Kosovo found out too late ‘You cannot EAT independence’ Lesson for Sri Lankan Tamils

There are striking resemblances in Kosovo & Sri Lanka and though many Sri Lankans may be clueless about the fate of Kosovo, it is something everyone in particular the Tamils & even the Tamil leadership need to quickly appraise themselves about.


The US & NATO balkanized Yugoslavia into micro states creating mini new countries that the West could rule over. Serbia was their bête noire. Serbian leader Milosevic can be compared in many ways to Sri Lanka’s President Rajapakse. Milosevic was branded a dictator, like Rajapakse he too was portrayed as Hitler. Milosevic like Rajapakse was accused of war crimes & genocide, accused of massacring civilians (Srebrenica) put into prison, a UN tribunal on former Yugoslavia eventually after 14 years declared Milosevic not guilty of any war crimes. By the time the sentence came, Milosevic had died mysteriously in prison.


Not coincidentally, genocide in Serbia also flogged the magical 40,000 figure same as was promoted against Sri Lanka. Eventually, hardly 2000 bodies were found in the very site that the world claimed a genocide took place! Knowing these lies we are challenging those making the allegations to produce at least the names, IDs, birth certificates, police complaints of this supposed to be 40,000 dead or missing in Sri Lanka!


We have valid reasons to oppose these UN tribunals. ICTY Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte came under investigation for bribing witnesses! A Serbian witness said he was offered a well-paid job in the US in return for testimony favorable to the prosecution. A ICTY judge Frederik Harhoff in a private email had disclosed that the Tribunal’s president, Theodor Meron, an American, allegedly put pressure on other judges to approve the acquittals. So what is this unbiased foreign judgements & tribunals everyone is preaching!


Milosevic argued his own case & cited that it was a policy of German to ‘erase Serbia from the map’ which in many ways reminds Sri Lanka of India’s historical quest to annex Sri Lanka to India!


A gallery of authors were ready to ridicule Milosevic through their columns. Both Milosevic & Rajapakse have been projected over media as ‘hardliners’ ‘dictators’ ‘malignant narcissist’ and these names have been repeated flogged in a psychological strategy of telling a lie long enough to make it a truth.


If Milosevic was guilty of opposing the move to balkanize Serbia, Rajapakse is guilty of the same opposition to stop separation of Sri Lanka.

If Milsoevic was guilty of opposing privatizing of Serbia’s resources, Rajapakse & the nationalists that back him are guilty of same. Both opposed balkanizing of their countries. That was their crime.


Another shocking comparison is the role play by Marti Ahtisaari who was the architect of Kosovo independence & accused of taking bribes from Kosovo Liberation Army for Kosovo Independence. Marti Ahtisaari has also been selected as a panelist for OHCHR’s investigation on Sri Lanka.



How ‘INDEPENDENT’ is Kosovo?


Decisions are taken by NATO-UN Mission related to public spending, social programs, monetary & trade. Even the position of Prime Minister was created by United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) under the “Provisional Institutions of Self-Government (PISG) which is what TNA is trying to achieve. Not surprisingly all three Kosovo Prime Ministers supported by West, Ramush Haradinaj, Agim Ceku and Hashim Thaci are war criminals

West rules Kosovo & West/India combo will rule North until such time India is also balkanized.


Pro-Western puppets serve not the People but the masters

President Boris Tadic & PM Hashim Thaci (former leader of KLA terrorist group) have not helped Kosovo people but their western masters.

The set up will be no different in a separate North.


Similarities in KLA & LTTE & TNA

Both KLA & LTTE were proscribed as terrorist groups by US. KLA had western support as does LTTE. Both involved in drug trafficking, prostitution & host of criminal syndicates. KLA post-independence turned Kosovo into a mafia state, LTTE-TNA will do same. US proscribed KLA as a terrorist organization in 1997 the same year US proscribed LTTE. KLA’s political proxy is Kosovo Democratic Party, LTTE’s political proxy is TNA. Bill Clinton supported KLA and we know Hillary’s statements on LTTE. According to Prof. Michel Chossudovsky The Heritage Foundation supported KLA & KDP and is instrumental in US foreign policy in Kosovo. When Hashim Thaci was arrested in Budapest in 2003 a call by UN Mission in Kosovo secured his immediate release. Prof. Chossudovsky also says that the UN supported KLA even before independence …. Why are we not surprised that UN & INGOs operating in Sri Lanka would have done the very same for LTTE??? In April 2000, US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright “ordered The Hague chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte to omit from the list of war crime suspects Hashim Thaci” and this was done!


Who ‘controls’ an independent Kosovo or Sri Lanka?

Independent Kosovo is not controlled by Kosovars. An independent North is unlikely to be controlled by TNA either.

West has military jurisdiction over Kosovo and same will happen to Sri Lanka’s North as can be seen by US base taking shape in East Sri Lanka (Trinco)


Muslim issue

The ‘Muslim’ ethnic grievance was used in Kosovo to gain independence and East is likely to be the ground for similar calls using West’s jihadi friends. West are masters at manipulating Muslims & Islam to their advantage & then destroying them.


Western base in West Europe via Kosovo Independence / Western base in South Asia via Sri Lanka’s New Constitution creating independent federal provinces

West now has a militarized zone in West Europe /Black Sea. Camp Bondsteel is the largest & most expensive army base since Vietnam with more than 7000 US troops stationed in 1000 acres of land & over 300 buildings



With Sri Lanka’s geopolitical & global trade position the US expansion of its embassy complex to include a marine residence infront of the Sri Lankan PM’s official residence in Colombo as well as the rumours of signing a secret pact with US for an American naval base in Trinco – the people of Sri Lanka should seriously start worrying.



Yugoslavia Tribunal & proposed War Crimes Tribunal for Sri Lanka

After 24 years, 4,650 witnesses, 10,800 days sittings and 2.5 million pages of transcripts what has the tribunal on Yugoslavia achieved? The court indicted just 161 people – some were dead or even missing by the end of 24 years including Serbian PM Milosevic accused of war crimes but eventually to be told that he did not commit war crimes though it was too late as he had died in prison! The tribunal was accused of bowing to US pressure with judges swaying to Western pressures.

These facts are very much reasons for us to oppose any tribunal on Sri Lanka knowing that none of the Tribunals or hybrid courts have produced anything other than providing jobs to cronies and enabling the West & their bandwagon of NGOs & civil society to interfere into a country’s internal systems. 5 legal luminaries who are experts in international terrorism & have been judges on tribunals have claimed Sri Lanka’s Army did not commit war crimes.


Kosovo after independence in 2008 (17 February) according to Moscow Institute of International Relations ““The Republic of Kosovo” was created to serve the interests of “the world elites”….”Kosovo is a prime example of a mafia-terrorist run state and is on par with Afghanistan – which was one of the first countries to recognize it – and Columbia, Sudan, Somalia.”… “many American officials, whether former or those currently posted in Kosovo, became owners or co-owners of many companies there, primarily those in the telecommunications and energy sector”… “General Wesley Clark, who commanded NATO forces during the bombing of Serbia, is now the owner of a Canadian energy company that actively utilizes coal and synthetic fuel products from Kosovo. (Former U.S. Secretary of State) Madeleine Albright owns a 75-percent stake in the K-Telecom company. In effect, Albright is a monopolist when it comes to telecommunications in Kosovo.”



  • The PM is the former leader of the banned terrorist party KLA (so TNA has chances)
  • 95% are Muslims (but Kosovar governance is secular) and many are now reconverting to Christianity.
  • only 111 countries recognize Kosovo as an independent country – Russia, China & 5 EU countries even does not accept Kosovo independence as do Belgrade and many of the 120,000 members of Kosovo’s Serb minority refuse to do so



Of the 2million populace 34.8%  (2016) are unemployed while 70% of the population are under 35 years. Youth unemployment is nearly 60%


Majority of Kosovars live on a monthly income of 500 Euros barely enough to survive daily requirements of food & other essentials.


550,000 people in Kosovo live in poverty.


Crime: US state department declares HIGH THREAT. ATM fraud is present in Kosovo.

In January 2018, a Kosovo Serb politician was assassinated

Trafficking of persons remains a problem

In 2017 34 night clubs were shut down for human trafficking


The judicial system is considered among the most corrupt public institution in Kosovo. The constitution establishes an independent judiciary, but in practice, political interference and controversial appointments are commonplace https://www.business-anti-corruption.com/country-profiles/kosovo/



In 2018 a US-backed land-swap plan to redraw the borders of Kosovo is facing a growing chorus of criticism.

Kosovo’s GDP was $18.49 billion in 2016, which places it at 149th in the world. Kosovo’s GDP per capita in 2016 is $9,600, which makes it the second-poorest country in Europe. (Borgen report)



Yes Kosovo got independence, Yes Serbia & Serbians were demonized and the saviors were the West but what have Kosovo got other than a paper claiming them as independent. Not even the UN recognizes it, it is not totally recognized as a country either, Kosovans cannot even take part in international events and while before 2008 they could protest & complain against the Serbs, Kosovars will not be able to do the same against military presence of US or NATO troops.


These are hard lessons that the Kosovars found out too late and if the Tamils do not pick on these clues and realize that living with the Sinhalese might be better after all then bringing the mightiest forces onto one’s terrain & then having them dictate how Tamils live, Tamils are in for a worse ride than the Kosovars.


Once the West get their feet on the resources & turf … then there is no democracy & human rights for Tamils or Muslims or even Sinhalese which is why we need to stop sale of lands to foreigners, stop these military bases coming up & have strict rules & regulations with exit clauses, amendment rights & cancellation rights for all agreements.


Kosovo got independence but that is all they got – look at the statistics to realize that their lives are no better than before 2008 and now they don’t have any freedoms whatsoever.



Shenali D Waduge



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