North Sri Lanka: Battle between Indian Tamil Hindus vs Western Tamil Christians/Catholics


There is a reason why India is always stressing on India’s security interest when the issue of Sri Lanka emerges. It maybe now dawning on India, that it was foolishly roped into training Tamil militancy & allowing Tamil Nadu to be used as a logistics base. That India never trusted LTTE or Prabakaran was evident when he was kept under virtual duress in Delhi while Rajiv Gandhi the Indian PM arrived in Colombo to sign the Indo-Lanka Accord in 1987. LTTE, Prabakaran or even its ideologue Anton Balasingham were not privy to the draft of the Accord except to be told to agree to it & India paid in kind for it. A key factor that is omitted from discussion is the role of the West & its Religious units represented by the Church & NGOs in supporting LTTE & Tamil militancy/Tamil separatism. It is a topic unsavory to even the commentators on the subject as they too belong to this nexus.


It is true that the shift in political alliance by the 1978 JR Jayawardena government may have been a trigger used to encourage India to agree to commence guerilla warfare in Sri Lanka. In all probability India may have not looked at the long term repercussions. India may have also ignored that it was during this same period that LTTE opened its international headquarters in London & it was ceremoniously opened by none other than Rev. Rayappu Joseph.


If LTTE was opening an international headquarters – why did they not choose India? Why a western Christian country?


Why are all the LTTE fronts (most of whom were created after LTTE defeat) stationed and operating from Western Christian countries – Canada, US, UK, EU? Why are there no LTTE offices in India? LTTE is banned in all of these countries still, but the LTTE fronts freely operate in these countries, they openly advocate Tamil Eelam, they sell souvenirs of Tamil Eelam memorabilia, they even put up their eelam flag right next to the national flag of these countries. If LTTE is banned, it is no different to Al Qaeda being banned. Just imagine Al Qaeda putting its flag next to the national flags of US-UK-Canada & EU nations… but this is exactly what banned LTTE fronts are doing and none of these countries are doing anything about it.


How did a British foreign office worker Balasingham become the ideologue of the LTTE?

How did he marry a Christian Australian nurse who became the head trainer of child soldiers? Why is this aunty not held accountable for her crimes against children & instead is happily living in UK?


How did so many Christian NGOs scamper to set up shop in the North & who has taken statistics of the increase in conversions of Tamil Hindus to Christianity throughout the LTTE rule? How many Hindus have become Christians/Catholics even among LTTE combatants? This question is important because the LTTE referred to its dead as “Martyrs” and LTTE held memorials and had graves & tombs for its dead. Hindus don’t bury their dead, they cremate them. Moreover the major religious spokesmen of the LTTE are all Christians/Catholics – Rev Rayappu Joseph, Father Emmanuel, Father Jegath Gasper Raj, Bishop Kenneth Fernando of the NCC even visited Prabakaran


Catholic Fathers & Sisters always lead pro-LTTE protests & processions.

LTTE didn’t have any Hindu channels – LTTE had Voice of Tigers which was tied up with Radio Veritas a Catholic broadcasting station run by the Asian Catholic Bishops Conference.

LTTE didn’t have coordinating offices inside Hindu Kovils in North, instead the LTTE had an office inside St. Sebastians Church in Mallavi Vanni as well as Madhu Church.


Then there are the NGO crusadors – the National Peace Council headed by Jehan P was established by the National Christian Council which is affiliated to the World Council of Churches. Notice how most of the Christian/Catholic commentators on the subject always promote devolution/federalism – all along the Western agenda.


Most of the “child soldiers” were orphans & these orphans were in orphanages run by Christians/Catholics inside dense jungles. Some 600 children had been sent to a Catholic Church located iN Walayarmadam – LTTE had arrived at this Church on 24 March 2009 and taken the children.


Has anyone made an assessment of the “investments” by Western Govts & their Church-NGOs in the North & looked at their ultimate gameplan? Let us not forget the role of the Church in Rwanda debacle in 1991.


All of LTTE’s top rankers were either Christian/Catholics of Hindu converts, which leads us to wonder on whose orders LTTE leader decided to brutally eliminate his deputy Mahaththaya for being an agent of India. If India was supporting LTTE & Prabakaran, there was no reason for Mahaththaya to be killed by Prabakran. That Mahaththaya was following a different course of action to what the handlers of Prabakaran planned is perhaps the reason for his execution alongside all of Mahaththaya’s loyal combatants. Has that foreign lady who counts terrorist dead, counted how many of Mahaththaya’s men/women were hunted & slain by Prabakaran/LTTE for their loyalty to Mahaththaya. So India’s main man was eliminated by the West’s apparatus.


Has anyone looked at why LTTE would target & eliminate the entire moderate thinking Tamil Hindu leaders? Most of the Tamil loud-mouths in Parliament are Christians or Hindus who are towing an extreme line simply for their political & personal survival.


India may use strong-arm tactics with Sri Lanka & get away, but India has not been able to dictate to the West’s Christian/Catholic backed Tamil or Sinhalese groups whose loyalty are to the West. They all feign loyalty to India.


This is where India needs to take a step back & look at the scenario differently. Every overture India makes siding Tamils is inadvertently bringing advantage to the West-Tamil-Christian-Separatist agenda.

If it is not advantageous to Sri Lanka it is certainly not advantageous to India.

This is something India will have to now accept. It may have its agents all over Sri Lanka, but the agents of the West are more powerful & working to their agenda.


Look at Tamil Nadu & the Western-Christian/Catholic influence prevailing across South India even extending to Kerala where even an increase in Islamic radicalism has emerged. What were the messages given from Easter Sunday mass murders?


Many Tamil Christians/Catholics who put country first have understand the bigger picture have given enough of warnings which have not been heeded.


India has to seriously look at its game & change it considering the ground realities.

We can only remind India, that the balkanizing of India was referred to in 1998 by a US Congressmen & this is very much on the cards. If West could balkanize Soviet Union & Yugoslavia, doing same to India is a piece of cake!


India maybe majority Hindu but the Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka have no say inspite of being a majority, they are ruled by Tamil Christians/Catholics primarily because of the support they wield from the West & its NGO/INGO & Church apparatus. Tamil Hindus are kept divided by their caste/class differences.


India is being used to push for federalism which in reality is confederalism / asymmetrical federalism via 13a & devolution. India is being used as a smokescreen to realize what the West & its foot soldiers want – to carve out a satellite new state in South Asia as part of their pivot to Asia.


India has no powerful Tamil Hindu leaders in Tamil Nadu or Sri Lanka to even articulate the dangers to the Hindu Tamils in Tamil Nadu or Sri Lanka, which is why India needs to reassess its cards & play a different game.

The economic collapse was engineered with many agendas in mind, remember the West now dictates the economic policy of Sri Lanka. Its time India starts playing the right pawns unless it wishes to lose its influence in Tamil Nadu as well.




Shenali D Waduge






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