amerasinghe fled the country & others went underground. Premadasa was assassinated in 1993 by LTTE and UNP slid into unpopularity and UNP was defeated at elections in 1994.



JVP changed hands in 1994 supporting Chandrika Bandaranaike. JVP contested Presidential Elections in 1999 with candidate Nandana Gunatileke receiving just 4% and now a member of UNP. JVP went on to become a member of the UPFA at the 2004 Parliamentary Elections winning 105 out of 225 seats in Parliament and securing 39MPs to Parliament.



JVP supported Mahinda Rajapakse to become President in 2005. It was during this period that 3 JVP members filed court that resulted in the successful de-merger of the North-East Provincial Council with much respect also due to the attorney’s H L de Silva, S L Gunasekera, Gomin Dayasri and Manouri Jinadasa and the five courageous judges including the Chief Justice Sarath N Silva.


It was thereafter that Wimal Weerawansa departed ways with JVP as did Piyasiri Wijenayake forming the JNP Jathika Nidahas Peramuna (14 May 2008 – the very day JVP was formed in 1965 & also the day LTTE killed 146 pilgrims in Anuradhapura Sri Maha Bodhiya in 1985). JNP joined the Rajapakse Government in 2008 to support end of LTTE.


In Nov2018 JVP handed a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.


Common Candidates (Fonseka & Maithripala Sirisena)-JVP

JVP next decided to campaign on behalf of common candidates – first Sarath Fonseka in 2010 and Maithripala Sirisena in 2015. That affinity seems to have today gone with the wind!

By virtue of JVP supporting the UNP backed common candidates, the indirect link to UNP is now sealed.



The JVP leader in 2018 said the ‘JVP & TNA must fight together’. JVP even held a joint May Day rally with the TNA in Jaffna in 2018. JVP & TNA continually have discussions. Connections & handlers are a lot clearer now.



JVP leaders know it can never win a Presidential Election. JVP leaders also know that it can never get votes beyond 3% of the total vote. Therefore, the strategic option has been to play prostitute to the highest bidder.


Once proudly referring to themselves as Bolsheviks, Marxists and what not, today JVP is the Trojan Horse of the capitalist neoliberal bandwagon. Best example for that was seen in the manner Vijitha Herath was darting from seat to the Speaker during the heated dissolution of Parliament or the manner the UNP leader beckons the JVP leader with his hands!


Everything that the UNP could not get done alone, JVP was tasked to do. Helping amend the Provincial Council Election Act sealed that role. Dashing to file FR against removal of Ranil as PM further reiterated the poodle part it was tasked to play.  The most recent role came in demanding reconvening of the Old Parliament. Today JVP simply echoes what UNP says!


JVP has turned into a minion of the UNP since extending support to regime change in January 2015 and assisting UNP win general election in August 2015. Rewarded with title of Chief Govt Whip and being plugged into any and every commission appointed to witch hunt the opposition.


Though JVP fielded its leader at the 2019 Presidential Election, he could only secure just 3% of votes. Former Attorney General is on record to say JVP leader was in Temple Trees after 2015 advising on how to take action against Opposition! JVP leader was in the Executive Council during the yahapalana 100 day program. JVP even expressed confidence in favor of Ranil during the no confidence motion in 2018.


JVP & Youth

Leaving aside the damage done by keeping JVP as a political consort, the bigger damage as a result has been to allow JVP to infringe upon the education system of Sri Lanka and create a bunch of unproductive university graduates total misfits for society and harboring grudges against the society based on brainwashing and drilling unwarranted poisons into rural youth from poor homes who are made to feel they are the cats whiskers after entering campus. Political parties that have adopted JVP for political advantage need to rethink and restrategize instead of repeating the folly of embracing in a foreign handled party just for some votes and compromising the future of Sri Lanka.


What is clear though is that the JVP was tasked specifically to target the Sinhala Buddhist youth, the best of those that enter university as well as the rural one’s poverty stricken and without jobs. Keep them down, keep them diverted from their main objective of education & obtaining gainful employment and that delays rise of Sinhala Buddhists in society. The project has proved successful. Just look at the state of university education and the JVP-indoctrinated graduates passing out!

JVP inside universities – JVP SUFFER MENTAL DISORDER

Horrendous ragging, torture chambers even in outside locations, harassing and abusing new students most of whom sustain physical injuries and often decide to leave university education altogether. 2000 students who had gained university admission decided not to pursue university education due to fear of ragging in 2019. There have been deaths and suicides as a result of ragging too. Rupa Rathnaseela jumped off a university building in 1975 to prevent an object being inserted into a vagina. She committed suicide in 2002. Ovitigala Samantha who campaigned against ragging was killed in November 2002 by JVP mobs.





JVP control the politicized student bodies that engage in psychological breakdown of individuals by forcing them to suffer sadistic humiliations. By removing their birth innocence, family values and cultural affinities, the student body creates a group of monsters ever ready to follow orders of their seniors. These de-humanized freshers eventually end up breaking ties and affinities with their parents, siblings and society. Having being made to undress, parade in the nude, come to university without panties – with time they feel of shame and embarrassment. GoSL MUST PERMANENTLY PUT AN END TO SADISTIC RAGGING BY JVP


If 30,000 enter annually – virtually the same number of JVP brainwashed youth come out into society! Where is the country heading with such? But political parties have simply manipulated youth problems instead of attempting to address & solve them. In so doing, JVP has every opportunity to continue to thrive & their handlers able to create more mischief.


JVP has a monopoly over youth. While other mainstream parties have youth wings when it comes to decision making and nominations little openings are given to youth. This is an area that mainstream parties need to draw immediate attention towards. In so doing, the mainstream parties may even be able to rope in disgruntled JVP youth by engaging them in meaningful political, economic & social upliftment programs at ground level with scope to advance.


With youth socio-economic issues unresolved since 1970s, the youth vote is often at JVP disposal and this is used to make political horse-deals. The issues end up political pillow passing for election campaigning and the problems/issues get unresolved (state of text books, reference materials, facilities etc) Can Govts & officials tasked with these portfolios be happy that they have looked at children & graduates as the keys and assets to the future and their role in giving them the knowledge, tools, mindset and discipline to nurture them for future leadership roles, encouraging their talents, funding research and assisting their invention capabilities?


Ill-attention to areas that matter turn out hornets’ nest and breeding ground for external elements to play mischief with the minds of youth. JVP-LTTE followers are certainly victims of a vicious social-economic system. Insurrection and terror has produced no results and that is also a harsh reality that former JVP and LTTE now have to deal with. What did they gain in the end?  The political parties that manipulated them gained far more! Today TNA are in a better and superior position to the former LTTE combatants and you don’t see TNA showing any keenness in addressing key social-economic issues these former combatants & their families now face in a society that views them as failing the cause!


JVP, majority whom are Sinhalese killed hundreds and thousands of Sinhalese – victims were theros, academics, union leaders, popular artists, musicians and even parents and family members of the armed forces. Who was encouraging Sinhalese to kill Sinhalese? JVP did not kill a single LTTE terrorist. JVP devalued and degraded our university education system and ruined the mindset of youth/graduates and clipped opportunities for them. JVP continues to pretend to they represent the working class and youth just like LTTE.


Both JVP and LTTE found solace in appealing to a segment of society that the political apparatus seemingly had ignored. Claiming to represent neglected segments of society enabled them to justify their violent actions. No one challenged them to prove that they provided anything significantly better than what they claimed others were not giving. However, JVP needs to be put into the dustbin. Political parties must stop striking deals with JVP and instead work towards absorbing the 3% by offering solutions to them.


It is clear that JVP has gotten away with crimes against mainly Sinhalese as a result of the horse-deals it has struck with political parties making them turn their eye away from JVP’s crimes. This cannot go on and our youth – the assets of the future need to be saved and salvaged from JVP.





Shenali D Waduge

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