Sri Lanka before passing GAY BILL – wake up to the AGENDA behind LGBTQ & Transgenders


Who are the sponsors of this new “fad” being pushed down nations via corrupt Ministers or via funding media, academia, institutions etc? Many are wondering why so much of focus is being given to the LGBT movement & in particular transgenders & drag queens – in short fiddling with human sexuality. A bunch of billionaires who are behind the coloured revolutions, depopulation programs & regime change are busting a lot of money to roll out what appears to be another means to destroy humans.

George Soros Open Society Foundation, Peter Buffet (son of Warren Buffet) & Tom Gill with Arcus Foundation are at the forefront of this agenda according to David Icke & Jennifer Bilek. – he sponsored Sooka report against Sri Lanka too Jennifer Bilek’s article shows how the movement while forced to be implemented across the globe is a nicely planned profit-generating mechanism for all those involved. Read the article to realize the money being made. They actually planned & financed the transgender agenda.

Jon Stryker the grandson of Homer Stryker (Stryker Corporation) created Arcus Foundation for LGBT people donating more than $58.4m between 2007-2010.

Jon’s sister Ronda married William Johnston chairman of Greenleaf Trust a wealth management firm in which Jon was a board member. Ronda is Vice Chair of Spelman College, Georgia which received $2m from Arcus for queer studies program. Johnston & Ronda have been $30m to Spelman separately.

Rond is also trustee of Kalamazoo College which got $23m from Arcus in 2012.

Jon & Ronda’s other sister Pat works closely with gay megadonor Tim Gill (Gill Foundation)

Gill gave half a bill dollars to LGBT “rights” groups.

Jon has also been donating millions to LGBT/transgender groups in Europe & Asia.

Arcus organizes conferences, leadership programs, research picking international leaders & offering rewards. The tamashas and fanfare naturally draws normal people into their fold.

It was in 2006 that the Yogyakarta Principles were launched to bring legal structures to ‘gender identity-ideology’. The UN was tapped via Michael O’Flaherty who was

In UN HR Committee since 2004. Arcus foundation was at the forefront of all of these global initiatives. Thus the pro-transgender initiatives have crawled into society via political activism.

ARCUS funds – Victory Institute, Centre for American Progress, ACLU, Transgender Law Centre, Trans Justice Funding Project, OutRight Action International, Human Rights Watch, GATE, Parliamentarians for Global Action, Council for Global Equality, UN, Amnesty International, GLSEN.

Thus it is clear how “FUNDING” can do magic.

Now that they have penetrated the political framework, they are concentrating on public education – introducing perverse sex education programs on children in America & across the globe.

Arcus Foundation made Adrian Coman Director of International Human Rights Program – Coman was working for George Soros on transgender ideology upon children.

Arcus also funded NoVo Foundation founded by Peter Buffet in 2015 – advancing gender identity ideology by supporting faith organizations, sports, cultural associations, police department training & educational programs (see how they penetrate across spheres of society & use funds to launch their programs)

Arcus is also funding psychological organizations across US to further brainwash people’s minds.

Having witnessed the trauma that children in the US are being made to go through – the rest of the world must RESIST ANY SUCH PROGRAMS BEING INTRODUCED WHATEVER “BRIBES” the politicians or officials take to launch them.

It is no surprise that the power of these wealthy donors have generated an increase in homosexuality & transgenders across continents with the power of their funding & programs strategically interlinked using powerful billionaire players & their contacts.

Thankfully there are some sensible medical practitioners around like Dr. Michael Laidlaw who warns of immense danger to children subject to gender change programs. There are also psychologists like Ray Blanchard who admits that a vast majority of gender dysphoric children revert to their biological gender if allowed to natural experience puberty.

Arcus Foundation & their associates in promoting transgender & LGBT movements are creating mentally ill, puberty blockers, & encouraging sex change surgeries that are costly & mentally & physically traumatic.

It is time people rise & raise their objections against this insidious plan which has nothing to do with any natural tendency but is part of a global agenda backed heavily by funds, tamashas, employment, awards and fringe benefits for those ready to plug into national systems. Tennessee became the first US state to ban drag shows.

Human biology should not be tampered with physically or mentally. People are born as girls or boys & they must grow up like girls or boys. There may be some who growing up show signs of imbalance – how they live is their choice that is their individual fundamental freedom, but there are no collective rights. Individual rights are guaranteed in every national constitution as everyone is by law to be treated equally.

What is taking place is that a group of people with money are throwing their money to create movements or influence existing movements to roll out an agenda that is turning people away from being their natural self & this is being done with a calculated set of objectives that include upsetting cultures, creating societal menaces, confused and traumatized humans – all avenues that these billionaires who are initiating the programs can tap into via their other networks to make more money out of sick or sickened individuals as a result of their programs. The rise in suicides and psychologically traumatized people who have been engulfed into this new trend as a ‘fad’ or fashion is on the rise & people must come forward to put a stop to it before Sri Lanka becomes culturally broken up like USA & now parts of Europe.

Money cannot erase or dilute the culture & heritage of a nation. Politicians should not be allowed to tamper with people’s lives by bringing BILLS that serve to erase the identity of people. A marriage is between a man & a woman who marry as husband & wife. Their union begets a child who is a girl or boy / a daughter or son & they identify their parents as mother & father. There should be no two men claiming to be mother or two women claiming to be fathers. These are all unnatural creations. Whoever wants to indulge in these new changes can create their own new names for it without tampering the existing names or trying to tarnish the meaning/definitions given to the names. The ironical aspect is the manner GAYS who get “married” marry dressed as a groom & bride – copying the traditional attire, why don’t they create something else?

If the MP who tabled the Gay Bill in Sri Lanka, wishes to be gay, a drag queen, transgender or what not – that is his problem and he can do so – but he does not need to tamper with the lives of others & take them along his path.


Shenali D Waduge

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