India says British Empire owes $45trillion – Asia – Africa – South America must UNITE to demand reparations & accountability from COLONIAL MASTERS


An eye for an eye is the Abrahamic view of justice. 9/11 resulted in bombing, invading & occupying Afghanistan but Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11 but the invaders have remained in Afghanistan since 2001. These same countries have bombed and illegally invaded many more countries but their crimes get whitewashed. World War 2 ended in 1945 and the Allies are still hounding former Nazi officers and arresting men in their 90s some who cannot even remember who they are or what they did! Such is the vengeance for revenge. LTTE was militarily defeated in 2009 after enduring 30 years of terror but UNHRC is hounding Sri Lanka with successive resolutions. Isn’t it about time countries of Asia, Africa, South America unite and demand acknowledgement, accountability & reparations for all the crimes committed under colonial rule? There is no time bar for genocide and when UNHRC lavishly uses acknowledgement, accountability & reparations to demand action against smaller member countries of the UN, it is time these countries unite to demand return of justice using the same terms.


There are only 10 countries that have not been colonized Liberia, Japan, Thailand, Bhutan, Iran, Nepal, Tonga, China, Ethiopia & Korea. Though not completely colonized these nations may have had some colonial victimizations. Britain has not invaded only 22 countries of the world. Therefore all of the countries of the world are carrying forward legacies of colonial policy, colonial victimization and colonial destabalizations.



Researchers can only guess the size of indigenous societies in North, Central, South America before Europeans first landed in 1492.

What happened to 60million native populations, their tribes and cultures will only be a topic of discussion and research as the culprits are today the world power houses exerting accountability and reparations upon other nations completely ignoring their role in mass murder, genocide and plunder. With the topic of global climate change on every international forum little is said about how global climate changes have occurred as a result of colonial rule. From elimination of 80 indigenous tribes along with their cultures and traditions, to mass conversion, deforestation, plunder, rape, enslavement, child labor, heinous crimes including infecting natives with disease and mass murder the same blueprint was applied to Africa.



Africa’s artificial borders were drawn with a pencil and Africa was divided amongst European countries to plunder. That crime continues still. If committing the worst crimes against humanity was not enough the records of the crimes are now being slowly destroyed – Africa’s wealth remains on shelves in western museums or in the art houses of the rich.

Africa is rich but Africans are poor because Africa’s wealth is still being stolen.



Asia has its own sordid stories to share with the world about horrendous atrocities committed as colonial policy, available on their colonial memos and instructions given by colonial governors to their military & administration. Is this not the command hierarchy that the same countries speak of regarding accountability. What is good for the goose must be good for the gander. India’s Sashi Tharoor has made quite a lot of noise about colonial atrocities. In fact he accuses British PM Winston Church of starving to death 4million Bengalis in 1943 after ordering food to be diverted to British soldiers instead of the famine struck Bengal.

Sri Lanka has its own experience of colonial crimes when British military heads had breakfast watching Sinhalese being hung to death – must have been the morning appetizer!


The Aborigines of Australia and Maoris of New Zealand too suffered under colonial rule and white settler discrimination. The modern trend has been just to use a five letter word “sorry” and simply bury the past


However, when India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar addressing the Atlantic Council think tank in Washington in October 2019 says “Britain you owe India $45trillion” it means acknowledgement, accountability and reparations sees a golden opportunity.


India Foreign Minister says “India had two centuries of humiliation by the West in its predatory form it came to India in the mid-18th century. An economic study tried to estimate how much British took out of India, it ended up at a number of $45 trillion in today’s value,”


We think it time that the Black-Brown-Yellow skinned people gather and demand justice just the same way the US-UK-EU en bloc nations are using the UN to demand accountability from others.

India must steer this initiative instead of simply speaking in international public forums. The ball must start rolling – the Caribbean countries are seeking reparations, the Africans too started the momentum and now India must lead Asia and all of the former colonies suffering some form of legacy by imperialists must demand the same way that the West is applying international laws upon them.






Shenali D Waduge




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