Removal of Sri Lanka’s Military from NE – Threat to Buddhist Archaeological sites – what is the GoSL doing?


It will take time for the people to realize the real context behind the debt situation & the solution of the saviors that has put people further in debt. The conditions or sacrifices to that “bail out” are kept hidden & come out while people’s attention gets diverted & distracted by purposely planted issues. Only foolish, corrupt, power-hungry Governments who cannot think beyond their nose agree to reduce military & remove military from strategic choke-points. Only those who have scant regard for archaeological heritage & history agree to sanction cultural genocide also in the NE. It doesn’t take a fool to visualize the scenario. What happens when the national army is removed from strategic security-concerning sites? What happens to the Buddhist theros, the Buddhist archaeological sites when they have no security? What happens when the 2 key pillars (the Armed Forces & Maha Sangha) are removed from the North opening doors to have these sites destroyed by the enemy.  This is the same enemy that is churning historical falsehoods to claim a bogus homeland & the removal of the security at these heritage sites will enable a cultural genocide & facilitate the historical lies to be turned into truth.

The systematic attack of these sites began following the treacherous Indo-Lanka Accord in 1987 and has been increasing over the years.

  1. Kuchchaweli Sembumale Chethiyagiri Purana Rajamaha Viharaya – Sembumalai in Trincomalee – is an ancient Buddhist archaeological site. It is guarded by 4 soldiers – Archaeological Ruins at Sembumale in the Kuchchaveli Jungles


Letter written in 1978 – obtained from the archives

  1. Archaeological Ruins at Kuchchaveli Masanwewa Viharaya This site too is guarded by 4 soldiers.


Removing these 8 soldiers is not going to make a major change to the already indebt State coffer.

Removing these 8 soldiers will however put the Buddhist thero in danger, expose the ancient archaeological site to be destroyed & be taken over as well as enable & solidify a false narrative to strengthen the demand for a fictitious homeland.

The removal of soldiers & camps are also aligned to the external campaign to give free reign to the enemy by removing the security that protected the area.

What is the government thinking or is the government thinking at all?


The 8 soldiers have already been removed from the 2 sites.


Now let us come to the 3rd scenario.

  1. This is in Pudukudurippu – one of the LTTE’s key bases & from where they launched most of the deadly attacks.

This area was captured by 57Division led by then Maj. Gen. Jagath Dias. Later it became headquarters of 53Division led by present Defense Secretary Kamal Gunaratne. From about 2012 it became the headquarters of the 14 Sinha Regiment.

It was a location of tactical importance to both LTTE & Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

Apart from that this was an ancient archaeological Buddhist site. There are no private lands in this jungle area. Even the LTTE did not destroy the archaeological Buddhist ruins though they occupied this area.

LTTE would not have kept this site and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces would not have also kept this site without a reason.

When those not bothered about preserving the security of Sri Lanka attempts to remove these sites – it speaks volumes about their motives.

What is the purpose behind removing 14SR unless it is to remove the tactical importance of the site & opening it to the enemy? By ruining the Buddhist archaeological evidence, the homeland conspirators will have one more reason to establish their lies & demand a bogus homeland by erasing all evidence of Buddhist historical heritage in these areas.

කන්යාර් කෝවිල් නටබුන්


The real role of IMF should be understood after listening to this. The nature of loans & the role of politicians should also be understood.

Does the Government not comprehend the damage it is about to do?

Does the Government think that by giving into every demand, the politicians will have anything left to govern or any powers to maintain governance?

Once the enemy takes over – does the government think they will be needed any longer? In fact the first people that the enemy would eliminate are the politicians & they will not get to enjoy any of the wealth they are amassing thinking they can get away by fooling the nation & committing treacheries against the nation.


Shenali D Waduge


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