My Nation – My Pride


We have a proud history.

We had great kings

They made magnificent structures.

These amazing achievements are in awe even today.

Tourists flock to see these cultural heritage because they do not have such in their own nations.

They come to visit Ruwanweli Maha Seya, 60,000,000 tons of bricks used to make Jetawanaramaya, Lova Maha Paya, Sigiriya, Parakrama Samudraya, Giritale, Kantale, Minneriya where massive lakes & man-made irrigation works.

The technology used by our ancient kings cannot be matched even with modern technology.

Our ancestors have built ancient marvels that we must be proud of.

Unfortunately, these ancient marvels crafted by our great  kings are not included into school text books for our children to feel proud of their ancestors.

Is this being intentionally done?

Who removed our history from school syllabus? Why is a diluted form of history being taught that doesn’t include the pride of our ancient kings?

Let us feel proud of our ancient kings.

King Vijayabahu 1 (Prince Keerthi) During the reign of his father King Mugalan , the Soli (Chola) invaders from South India arrive. As a result Anuradhapura was vacated. Angam Pora guru called Budanna assisted the King in his battles against invading Cholas. He takes the people to Ruhuna. Eventually under the stewardship of Budanna, prince Vijayabahu unifies the nation defeating the Cholas. King Vijayabahu prepares a handwritten copper script (ran sannasa) as a token of appreciation to Budanna. This script is in the Colombo Museum.

Our children must be taught what great people our ancestors were.

This is what inspires national pride. A nation that has nothing to be proud of has nothing to defend. A nation that has a proud history has everything to defend. A nation that has a proud history but that history is kept buried from the children & even adults is a national crime.

When we have a proud history, why do we not take pride in it?

Anurasiri Kottegoda

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