Pressure Sri Lanka’s Parliament to bring immediate Legislative changes


This is the first time in history that Sri Lanka’s citizens have risen to demand its representatives including the President leave office if they cannot lead the nation properly. This has brought the People together & the momentum must be kept in order to pressurize changes. The power of the people is more powerful than the people in power. The surrounding of politicians home has been key to getting the politicians to fast track the changes the people want.


Immediate changes

These changes should not require debate & unwanted arguments between Govt & Opposition simply to delay their implementation & pressure must be brought upon the politicians by the people to pass these legislative changes without delays.


We do not need to waste time drafting new constitutions – simply make new amendments to the existing one & remove the controversial clauses in existing & replace it with unambiguous ones as often loopholes & vague insertions allows a field day for lawyers & interpretations will vary from judge to judge. Wherever the constitutional clauses in present constitution are vague – this should be addressed & nullified.


  1. Remove provision for dual citizens to stand elections or hold key public portfolios (which should be named)
  2. Change electoral voting system – Bring back 12.5% as entry requirement to enter Parliament instead of the 5% controversially introduced in 1980s.
  3. Reduce Cabinet to 25 with Ministerial portfolios reduced to key areas only to avoid overlapping.
  4. Remove provision that prevents President from dissolving Parliament
  5. Ombudsman’s office for public to complain against Public Officials, Magistrates, Judiciary & other State employees abusing their office & indulging in corrupt practices (to curb corruption in public sector) – no person living off the State is devoid of accountability including Judges.
  6. Lay down clear procedure for FDIs & bilateral and multilateral agreements & ratification process (to prevent unilateral decision making & signing MOUs/Pacts in secret)
  7. Enforce one law for all – national laws cannot supersede cultural/rituals & must be removed.
  8. Give due place to the war heroes who ended 30 years of terrorism – State is bound to protect them from all bogus charges framed with LTTE blood money overseas & in Sri Lanka
  9. Enforce 6th amendment – Take legal action against to impose bans against LTTE promotion locally & internationally.
  10. Revisit 13a – clearly place land & police powers with the Centre & clearly state that anything devolved to the provinces are not permanent & can be annulled & address areas where 13a has proven a headache to the state & amend this (appoint expert committee for this)
  11. Bring legislative changes to ensure no ethnic-based/religious political parties (those chanting reconciliation must agree to this)
  12. State appointments – clearly defined & criteria revisited
  13. Revise salary & remunerations for Parliamentarians (expert committee to be appointed to propose new changes)


Changes in pipeline

  1. Pass laws to register all foreign funded NGOs and have state monitor them & their programs
  2. National Policy for – Education (requirement to make History compulsory in all schools – public, private & international from pre-school to O/L syllabus endorsed by a patriotic panel of educators/historians) & instill patriotic programs for child & adult
  3. State must continue to recognize the primordial Sinhala Buddhist identity of Sri Lanka constitutionally – civilizational place is non-negotiable & cannot be compromised.
  4. State must declare sacred heritage sites & ensure these are not subject to incursions & state must protect all archaeological & heritage sites
  5. Moratorium on construction of new places of religious worship (to prevent radicalism leading to unwanted trouble) & town planning to relook at permissions & structures of building-
  6. Enact anti-conversion bill
  7. National anthem to remain only in one language
  8. Special regulations for dual citizens/citizens marrying foreigners & status of land ownership upon marriage





Shenali D Waduge

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