LTTE Thileepan: Since when did UN start getting orders to allow commemoration of dead terrorists?


United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly & Association and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression are receiving letters to tell Sri Lanka to allow LTTE to commemorate a dead ‘martyr’. Who is LTTE? An internationally banned terrorist organization. Who is Thileepan – a member of that internationally banned terrorist organization who died after going on a death fast in 1987 September 26. It’s the month of September and LTTE fronts naturally need to show they exist, so they pluck out the dead from the grave some 33 years after death. The virtual government making the appeal seem to forget that the LTTE Thileepan died protesting against India and not Sri Lanka. Given that the virtual government is operating from US where the US Government has no issues in him delivering speeches with the US flag side by side with LTTE terrorist flag, why don’t this virtual government & head commemorate the dead terrorist in USA?


If TGTE read the history of Thileepan & his death fast, they would correct their appeal to the UN. Thileepan went on a death fast against India not heeding LTTE’s 5 demands made by LTTE to India on 13 September 1987. LTTE gave India 24hours to respond to their 5 demands which India ignored & then Thileepan began his fast on 15 September 1987 and died on 26 September 1987.


The Indo-Lanka Accord was signed under emergency in July 1987. Indian Peace Keeping Force landed in Sri Lanka assuring the GoSL they would disarm the LTTE within 72 hours which India failed to do.


Therefore, TGTE in its appeal to the UN has got the whole story wrong as the death fast was against India not heeding LTTE’s 5 demands. 33 years later only those that support terrorism and separatism would wish to commemorate a dead LTTE member.

When regime change took place in 2015 with LTTE agents also providing political support, the nod of that government was given to hold LTTE dead commemorations inspite of LTTE ban.

Thus in 2018 LTTE dead Thileepan was commemorated by

  • Students at the Eastern University in Batticaloa
  • Tamil National People’s Front – S Kajendran
  • ITAK leader & TNA MP – Mavai Senathirajah
  • EPRLF leader – Suresh Premachandra
  • Staff and students of University of Jaffna inside university grounds
  • Kallapaadu office of Northern Province – Provincial Councillor T Ravikaran
  • Families of LTTE disappeared office in Ananthapuram
  • Former LTTE combatants, families of dead LTTE in Batticoloa – event organized by Crusaders for Democracy (oh yeah crusaders for terrorist democracy)


Google LTTE propaganda sites and there’s a bevy of commemorations held for Thileepan even upto 2019.

So was TGTE born yesterday to suddenly realize mistakenly that dead LTTE Thileepan who died in 1987 needed to have a commemoration 33 years later? Obviously living in USA, holding US passports and working in USA, this group does not know what goes in Sri Lanka or they are simply trying to pluck a terrorist from the grave and make themselves relevant. Digging a grave for publicity – poor TGTE! How bankrupt these LTTE fronts have become for lies and propaganda.


You have to feel for the dumb foreigners who present these appeal letters to the UN and ask where are work ethics gone in this 21stcentury when for money, organizations calling themselves ‘transparent’ and ‘independent’ would even lobby to commemorate LTTE dead terrorists! Unbelievable what the world has come to. This also raises the question would the UN & its bodies wish to also be part of a terrorist and separatist set up is the question we are all now asking.


Cannot wait to see international legal firms getting hired by terrorist organizations to dispatch appeals on behalf of their terrorist clients to also commemorate dead terrorists …. what a joke this is going to turn into!




Shenali D Waduge



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