Saving the Child & Family: Separating the LGB from the TQIA+++

Human rights & discrimination are misnomers & used as tantrums by most completely ignoring that 99% of the world’s population are all victims of a world system that continues to benefit only 1% of the world’s rich. Therefore, when that 1% picks miniature groups from amongst the 99% & bloats them & steers a global campaign concentrating only on their demands, the rest of the 99% of the world’s population must ask, how far they all enjoy freedoms, rights & live without some sort of discrimination on a daily basis. None of the world’s 99% population live a honky dory life, everyone goes through challenges & obstacles & can give their own lists of what they go through to survive. Who have the 1% chosen as their pet project? It is a new movement they fund called the LGBTQIA+++. What we all need to take note of is that this new movement has artfully merged itself with the already existing LGB movement. LGB are Lesbians, Gays & Bi-Sexual who have existed for centuries. TQIA+++ are Transgenders, Queer, Inter-sex, Asexual & plus sign indicates that there’s a whole new lot of names to come.

Lesbians, Gays & Bi-sexual have existed over centuries and they have lived their lives in private & have not been demanding any special rights. However, with the advent of a new lobby that included TQIA+++, those that were funding the new project probably decided to ride on the LGB already existing populace & began with the gay marriage movement & built global momentum around it. With this surge and having influenced various governments to change laws to accept gay marriage, the project was ready to unleash their real agenda – the TQIA+++ which aligned to the agenda of the 1% that included depopulation. The strategy to depopulate the world was to prevent marriage, prevent birth of children & make money in the process. The TQIA+++ project kills several birds with one stone. Enforcing school curriculums to indoctrinate children into thinking they can become the opposite sex, bringing laws to punish parents that oppose such indoctrination, repealing existing laws & creating commissions to punish those that question, opening avenues to conduct sex change operations, hiring doctors, academics, social media portals, youth to promote the new ideology, has led to thousands of children as young as 9 years undergoing hormone treatment, taking puberty blockers & even changing their sex by operation. Many of these children now regret but are unable to reverse & are subject to drugs for life. With time they will be depressed and hate life itself & end up doing the unthinkable, exactly what those that fund the indoctrination desire.

In the US, a movement known as Gays against Groomers have openly come out demanding that the TQIA lobby do not touch the child because pedophiles have also crept into the TQIA+++ groups and there have been many cases of children who have fallen prey. This movement is very powerful and quite vocal about the fact that they are gay but they want their privacy and they are not demanding any of the things that the TQIA+++ lobby are currently demanding.

This scenario makes a clear cut separation of the LGBTQIA lobby in terms of what both stand for.

Therefore, it is crucial to separate the LGB from the TQIA while it is important for the Lesbians, Gays and Bi-Sexual themselves to separate from the TQIA+++. Many however have gotten carried away, nevertheless, it is not too late for the LGB in numerous countries to separate themselves from the TQIA+++ lobby which automatically becomes a very very small number.

In Sri Lanka too, if the LGB’s are separate of the TQIA+++ group – there will only be a countable number. This is one reason why the TQIA+++ are plugging themselves to the existing LGB to bloat their numbers.

If in the US & Europe the LGBs are clear that the TQIA+++ cannot and should not touch the child, which is actually the real aim of the TQIA+++ funded campaign, it is time that the LGBs in Sri Lanka too separate themselves from this TQIA+++ as well.

The LGBs in Sri Lanka know very well, that being what they are have not stopped them from reaching the top echelons of public office, or the corporate ladder or hold posts in academia or run businesses. Therefore, there is no discrimination because they are LGB and everyone can accept this reality.

However, no cultural heritage can be compromised to permit men in dresses come to work with make-up & a handbag just because he feels like a woman which he may suddenly decide not to feel a year later!  Similarly, no school can allow boys in skirts or the national carrier have stewards and Captain in a skirt, or the national cricket team play cricket in skirts & dresses! This is nothing the LGBs want to do as well.  Its time to end this gender madness – we LGB need to divorce the TQI’s

Therefore, the LGBs in Sri Lanka must separate themselves from the TQIA+++ before this movement does more damage than good.


Shenali D Waduge

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