President Gotabaya Rajapakse: Sri Lanka must first give justice to victims killed by LTTE & 5000 Missing Soldiers


In November 2019 Sri Lanka voted a President giving him 6.9million votes. The voters pledged faith in Gotabaya Rajapakse to take Sri Lanka & its People on the correct path. There are some anomalies that have been ignored and these anomalies must be rectified. While the world is demanding of the Government of Sri Lanka to account for dead ‘civilians’ during the final months of a 30 year old conflict confusing the deaths of non-state actors as ‘civilians’, the world is blatantly ignoring the thousands of innocent people LTTE killed since 1980s and the tears of 5000 war widows, their children & parents who are yet to be told what happened to their war heroes. The new President must hold a domestic inquiry against LTTE for its crimes. UNHRC or those that pass Resolutions against Sri Lanka cannot ignore that the GoSL & its armed forces defended the nation against terror to safeguard the nation & its people.


OHCHR passed 3 resolutions & commenced an investigation. They accepted 5000 petitions filed by war widows of Sri Lanka Armed Forces. What has been their response on 5000 Missing Soldiers?

Non-Tamils also logged scores of petitions against LTTE what has been OISL response to their petitions?

In the absence of OHCHR responding to them the President must come forward to take up their grievances.


LTTE killings started by first killing Tamils and killed thousands of Tamils. All of the ceasefires and peace talks were failures. Sri Lanka tried two foreign mediated solutions which also failed.

1987 – Indo Lanka Agreement

2002 – Norway mediated Cease Fire Agreement even positioning a Nordic Monitoring Mission in Sri Lanka. The SLMM recorded over 3,830 violations by the LTTE as against 351 by the GoSL from 2002-2008

Have these reports been taken into account by the OHCHR/OISL or those drafting resolutions against Sri Lanka?


Some noteworthy dates

22 February 2002 – CFA signed

13 April 2002 – Hakeem & Prabakaran issue joint statement assuring rights of Muslims

LTTE used CFA to build its defenses setting up LTTE judicial complexes, LTTE police units, commemoration of LTTE dead even inside universities, hoisting LTTE flag in schools and amidst all this LTTE saw fit to even deny SLMM officials inside their camps (26 August 2003/Manirasakulam LTTE camp)


LTTE struck in August 2005 by killing Lakshman Kadiragamar, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister inside his own home. Within days EU imposed a travel ban on LTTE (27 September 2005) and on 19 November President Mahinda Rajapakse was elected President.



A shift against LTTE was building up


7 April 2006 Canada proscribed LTTE,

11 May 2006 SLMM declared ‘non-state actors (LTTE) cannot rule open sea waters or airspace. The LTTE has therefore no right to sea’.

29 May 2006 EU banned LTTE. This led to LTTE refusing to meet the GOSL delegation in Norway on 8 June 2006 and resulted in LTTE demanding withdrawal of SLMM from North on 4 July 2006.


It is with this background that LTTE decided to close the sluice gates on 21 July 2006 in Mavil Aru committing a war crime by denying water supply to some 50,000 people resulting in the Army being ordered to re-open the sluice gates.


On 1 December 2006 LTTE made an abortive bid to take the life of current President and then Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse.


2 January 2008 – Cabinet approved abrogation of CFA which came into effect on 16 January 2008.


East was liberated from LTTE and North was liberated from LTTE in May 2009 with entire island being reunited under one flag devoid of terror. The nation & its people signed in relief that there would be no bombs or suicide missions.


The below list are a handful of crimes committed against unarmed, innocent civilians that had done no harm to LTTE but LTTE chose to plan and murder them for no reason. This is not a complete list but you can be sure that the list will include far more not less than that which is highlighted below.


Please take special note of all of LTTE’s crimes committed during the Norwegian mediated Cease Fire Agreement inspite of foreign Nordic presence in Sri Lanka assuring to protect the Sri Lankan citizens from terror.


Also draw your attention to every killing after 2006 when the military offensive against LTTE was launched and then wonder why OHCHR has opted not to include any of these instances against LTTE but have specifically cited a handful of hospitals/sites claiming Sri Lankan army attacked them and calling these war crimes. Why has the same argument not been applied equally to the LTTE at least in OHCHR or Resolutions or UNHRC High Commissioners reports?

(coloured attacks show LTTE crimes committed after military offensive began)


LTTE attacks passenger airplanes:



Air Ceylon blasted by a time bomb

(Police constable 8103 Gnanasambandan who arrested the suspects was shot dead on 1 Feb 1979)


Jun 1984

Private aircraft belonging to Brian Lawrence set on fire at Peruttiadappu


3 May 1986 Bandaranaike International Airport Attack – Air Lanka Flight 512:

LTTE bomb explodes aboard Air Lanka flight carrying mainly French, British and Japanese tourists killing 21 (including 13 foreigners – of whom 3 British, 2 German, 3 French, 2 Japanese, 1 Maldivian and 1 Pakistani) and injuring 41 on Bandaranaike International Airport.




LTTE places land mines/bombs targeting vehicles


25 June 1986

Sittaru, Kantalai, Trincomalee District – Bomb exploded in a vehicle by LTTE killed 16 Sinhalese.


13 April 1989

A car bomb explosion on the central road, Trincomalee Town kills 51 civilians and wounds 43 civilians.


17 August 1989

IED explosion at Nochchikulam, Vavuniya. 8 civilians killed and 4 civilians wounded.


10 April 1992

A Bomb exploded in a car close to the National Youth Council building at Maharagama. 9 civilians killed and 23 civilians wounded..


10 April 1992

A car bomb explosion at Maradana, Colombo 10. 8 civilians were killed and 23 civilians wounded.


5 December 1995 –

A Vehicle Bomb explodes in front of the Pudukudurippu Security Forces Camp followed by LTTE attacking camp with suicide bomber resulting in 12 civilians killed. 29 police killed and 2 police missing


1 June 1998

Vehicle bomb explodes at Maradana in the heart of Colombo killing 38 civilians


5 July 1999

4 Villagers travelling in a van to Rathmalgahawella, Ampara hacked to death


18 November 2006

Remote controlled claymore targeting army truck kills 4 civilians and injures over 11 others in Thandikulam



LTTE attacks buses


22 July 1986

Vavuniya District – Mammaduwa- LTTE exploded a land-mine on a civilian bus, killing 32 Sinhalese civilians and injuring 20 others.


24 July 1986

Anuradhapura district – Issenbessagala, a bomb exploded inside a bus proceeding from Vavuniya to Anuradhapura; killing 13 passengers and injuring 40 others.


17 September 1986

LTTE explode a land mine on a passenger bus at Mamaduwa, Vavuniay killing 32 and injuring over 20 civilians.


7 March 1987 Arantalawa massacre:

Six civilians killed when LTTE detonated a land-mine as troops were passing.

11 armed forces personnel also die.


17 April 1987 Aluth Oya massacre:

LTTE shot dead 127 Sinhalese civilians, including 31 police and security force personnel who were travelling in 3 buses and 2 trucks to Trincomalee. LTTE clad in military uniforms stopped the vehicles and dragged out the passengers and shot them to death with automatic weapons after brutally assaulting them with clubs. Over 70 with injuries were air lifted. The dead included many children and 12 off duty security personnel. Most of the victims were families visiting their relatives for the new year.


17 April 1987

LTTE massacred 96 civilians and 31 security forces personnel who were travelling in a passenger bus at Habarana and Kithuluthuwa, Trincomalee


21 April 1987 Colombo – Central Bus Station Bombing:

A bomb detonated by LTTE operatives at the central bus terminal of Colombo killed 113 civilians, two policemen and a soldier; 298 others were injured.


11 June 1987

Private Van Bearing No. 38 – 496, Vavuniya District – Veppankulam attack: 13 civilians and a soldier were killed when a private van en route from Horowpathana to Trincomalee was blown up by a LTTE pressure mine.


7 October 1987 Ampara District – Pottuvil Monargala Road massacre:

30 Sinhalese passengers travelling by bus were shot dead by LTTE, who also killed five motorcyclists travelling along the same route.


9 November 1987 –

Batticoloa district – Kalkudah attack: A private bus transporting Tamil passengers was blown up by a LTTE land-mine, killing 40 persons and an IPKF soldier 24 civilians wounded


5 March 1988

Terrorists exploded a land mine on a civilian lorry at Sittaru, Kantale, Trincomalee

24 civilians were killed.


11 March 1988

Suhadagama Horowpathana Anuradhapura: LTTE attacks a private bus, 22 Sri 2218, at Suhadagama with small arms and grenades, killing 19 passengers and injuring nine others


14 March 1988

LTTE ambush a civil bus at Peniketiyawa, Trincomalee. 28 civilians killed & 3 wounded.


27 March 1988

Bomb kept in a gunny bag explodes inside a CTB bus plying from Medwachchiya to Horowapathana at Wewelketiya, Anuradhapura. 9 civilians killed and 14 civilians injured.


30 March 1988

LTTE attack civil bus at Arantalawa, Vavuniya. 4 civilians killed and 5 civilians wounded.


1 May 1988

Sittaru Kantalai, Trincomalee: LTTE exploded a land-mine on a CTB bus killing 12 Sinhalese, 9 Muslims and five others, who were not identified


9 July 1988

A CTB bus leaving Jaffna was ambushed by LTTE at Irattaperiyakulam, Vavuniya – 2 civilians killed.


8 August 1990

A private coach proceeding from Morawewa to Horowapathana attacked by LTTE at Meegaswewa, Trincomalee. 26 civilians killed and 7 civilians wounded.


13 August 1990

LTTE ambush a lorry travelling from Negombo to Kokuvil at Pulmoddai, killing 14 civilians


21 June 1991

Explosive laden ISUZU ELF truck driven by an LTTE suicide bomber exploded on the road in front of the side entrance of Operational Headquarters of the Ministry of  Defence (Former JOC), Flower Road Colombo 7.

11 soldiers & 12 civilians killed.

Over 65 Army personnel & over 85 civilians wounded


26 January 1992

A land mine blasted targeting a crowded private bus between Aranthalawa and Borapola in Ampara.

10 civilians killed & over 20 civilians wounded.


10 April 1992

A bomb exploded in a private bus which was parked at the Ampara private bus stand. 28 civilians were killed and 36 civilians were wounded.


15 July 1992 –

Terrorists attacked a civil bus proceeding from Kattankudy towards Kalmunai at Kirankulam in Batticoloa 19 civilians were killed and 07 civilians were wounded.


30 July 1992

Bomb planted in a private bus explodes at bus stand in Trincomalee town killing 9 civilians and wounding 4 civilians.


19 January 1994

Bomb blast in a bus at Rambawewa in Anuradhapura – 10 civilians killed.


1 September 1996

Passenger bus as Aranthalawa plying between Ampara and Kandy attacked 11 civilian passengers killed and over 30 injured


12 September 1996

SLTB Bus plying from Ampara to Kandy killing 11 civilians


29 January 1997

Claymore explosion in Vaddukodai, Jaffna kills 9 civilians


15 March 1997

Claymore mine at a CTB bus from Talaidy to Jaffna kills 15 civilians


8 October 1997 – US bans LTTE


27 March 1998

Bomb hidden in a gunny bag inside a CTB Bus plying from Medawachchiya to Horowpathana at Wewelketiya, Anuradhapura kills 9 civilians


30 January 2000

Bomb explodes in Peoples’ Transport Services bus Moratuwa Depot at Dutugemunu Junction in Polgahawela killing 13 civilians


3 February 2000

A time bomb explodes in private bus at Wanduragala whilst transporting civilians from Kurunegala to Polgahawela.


3 February 2000

A parcel bomb exploded in a private bus, bearing No. 62 – 1225 plying from Colombo to Kadawatha.


7 February 2000

Bomb explosion on CTB bus while it was parked at the bus stand. (Bibile)


8 February 2000

Bomb explosion in bus travelling from Colombo to Negombo near Karunarathna Maha Vidyalaya. (WATTALA)


8 February 2000

A bomb exploded on a CTB Bus at the Central Bus Stand Pettah.


5 January 2007

Time bomb explodes in private bus plying between Nittambuwa to Giriulla killing 5 civilians and injuring over 54


5 January 2007

Explosion inside Matara bound bus plying from Colombo to Seenigama kills 12 passengers and injures over 29


2 April 2007

Bus plying from Ampara to Badulla via Bibile blown at Kondavattuvan, Ampara killing 14 civilians


23 April 2007

Claymore mine targets civil bus plying from Mannar to Vavuniya – Cheddikulam killing 3 civilians and injuring over 30


27 September 2007

Claymore mine targeting police jeep of Chunnakkam Police Station kills 2 civilians and injures over 9


5 December 2007

Claymore mine targeting bus with civilians explodes in Kebethigollewa killing 14 civilians and injuring scores of others


16 January 2008

Claymore mine on CTB bus plying from Okkampitiya to Buttala on 03rd Mile Post, kills 27 civilians and injures over 60


2 February 2008

Bbus plying from Kandy to Anuradhapura blown up in Dambulla bus stand killing 20 civilians and injuring over 60


4 February 2008

claymore explosion hits bus plying from Parakramapura to Janakapura kills 8 civilians


23 February 2008   

Improvised explosive device explodes inside bus plying from Moratuwa to Colombo in Mount Lavinia killing 18 civilians 


25 April 2008  

Remote control device explodes in crowded CTB Bus plying between Piliyandala & Kahapola at Piliyandala Town killing 27 civilians including a Buddhist priest


31 May 2008

A hand grenade exploded inside a bus halt at Wellawatte – 2 civilians killed and 8 civilians injured.


6 June 2008

Bomb blast on bus from Matale to Kandy via Wattegama near the Polgolla Open University kills 2 civilians


7 November 2008

Civilian bus travelling from Buttala to Kataragama thrown hand grenade killing 4 civilians


12 February2009

Hand grenade thrown at bus traveling from Puliyankulam kills 1 Tamil civilian



Parcel bombs


27 January 2000 –

An IED Bomb Parcel placed under Foreign Mail Box at Vavuniya post office explodes killing 13 civilians and injuring over 50


27 January 2000 –

An IED parcel bomb which was placed by an unknown person under the Foreign Mail Box at Vavuniya Post office, exploded. 4 civilians killed. 58 civilians wounded. 5 soldiers killed. 16 soldiers wounded. 8 policemen wounded.


28 November 2007 –

Parcel bomb explosion at Nugegoda Junction in front of NOLIMIT building kills 20 civilians and injures over 30




LTTE attacks passenger trains:


March 1982

Parcel bomb inside night mail train from Jaffna to Colombo – 2 civilians killed. Police managed to capture 11 parcel bombs before they exploded.


1 July 1983

Yal Devi train set on fire at Kondavil Railway station – all 10 compartments destroyed


5 May 1985

Land mine explosion on “YAL DEVI” train at Murugandi, Jaffna. 11 civilians killed 5 civilians including Buddhist priest injured.


31 May 1986

A bomb explosion on YAL DEVI Train at Veyangoda, Gampaha 10 civilians killed.


24 February 1987

Terrorists blewup the Railway Track between Vavuniya & Omanthai. (THANDIKULAM)


6 October 1987

Batticoloa district – Valaichchenai massacre: 40 Sinhalese passengers in the night-mail train from Batticaloa were killed by LTTE who stopped the train.


19 October 1987

Batticoloa district – Kalkudah attack: A private bus transporting Tamil passengers was blown up by a LTTE land-mine, killing 40 persons and an IPKF soldier 24 civilians wounded


21 July 1992 –

Terrorists stopped the COLOMBO/ BATTICALOA Train at PRANGIYAMADU, Batticoloa. and ordered the passengers to get down and opened fire at the Muslim passengers. 8 Muslims were killed and 04 civilians were wounded.


11 November 1995

The second suicide bomber who had been in the vicinity of Army HQ detonated himself opposite the Slave Island Railway Station. 11 civilians killed and 52 civilians wounded.


1 July 1996

Parcel bomb explodes on a train playing to the south kills 52 civilians


24 July 1996

Bomb explosion on the Aluthgama train at Dehiwela Station killing 59 civilian passengers and wounding over 365 civilians


8 October 1997 – US bans LTTE


30 January 2000

A bomb explosion in a train. (GALOYA)


11 January 2008

A small scale bomb explodes at the Fort Railway Station, the explosion caused minor injuries to one Muslim Civilian.


3 February 2008

Suicide cadre blows herself at Fort Railway station killing 15 civilians including 7 students and injuring over 85


26 May 2008

Bomb blast inside Panadura bound train at Dehiwela railway station kills 9 civilians and injures over 50 civilians


4 June 2008

Remote controlled bomb took place in Wellawatte Railway Track targeting a train plying from Panadura to Colombo kills 24 civilians



LTTE attacks passenger ships


7 July 1987

Korean Ship MV “MORANG BONG” was seized by the LTTE in Pudukudurippu Sea. (Released on 31/09/1997)


12 June 1991

Bomb explosion in Manmunai Ferry at Kokkadicholai, Batticoloa. 10 civilians killed.


10 September 1992

Ferry at Kiliveddy Point, Trincomalee blasted 6 civilians killed


16 March 1994

Approx. 10 boats that had gone fishing close to Kudiramalai Point in Puttalam came under LTTE attack. 17 civilians killed and 3 civilians wounded.


9 August 1995

MV “PRINCESS WAVE” Ship was damaged due to an explosion carried by LTTE at Pulmoddai Sea. 9 civilians wounded.


29 August 1995

The Ship “IRISH MOANA” was attacked by the LTTE, while anchored. North of Mullaitivu


17 October 1995

LTTE launched an underwater suicidal attack on a naval auxiliary vessel A 512, which was anchored in Trincomalee Harbour and destroyed it completely. 2 civilians were killed while scores of military personnel also died.


9 September 1997

The Ship MV “CORDIALITY” was attacked by the LTTE. 4 civilians were killed while military personnel also died.


25 July 1999

A naval vessel MV “NEWKO” anchored at the Trincomalee Harbour was exploded by terrorists. 1 civilian was killed and another civilian was wounded.


20 March 2003

A Chinese Trawler named “FUYUAN YU 225” with a crew was attacked by Sea Tigers. 17 civilians killed.


8 October 1997 – US bans LTTE


17 June 2006

Pesali naval boat patrol attacked killing 5 civilians and injuring over 30 civilians –


29 August 1996

The Argentinean Ship MV “ATHNNEA” was slightly damaged due to LTTE explosion in the sea off Trincomalee.



LTTE attacks civilians in villages & towns:


May 1984

Don Jayasinghe Walter of Jaffna, a peon at Jaffna Kachcheri shot dead in Thinnaveli.


July 1984

Henry Jayalath Rajapakse, a Sinhalese shot dead at Kalliyankadu junction, Jaffna


30 November 1984 – Kent & Dollar Farm massacre

first Sinhala civilians to be massacred in 2 farming villages in Mullaitivu – over 100 killed including children, pregnant mothers & babies.

1st attempt at ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese from North Sri Lanka.


1 December 1984 Kokilai massacre

LTTE cadres massacre 11 Sinhalese civilians in the village of Kokilai (coastal town near Kokilai lagoon) located in the Mullaitivu District


5 May 1985 – Wilpattu Village Massacre:

Wilpattu, a Sinhalese village in Anuradhapura District, was the target of a raid of an armed group of LTTE cadres, who killed 18 villagers that included women and children.


30 May 1985

LTTE cadres shoot and kill five Sinhalese civilians in the villages of Mahandapura and Dehiwatta. People of these villages had previously received numerous threats from the LTTE associates. This massacre was part of a series of massacres aimed at displacing Sinhalese from the North East of Sri Lanka.


4 June 1985 Dehiwatta Village Massacre:

Armed with sharp weapons over 100 LTTE cadres killed 15 villagers on their sleeping mats in the village of Dehiwatta. Victims included women and children, which were the majority killed.


11 June 1985  

13 Sinhalese civilians shot dead by LTTE gunmen in Dehiwatta.


18 August 1985 Trincomalee District – Namalwatta Village Massacre I:

A group of LTTE cadres armed with sharp weapons hacked to death 7 villagers


7 November 1985 Trincomalee District – Namalwatta Village Massacre II:

Ten villagers, including women and children executed at Namalwatta for the second time.


2 February 1986

Trincomalee district – Kantale Village massacre: Armed with small arms and swords LTTE cadres raided the village of Kantalai killing 19 civilians.


25 May 1986 Anuradhapura District – Mahadivulwewa Village massacre:

LTTE killed 20 Sinhalese by shooting them dead and set alight 20 houses.


2 June 1986

Trincomalee district – Kantale Village massacre: Armed with small arms and swords LTTE raided the village of Kantalai killing 19 civilians.


4 June 1986

Trincomalee district – Sinhala village – Andankulam Village massacre: 17–20 civilians, including Ven. Bakamune Subaddalanakara Thero, were attacked, tortured and killed by LTTE in the village of Andankulam.


11 June 1986

Kantale – Trincomalee District  – ’22 people were killed and another 75 others were injured when two bombs were detonated simultaneously by the LTTE on two buses heading to Kantalai and Colombo respectively. The first bus was front of the Bank of Ceylon Trincomalee branch and the other in close proximity to the SP office.


21 June 1986

Trincomalee district – Wilgamwehera Village massacre: 9 Sinhala civilians, including children, were murdered in the Wilgamwehera hamlet by LTTE


8 July 1986

Trincomalee – Sinhala village Monkey Bridge Village massacre: 15 Sinhalese villagers were shot to death by LTTE


9 July 1986

Trincomalee district – Mollipothana Village massacre: Mullipothana village was stormed at night by a group of armed LTTE who killed 16 civilians most of them being women and children.


13 July 1986

Trincomalee district – Pavakkulam Village massacre: Nine Tamil and two Sinhalese villages were killed by LTTE who had arrived in a jeep to tract No. 16, Pavakkulam.


19 July 1986

Wadigawewa, North Central Province – LTTE shot dead twelve Sinhalese villagers.


24 July 1986

Damana, Central Province – About 50 LTTE entered Damana, a Sinhalese village, and killed nine persons; another 13 were injured.


21 April 1987

Trincomalee district – Jayanthipura Massacre: The majority Sinhalese village of Jayanthipura was raided by a group of armed LTTE who murdered 15 civilians including women and children.


29 May 1987

Polonnaruwa district – Attack on Kadawathmadu: A group of armed LTTE raided the majority Sinhalese village of Kadawathmadu killing seven civilians and leaving five others injured. Due to the LTTE threat, the villagers slept in jungle hideouts during the night, which reduced the casualties.


21 June 1987

Sinhala village in Godapotha, Polonnarruwa massacre: The hamlet of Godapotha, a majority Sinhalese village in Polonnaruwa was raided by a group of armed LTTE killing eight villagers and injuring one. The death toll was reduced since villagers had hid in the surrounding jungles anticipating such an attack.


29 July 1987

Trincomalee District – Thoppur massacre: Nine villagers were killed after being tortured by LTTE armed with swords, machetes and small arms.


Indo-Lanka Accord was signed in July 1987 promising an end to LTTE terror …. It did nothing of the sort!


6 October 1987

Batticoloa – Tharavi massacre: Tharavi, a majority Sinhalese village, was stormed by over 100 LTTE armed with swords, machetes and small arms, who killed 25 civilians, mostly women and children including infants and pregnant mothers.


10 October 1987

Trincomalee district – Ganthalawa massacre: Gantalawa hamlet in Kantala was attacked and 9-10 civilians murdered with three wounded by LTTE armed with swords, machetes and small arms.


15 October 1987

Trincomalee district – Ella Kantalai massacre: Ella Kantalai, a majority Sinhalese village, was attacked by LTTE armed with swords, machetes and small arms, killing 14 civilians including women and children.


11 November 1987

Batticoloa district – Kalkuda massacre: Seven Sinhalese people selling fish were shot dead by LTTE cadres.


15 September 1987

Polonnaruwa – Devalagodella massacre: Devalagodella and Somavathiya villages were attacked by LTTE armed with small arms and sharp weapons, killing 7-9 civilians


31 December 1987

Trincomalee district – Mahadivulwewa massacre: 10 villagers were shot dead and 15 houses burnt by LTTE


1 January 1988

Terrorist attack on a Sinhala settlement in Kuruniyankulama Trincomalee 3 civilians were killed and 2 civilians wounded.


2 February 1988

Terrorist attack on the Bogamuyana village in Ampara – 11 civilians killed


15 March 1988

Kivulkade, Morawewa, Trincomalee: Two groups of LTTE operatives entered the village and killed seven Sinhalese villagers.


17 March 1988

Deegavapiya, Damana, Ampara: LTTE hacked to death 13 Sinhalese villagers.


22 March 1988

Pudukulam, Vavuniya: Between ten and 15 LTTE attacked the Sinhalese village and killed six villagers. Another three were injured.


22 March 1988

Medavachchi-kulam Vavuniya: LTTE shot dead nine Sinhalese villagers


28 July 1988

Ethawetunawewa, Weli Oya: LTTE operatives hacked to death 16 Sinhalese villagers.


10 August 1988

Terrorist attack on a village, Central Camp Ampara. 11 civilians were killed.


25 August 1988

Marawila, Polonnaruwa: LTTE killed eleven civilians by cutting their necks


10 September 1988

16th Colony, Central Camp Ampara: LTTE shot dead seven Sinhalese and four Tamils.


10 October 1988

LTTE attacked Mahakongaskada, Medawachchiya, in Vavuniya killing 44 civilians


14 November 1988

Peniketiyawa, Gomarakadawela, Trincomalee. LTTE shot dead 28 Sinhalese


12 December 1988

LTTE attack village, Sumedagama in Trincomalee. 28 civilians killed.




17 January 1989

LTTE attack the village, Maharambekulam in Vavuniya – 9 civilians killed and 7 civilians wounded.


2 February 1989

11 Villagers were hacked to death by LTTE at Bogam Uyana in Ampara.


11 February 1989

Anuradhapura – Terrorist attack Sinhala village, Dutuwewa killing 37 civilians


11 February 1989

LTTE attack Sinhala village, Sinhapura killing 6 civilians and injuring 7


27 February 1989

LTTE attack Sinhala village, Borawewa in Polonnaruwa killing 8 civilians and injuring 7


30 May 1990

LTTE attack village, Mihindupura Dehiwatta in Trincomalee killing 5 civilians


24 July 1990

8 Sinhala villagers were hacked to death by LTTE at Aralaganvila in Ampara


25 July 1990

8 civilians hacked to death by LTTE at Meeyankulama in Polonnaruwa


25 July 1990

9 Villagers were hacked to death by LTTE at Wan-Ela, Trincomalee


26 July 1990

LTTE hacked to death 19 civilians in Thammannawa, Anuradhapura


31 July 1990

LTTE fire at villagers in Podankady Kantale in Trincomalee killing 11 civilians


6 August 1990

LTTE kill 34 farmers working in a paddy field in Ampara.


8 August 1990

LTTE attack village in Nawagamuwa in Vavuniya killing 7 civilians and injuring 5


19 September 1990

LTTE attack Vellamuni fishing village in Puttalam killing 23 civilians


21 September 1990

LTTE attack village, Pudukudurippu killing 15 civilians and wounding 15


24 September 1990

LTTE set fire to 05 houses at Gajabapura killing 4 villagers


1 October 1990

LTTE attack Sinhala village, Peruvalthalawa in Ampara killing 9 civilians


23 October 1990

Approx. 30 LTTE attack Chena Cultivators at Kokabe, Thanthirimalai village in Anuradhapura killing 10 civilians


25 October 1990

About 40 Armed LTTE terrorists attack Panmedavachchiya killing 4 civilians and injuring 5 others


27 October 1990

LTTE fire again at Thanthirimalai village in Anuradhapra killing 5 civilians


29 October 1990

LTTE fire at villages at Olikulam in Batticoloa killing 3 civilians


1 November 1990

LTTE fire at SF Guard Point and the Helambawewa village killing 10 civilians


3 November 1990

LTTE attack village, Bandarakumbukwewa in Anuradhapura killing 4 civilians


23 January 1991

Approx. 50 – 70 terrorists attack Guard Point at Bogamuyana in Ampara killing 29 civilians


2 March 1991

LTTE attack village, Kalupavel in Batticoloa killing 4 civilians


2 March 1991

LTTE attack village, Erakkandy in Trincomalee killing 5 civilians


14 April 1991

LTTE attack the village, 22nd COLONY, Ethimalai in Ampara killing 17 civilians


20 April 1991

LTTE attack village, Niyandella, Okkampitiya in Ampara killing 22 civilians


24 June 1991

LTTE attack Weligahakandiya village in Periyapillumaa Ampara killing 10 civilians


6 July 1991

LTTE attack a Sinhala village and abducts 10 civilians (are they still missing?)


16 May 1992

LTTE attack village, Kosgolla in Ampara killing 5 civilians


9 August 1992

LTTE attack on Mailanthenna village killing 25 civilians and wounding over 10

1 September 1992

LTTE launch bomb attack, Saindamadu in Ampara 22 civilians reported missing (are they still missing?)


1 October 1992

LTTE attack Konwewa village killing 15 civilians


25 May 1995

Fishing village attacked and 42 civilians hacked to death in Kallarava, Trincomalee


21 October 1995

Village in Mangalagama, Batticoloa attacked 16 civilians killed,


21 October 1995

Village in Monarathenna Polonnaruwa attacked 36 civilians killed


21 October 1995

Village in North of Padaviya, Galthalawa, Mullaitivu attacked killing 19 civilians


23 October 1995 –

Village in Eththimalai/Kotiyagal, Monaragala attacked killing 19 civilians


25 October 1995 –

Village in Panama, Ampara attacked killing 8 civilians


26 October 1995 –

Village in Thammenna Halmillewa, Anuradhapa attacked killing 26 civilians and injuring over 25


26 October 1995 –

Village in ALINCHIPOTHANA village Alapathwewa, Mullativu attacked killing 26 civilians


11 February 1995 –

Village in Siyabalamduwa, Monaragala attacked killing 5 civilians


22 February 1996

Village in Mahanikawewa, Kebithigollewa, Anuradhapura attacked killing 6 civilians


1 June 1996 –

Village of Eluvankulam in the Puttalam area attacked killing 4 civilians including children and set on fire


11 June 1996 –

Village in Eluvankulama, Puttalam attacked killing 14 villagers


10 February 1997 –

Village in Oddaimavadi, Batticoloa fired upon killing 5 civilians


12 May 1997 –

An attack on the Morawewa Police Station and village by the LTTE kills 5 civilians


8 October 1997 – US bans LTTE


18 September 1999

3 Sinhala village in Galapitagala, Badirekka, Borapola attacked killing 50 civilians


11 April 2000 –

Gomarankadawala police post attacked 1 civilian killed


12 April 2000

Musical show attacked in Trincomalee Fort Federick killing 10 civilians injuring over 60


7 December 2000

Kurulubedda village attacked by LTTE killing 5 villagers. (Welikanda)


17 Oct 2001

Attack on Ruwanpitiya village kills 2 civilians


25 May 2006

7 civilians going to Wilpattu national park killed by land mine in Nochchiyagama


29 May 2006

12 Sinhalese civilians working at Irrigation cannel shot and killed at Omadiyamadu


8 August 2006

Bomb blast at Dickman’s Rd, Bambalapitiya kills 1 civilian and injures 8


9 March 2007

4 wild life officials killed inside Wilpattu wild life sanctuary 


5 April 2007 –

4 farmers killed in Nidanvala, BATTICALOA.


12 April 2007

PALEURUWA Village fired upon killing 7 civilians 


28 May 2007

LTTE Terrorists exploded a claymore mine targeting a STF Truck Bearing No. 47 – 3430 in Ratmalana near Belekkade Junction. (Near the Vijitha Cinema).


16 January 2008

Attack on Chena cultivators in Niyandagalayaya, Monaragala killing 6 civilians


17 January 2008 –

Troops find 8 civilian bodies / 2 home guards in Thibolkketiya, Moneragala


10 March 2008

Remote Control Device (IED) explodes near the Roxy Cinema in Wellawatte killing 1 civilian and injuring 6 including children


8 May 2008 –

An explosion had taken place closer to the clock tower Ampara Town – 12 civilians killed and over 36 civilians injured


16 May 2008 –

An LTTE male suicide bomber on a motorcycle laden with explosives rammed into a bus carrying police riot squad and exploded opposite the Sambuddhaloka Temple on Lotus Road in Fort killing 2 civilians & 2 policemen and injuring 33 civilians, 46 police and 6 army.


29 May 2008

LTTE raid on Naval Detachment in CHIRUTIVU ISLAND, a small islet located in the Jaffna Lagoon kills 5 civilians and injures over 12 while also killing military personnel


30 May 2008 –

LTTE attack a House in a village in YAYA 18, Masvadiya. 1 Home Guard and 2 civilians killed


16 June 2008 –

LTTE suicide bomber explodes herself near police gate in Vavuniya Town and kills 1 civilian and 12 police personnel


5 August 2008 –

Explosion close to Clock Tower of Ampara Town kills 12 civilians and injures ove 35


28 October 2008 –

Two LTTE Air attacks drops 3 bombs in Thallady / 2 bombs on Kelanitissa power station – 1 civilian dies


9 November 2008 –

Monaragala village attacked killing 7 civilians


16 November 2008 –

Dr. Palitha Padmakumara, of Thavakkadu hospital shot dead at Vavunativu in Batticoloa


28 December 2008 –

Suicide bomber in Wattala kills 1 civilian


2 January 2009 –

Suicide attack in Slave Island near Air Force head quarters – 14 civilians injured


18 January 2009 –

2 civilians attending to cattle killed in Monaragala / 4 missing (are they still missing)


9 February 2009 –

Suicide bomber explodes outside IDP center in Puliyampokkanal killing 9 civilians and injuring over 40 (military personnel also killed)


12 February 2009 –

Karametiya village at Rathmalgaha Ella in Inginiyagala attacked killing 16 civilians


20 April 2009 –

3 suicide attacks on IDPs fleeing from LTTE in Pudumathalan kills 17 IDPs and injures over 200


15 April 2009 –

5 civilians killed in Okanda



Attacking Buddhist places of worship:


June 1975 –

Improvised bomb at Buddhist Temple Sri Naga Vihara, Jaffna


April 1984 –

Same Buddhist Temple & Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya attacked by throwing bombs


14 May 1985 –

LTTE attack Sri Maha Bodhi temple in Anuradhapura largest massacre of Sinhalese civilians by the LTTE.  LTTE massacred Buddhist Devotees at Sri Maha Bodhiya, Anuradhapura. 146 civilians including Buddhist priests were killed. 85 civilians wounded.


2 August 1985 –

LTTE shot dead three Sinhalese Buddhist monks and three civilians, while they were worshipping at the Ruhunu Somavathiya Temple – Thrikonamadu, Polonnaruwa District


14 August 1985 –

Aranthalawa Village Massacre: Seven Sinhalese villagers were tortured and killed at Aranthalawa. They were targeted by an armed group of LTTE cadres- Ampara District


2 June 1987 –

Ampara district – Aranthalawa Massacre: In the first massacre of Buddhist monks in modern Sri Lankan history, a bus carrying Buddhist monks was stopped by LTTE in Arantalawa. 32 Buddhist monks, including Chief Priest Ven. Hegoda Indrasara, were killed with only one monk surviving.


12 June 1987 –

Polonnaruwa – Godapotta massacre: A meeting to discuss a new temple was attacked by the LTTE, who surrounded the temple and attacked the gathering of over 175 villagers, resulting in the deaths of eight villagers; a soldier and six people were injured.


8 October 1997 – US bans LTTE


25 January 1998 –

Suicide attack on the Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Tooth of Lord Buddha) causes extensive damage to the Temple and kills 9 civilians


17 May 2000 –

A bomb was exploded opposite the “VESAK PANDAL” at Mangalarama Temple in Batticoloa


10 July 2000 –

Attack on Vilgamvehera in Trincomalee kills 4 civilians


18 November 2001 –

Claymore explosion at SRIPURA RAJA MAHA VIHARAYA kills 3 Buddhist monks including the chief incumbent of the Vihara and driver


13 May 2007 –

A Buddhist Monk of PABBATHARAMAYA, Phase I, MAHADIVULWEWA was shot dead


6 June 2008 –

Bomb blast in Moratuwa near the Shailabimbarama Temple kills 25 civilians and injures over 90




LTTE attacks kovils

12 August 2001 –

Firing at KOVIL FESTIVAL in ERAVUR Batticoloa kills 2 civilians and injures many




LTTE attacks Muslims


5 May 1986 Trincomalee District – Kinniya Village massacre:

Four Moor civilians were tortured and killed by a group of LTTE


31 March 1988

Saindamaradu, Kalmunai: LTTE attacked the village, killing ten Muslims and seven Tamils.


29 July 1990

LTTE fired at the Mosque at Samanthurai Ampara killing 5 Muslims and injuring 3


30 July 1990

Terrorists abducted and killed 14 Muslims at Akkaraipattu, Ampara


11 August 1990 –

Group of LTTE attacked the Muslim persons in Divisions 03 and 06 Eravur, Batticoloa 173 civilians were killed and 20 civilians were wounded..


12 August 1990 –

Terrorists attacked Muslim civilians working in a paddy field in Veerachcholai Ampara –  4 Civilians were killed and 10 civilians were wounded.


13 August 1990 –

6 Muslim fishermen were killed and buried at GUNGAI village in Muttur, Trincomalee.


13 September 1990 –

Security Forces recovered 07 mutilated bodies of Muslim villagers who were hacked to death at South of Poonani in Ampara


11 October 1990 –

LTTE shoot and hack to death 09 Muslims who were collecting fire woods near Kirankove jungle, Arugambe, Ampara


6 June 1991 –

Approx. 30 to 50 terrorists attack a Muslim village in Puddur in Plonnaruwa 16 civilians were killed and 3 civilians were wounded.


8 August 1991 –

8 Muslim farmers who where on their way home from their paddy fields were killed, West of Samanthurai in Ampara.


19 September 1991 –

Terrorists attacked a Muslim village, Palliyagodella, Medirigiriya in Polonnaruwa, 13 civilians were killed and 6 civilians were wounded.


29 April 1992 –

LTTE attack on ALINCHCHIPOTHA Muslim village, KARAPOLA & MUTHUGALA in Polonnaruwa. 130 civilians killed and 71 civilians were wounded.


8 October 1997 – US bans LTTE


23 November 2000 –

Motors fired towards Muttur jetty and Almahar Maha School killing 2 students and injuring 11 civilians


23 November 2003 –

One Muslim killed and 2 others injured from hand grenade attack at KANDALADIUTTU.


24 November 2003 –

Two Muslims killed and 2 others injured due to hand grenade attack on a lorry at KATTAKUDICHCHI.


24 November 2003 –

3 Cadjan huts set fire and hand grenade thrown to the refugee camp at FAIZAL NAGAR KINNIYA


28 November 2003 –

3 Muslims farmers of Edman Nagar, Kinniya killed cutting with sharp weapons whilst they were staying in the night in their paddy fields in CHINA- BAY


30 November 2003 –

A Muslim person in working in Kasmir Hotel, Trincomalee assaulted at the Shivan Kovil and admitted to hospital with head injuries


1 December 2003 –

A Muslim civilian of Colony No 5 Kakamunai Soorangal shot and injured at Kinniya


18 September 2006 –

10 Muslim civilians killed while engaging in construction works at Radella, Pothuvil



LTTE attacks mosques:


3 August 1990 –

Terrorists massacred Muslim Devotees at a Kattankudy Mosque killing 103 civilian worshippers and injuring over 70


25 November 2003 –

6 Civilians including 04 Muslims injured due to a hand grenade attack near the mosque at SALAIADI TRINCOMALEE Town.



LTTE attacks hotels:


January 1984

Bomb at Hotel Oberoi (present Cinnamon Grand Hotel) killing 1 civilian


15 October 1997

Vehicle bomb explosion at car park of Galadari Hotel close to World Trade Center, Colombo kills 11 civilians


2 January 2008

Claymoroe mine explodes near Nippon Hotel, Slave Island, Colombo kills 3 civilians


8 September 2008 –

10 civilians injured due to a bomb explosion near Mohamadia Hotel at Gas Works Junction in Pettah



LTTE destruction of public property/places:


April 1984 –

blasting railway track in Kilinochchi – 20 feet of rails & 15 sleepers damaged


July 1984 –

4 bomb explosions in Vavuniya town in Senshirani, Well Café, Rahumaniya hotel & Dark Hotel


17 February 1986 –

Blasting 5 bridges.

  1. VALLAI Bridge between Puttur & Velvettiturai on Jaffna Pudukudurippu Road.
  3. VANNARTUPALAM (Butterfly Bridge) between PUTTUR and SARASALAI.
  4. KAITHADY Bridge at KOPAY.
  5. KAPPUTI Bridge on CHAVA and PPD Road.


7 May 1986 –

Colombo – Central Telegraph Office Bombing: The Central Telegraph Office, Colombo was the target ofn a bomb detonated by LTTE which killed 14 civilians who were at the office.


30 May 1986 –

Bomb explosion at the Elephant House, Commercial Building, Slave Island, Colombo 2. Killed 11 civilians.


17 July 1986 –

Terrorists exploded a bomb in Block 4 Sugar Corporation, Trincomalee. 10 civilians killed.


18 February 1987 –

Parcel Bomb explosion at NELUMGAMA, Badulla 7 civilians killed


16 August 1988 –

Trincomalee (opposite Clock Tower): LTTE exploded a bomb, killing six Sinhalese, two Muslims, one Tamil and a soldier; 19 persons sustained injuries


24 March 1991 –

Bomb explosion at Fish Market AKKARAIPATTU, Ampara. 9 civilians killed and 32 civilians wounded.


7 August 1995 –

A suicide bomber pushing a cart fixed with a bomb exploded in the vicinity of the Western Province Chief Minister’s Office at the Independence Square, Colombo 7 -. 23 civilians were killed and 40 civilians wounded.


31 January 1996 –

LTTE activated a suicide vehicle bomb (ISUZU Lorry) laden with Explosives in front of the CENTRAL BANK Building at Janadhipathi Mawatha, COLOMBO 01 causing extensive damage to the building, roads, vehicles and surrounding area. 86 civilians dead over 1400 wounded.


14 November 1997 –

Kelanitissa Power House, Orugodawatta blasted destroying 2 oil tanks


14 June 2000 –

Suicide bomber explodes himself at Wattala junction killing 2 civilians


8 January 2007 –

CEB Power Supply Sub-Station at Maradana Road, Hendala, Wattala was blasted


21 January 2007 –

LTTE Sea Tiger abortive attack on COLOMBO Harbour.




LTTE harming/killing Foreigners


5 May 1984 –

American couple Stanley & Mary Allen kidnapped in Jaffna & released on 10th May.


3 May 1986

Bandaranaike International Airport Attack – Air Lanka Flight 512: LTTE bomb explodes aboard Air Lanka flight carrying mainly French, British and Japanese tourists killing 21 (including 13 foreigners – of whom 3 British, 2 German, 3 French, 2 Japanese, 1 Maldivian and 1 Pakistani) and injuring 41 on Bandaranaike International Airport.



Civilians killed in high profile assassinations


2 March 1991

A suicide vehicle bomb explosion at Havelock Road, Colombo 5 killing Minister of State for Defense Mr. Ranjan Wijeratne. 19 civilians killed and over 70 civilians wounded in addition to the military personnel who died.


1 May 1991 –

His Excellency the President RANASINGHE PREMADASA was assassinated, whilst he was participating in the UNP May Day Rally by a suicide bomber at ARMOUR STREET JUNCTION, COLOMBO. 8 policemen were killed, 8 policemen were wounded, 13 civilians were killed and 23 civilians were wounded.


7 August 1995 –

Suicide attempt using cart bomb explodes at the gate of the Western Province Chief Minister’s office killing 23 civilians and wounding over 40


18 September 1999 –

Suicide attack at Presidential Election Campaign Meeting held in Town Hall, Colombo 07 to assassinate former President Mrs. CHANDRIKA BANDARANAIKE KUMARATUNGA – she lost an eye as a result. 16 civilians were killed


18 December 1999 –

Suicide bomber at UNP  Propaganda Meeting Ja-Ela a Suicide Bomber killing Retired Maj. Gen. C L ALGAMA including 12 civilians, 45 wounded


7 June 2000 –

Suicide bomber kills Hon. Min. of Industrial Development Mr. C V GOONARATNE and wife with 24 other civilians in RATMALANA


26 June 2006 –

Suicide attack on Maj. Gen. Parami Kulatunga leaves 1 civilian dead and 4 civilians injured in Pannipitiya


28 November 2007 –

Suicide bomber explodes herself at Minister Douglas Devananda’s office in Colombo 5 killing a civilian (Stephen Peiris) 


6 April 2008 –

Suicide attack kills Hon. Min. JEYARAJ FERNANDOPULLE, Minister of Highways and Road Development, the Chief Government Whip and Treasurer of SLFP, Chief Guest attending road marathon in Gampaha 9 civilians including children die


10 June 2008 –

Suicide blast at UNP meeting kills UNP Chief Ministerial candidate Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera, his wife and 27 civilians injuring over 80


9 October 2008 –

Suicide bomber targets Hon. Minister MAITHRIPALA SIRISENA, Minister of Agricultural Development and Agrarian Service Development and General Secretary of SLFP at PIRIVENA JUNCTION, BORALESGAMUWA. The Minister escaped but 2 civilians die


However, the international community have conveniently ignored that Sri Lanka’s military intervention commencing in July 2006 was as a result of the war crime of denying water to thousands of farmers in the East of Sri Lanka by LTTE. It was only after appeals were ignored and farmers were in difficulty that a decision had to be taken & the Armed Forces were ordered to forcefully open the sluice gates & return supply of water. The LTTE thereafter went on to attack villages in the East and virtually enticed the Armed Forces to respond with counter attack. What happened thereafter only LTTE can in hindsight blame itself.


When 9/11 took place there was no investigation as to who committed the crime – within hours Afghanistan was bombed and Afghanistan remains occupied by US & NATO since 2001 and not a single suicide bomber was from Afghanistan!


If OHCHR head and UNHRC can quote a handful of incidents to blame GoSL and its armed forces why has the same entity not cited examples of LTTE atrocities during the same period?




Shenali D Waduge

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