What is USAID upto in Sri Lanka?


Sri Lanka’s governments always apply ‘don’t look a gifthorse in the mouth’ logic and then lands up putting the country in trouble. We seem to be euthanized to think that countries that carry out regime change, colored revolutions, election fraud, funding youth unrest & even carrying out political assassinations in other countries, will not be done in Sri Lanka. We are ignorant to not look at all of its misadventures in other parts of the world. USAID has suddenly increased its activities across Sri Lanka. Are Sri Lanka’s policy makers bothered to know the real reason & connect with all of USAID’s involvements in other countries?

Undeniably USAID created in 1961 is a key US Govt foreign policy pusher. That policy is pushed using mediums that go undetected & using “development” initiatives as camouflage (thus the agriculture/poverty alleviation/public administration improvement/civil society engagement/youth building initiatives) The foreign policy has a target audience & USAID uses funds to penetrate to that audience to influence them. Is it so difficult to understand? Why would Russia order USAID to leave? USAID was accused of paying opposition groups to back anti-Putin protests. Eritrea, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba & Bolivia have also expelled USAID.

USAID offers humanitarian assistance but it is also accused of funneling money to overthrow governments. Funds & programs provide a great cover. Target audience are also euthanized and the programs are artfully coordinated to achieve the objective unnoticed even by the participants.

When USAID says : human rights, democracy, transparency, peace programs, disaster programs, what USAID really intends to do is to export wars, colored revolutions, foment extremist ideologies, promot economic instability. By taking the key players to their side using their initiatives, they automatically silence any forms of opposition. Programs targeting legal fraternity with funds disbursed to them automatically silences anyone in the fraternity raising doubts over their larger plan.

  • Jan 2023, Congressman Michael McCaul informs USAID head Samantha Power to investigate USAID grantee HELPING HAND FOR RELIEF & DEVELOPMENT, having received ‘credible allegations’ that HHRD has ties with a designate terrorist organization & Congressman had informed USAID in 2022 re this but no action was taken. The terrorist organization is Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation in Pakistan which has connections to Jamat-e-Islami (South Asian based organization)
  • 40% of USAID funding in Afghanistan went to big contractors with connections with USAID and these entities charge 40% of the total fund for their corporate fees & consultancy. USAID makes deals with those tasked with NGOs set up for reconstruction.
  • In 2003 Bechtel revealed USAID was indulging in irregularities in Iraq’s reconstruction
  • In 2000s USAID is accused of funding civil societies in Venezuelia & Bolivia to advance US strategic interest by funding opposition to topple existing governments.
  • 2012 – Bolivia expelled USAID for meddling in internal affairs
  • 2013 USAID is alleged to have used its fund to promote “normalization of Israel’ under “Partners for Peace Program” to get civil societies in Palestine & Israel to cooperate but the condition to the Palestinians was that they had to renounce terrorism However Palestine objected to USAID political manipulation. USAID left Palestine in Jan2019 following new Anti-Terrorism Law.
  • 2014 – Cuba: USAID had been hiring anti-Cuban govt South American activists through a company called Creative Associates International. One activist was sent on mission to create a network of volunteers for social transformation – he set up a AIDS-HIV prevention workshop as a perfect excuse (similar to the CIA’s vaccination ruse in 2011 to get information on whereabouts of Osama bin Laden) as a result Taliban in Pakistan has banned polio vaccinations.
  • 2019 – USAID & Venezuela – USAID & NED works on “Transition Initiatives’ (code name for regime change) USAID’s Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, Humanitarian Assistance oversees the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) which support local partners for ‘political change’. According to Wikileaks a Nov2006 cable revealed the US embassy in Venezuela was coordinating anti-Chavez campaign using a 5-point strategy. 1. Strengthening democratic institutions 2. Penetrating Chavez political base 3. Dividing Chavismo 4. Protecting vitale US business 5. Isolating Chavez internationally. In 2006 USAID/OTI increased funding to create ‘youth movement’ using new technologies (twitter, facebook) against President Chavez. From 2006-2010 more than 34% of USAID budget ($15m annual) was to fund university programs to turn youth against President Chavez.
  • In 2009 USAID through DAI (operational in Sri Lanka) paid $600,000 to install military-grade internet in Cuba for the Jewish community

USAID involved colored revolutions – wars without guns & implanting American values

Georgia “Rose Revolution” 2003 – forced President Eduard Shvardandze to resign claiming vote “fraud” & supported opposition leader Mikhail Saakashvili to become President & a pawn of US. Years before Rose Revolution Western states had funded NGOs & Opposition parties in Georgia. USAID spent $1.5m to computerize Gerogia’s voter rolls.

Ukraine “Orange Revolution” 2004 – another ‘fraud’ scandal created using youth to take to streets to support Opposition Leader Viktor Yushenko to become President & pawn of US.

Kyrgyzstan “Tulip Revolution” 2005 – opposition funded to protest parliamentary elections turning into riots & ended with the President abandoning power & fleeing.

“Arab Spring” in Asia & Africa in 2011

Egypt “Lotus Revolution” 2011 – – youth were heavily influenced by social media (facebook/twitter) & misled & brainwashed by promises of “democracy & freedom” and promoted to protest. The youth were made to think they were helping bring the country to a better position but reality was that they were being used by US & political forces to destabalize their country. A leader of Egypts April 6 Youth Movement was invited to New York & underwent “internship” & taught how to cope with the police.

Sri Lanka’s “aragala” protestors in hindsight must study “colored revolutions” that took place & seriously wonder if they were also used as pawns.

Present day protests are not improptu – they are all orchestrated & started by an individual or group as a deliberate political act – it is coordinated by planners, trainers, funders, instigators, troublemakers, followers & where needed violent & hired mercenaries. All these are kept ready & unleashed by those handling them.

  1. Planners select target
  2. Psychological war launched
  3. Political activists & groups organized & given information & financial support to raise sentiment to the masses
  4. Masses are mobilized to initiate protests – media & NGOs are used to further spur emotions / newest is the use of social media to organize protests, spread misinformation/disinformation & fake news while funding entities called “FACT CHECKERS” to accuse others of telling fake news & then banning them.
  5. Chain of protests brought to level of intensity to achieve the target.
  6. Today colored revolutions are following a textbook “From Dictatorship to Democracy” by Gene Sharp (Albert Einstein Institution founded by Sharp is said to be funded by NED) – OTPUR used this in Ukraine.

US has a pattern before ousting a leader they do not like or a leader who they feel cannot deliver as per their wishes.

US & Allies promotes notion that their target is a “dictator” is “undemocratic” violates “human rights” etc.

Citizens must think that becoming pawns of revolutions funded by foreigners is only putting their country, their people & their resources under foreign control. Is this what people want?


Why would US want to send so money to other countries to develop them instead of using that money for the same initiatives in America?

  • USAID funds poverty alleviation in other countries but 9 million Americans in poverty.
  • USAID funds agriculture/food projects in other countries but 34million Americans are in hunger. 42million are using food stamps.
  • USAID funds housing programs in other countries but almost 500,000 Americans are living on the streets.
  • USAID funds law & order programs in other countries but annually there are at least 15,000 murders in USA. There have been 386 school shootings since 1999.
  • USAID funds good governance programs in other countries but 57% black Americans claim discrimination at work, while 51% black Americans claim to experience racial slurs at work, 31% all women claim discrimination at work, 60% of women (18-29 years) claim to be sexually harassed at work, 35% Asian Americans reported insensitive & racial comments against them.

Sri Lankans must wonder why countries would give people of another country when they should be first giving their own. Sri Lankans must also wonder with what objectives they wish to initiate projects that enable them to view the interior systems of Sri Lanka’s governance/administrative systems. If only Sri Lankans put their thinking caps – they would not be going behind trojan horses thinking them to be gift horses.

While American values are in decline, US foreign policy players are importing those declining values elsewhere which are being foolishly embraced by those unaware of realities and daydreaming about “democracy”!


Shenali D Waduge

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