Sri Lanka’s traditional friends in UNHRC must help secure CLOSURE of Resolutions against Sri Lanka


Backed by an overwhelming majority at the Presidential & General Elections, the Government in power rightly has decided to work towards a closure of the successive UNHRC Resolutions against Sri Lanka by initially withdrawing from the co-sponsorship of 30/1 & 34/1 Resolutions. UNHRC has every provision to take up human rights issues at the Universal Periodic Review. Four of Sri Lanka’s dearest friends are members of the UNHRC – China, Pakistan, Russia & Cuba and Sri Lanka must initiate their cooperation to bring all of the former legally questionable procedural error resolutions to a grand finale.


Sri Lanka must re-write the narrative and present a dossier to the UNHRC Membership of Sri Lanka during LTTE reign of terror and post-LTTE defeat. The decision to militarily defeat LTTE came after enduring 30 years of terror and failed peace talks, negotiations and even foreign-backed cease fires including foreign monitoring missions and foreign peace keepers. Sri Lanka was up against a terrorist movement banned by 32 countries which continue to maintain that ban even 10 years after LTTE defeat owing to the international illegal nexus that operates overseas. Sri Lanka must initiate action against the international LTTE fronts together with the diplomatic community. The world must know that all of LTTE’s victims included every ethnic denomination in Sri Lanka even foreigners.


Sri Lanka must showcase what LTTE denied their own during their defacto reign and what Sri Lanka afforded to the people in the areas where LTTE ruled with gun. No reconciliation is required to take place with terrorists, while Sri Lanka acknowledges how Tamils also suffered under LTTE. This must be highlighted to the world once more. The false claim of discrimination must be nullified by producing examples of how minorities are represented in both public and private polity & the positions they hold. Every fabrication that has gained momentum via bogus propaganda channels must be nullified with facts & figures. The manner that 3 successive UNHRC resolutions were artificially birthed must also be shown. A privately commission 3-member panel report made available to the UNSG became the foundation for successive resolutions quoted even by UNHRC head now parroting for the LTTE in her retirement. The Ban-Ki-Moon Report was never tabled in the UNSC, UNGA or UNHRC for Sri Lanka to officially respond. Instead intrusive allegations went for vote in a political witch hunt against a UN member state, going so far as to even suggest constitutional amendments and annulling of even penal codes. That Sri Lanka brought peace, eliminating terror to the 21million people were ignored and those voting against Sri Lanka had no explanation for why they could not stop LTTE terror killings though questioning how LTTE were killed. The dossier of questions that those alleging needs to be prepared and endorsed by our friends in UNHRC together with the closure resolution. Sri Lanka has been unfairly treated in the manner the UNHRC has been used by lobby groups as a result of the power of international funding & lobbying.


Nevertheless, the country & its people must move forward and should move forward. If we are going to continue with the question of accountability then we have plenty of accountability questions for those who joined the witch hunt against Sri Lanka.


Today, these countries are facing their nemesis.

Sri Lanka has backing of 33 non-aligned member nations against a handful of Commonwealth member states of which UK heads. It is also a good time with UK now isolated as a result of Brexit for Sri Lanka to even consider leaving the Commonwealth as Sri Lanka has had no support other than sipping tea inspite of being a member.


15 New Seats expiring in 2023

Asia-Pacific – Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Nepal, China

Africa – Ivory Coast, Malawi, Gabon, Senegal

Latin America/Caribbean – Mexico, Cuba, Bolivia,

Western Europe – Britain, France

Eastern Europe – Russia, Ukraine


Members expiring in 2021

Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Czechia, Denmark, Eritrea, Fiji, India, Italy, Philippines, Somalia, Togo, Uruguay,


Members expiring in 2022

Armenia, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Libya, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Namibia, Netherlands, Poland, Korea, Sudan, Venezuela


Of the 47 UNHRC Members 26 countries are non-aligned movement members while 7 are Observe Member states of the Non-Aligned Movement (33 countries are NAM Members)

Cuba, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Eritrea, Fiji, Gabon, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Libya, Malawi, Mauritania, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, Togo, Uzbekistan, Venezuela


Observer Members 7

China, Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, Mexico, Ukraine, Uruguay,


Of the 47 UNHRC Members – 14 countries are not members of Non-Aligned Movement  

Austria, Britain, Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Marshall Islands, Netherlands, Poland, Russia


Of the 47 UNHRC Members – only 10 countries are members of the Commonwealth of Nations

Bahamas, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Fiji, India, Malawi, Namibia, Pakistan, Togo & Britain


Resolutions against Sri Lanka in 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014

Italy has voted 4 times against Sri Lanka


Voting Once Against Sri Lanka

Netherlands (2009)

Korea (2013) – but abstained in 2009

Cameroon ((2012) – but voted for Sri Lanka in 2009

Uruguay (2012) – but voted for Sri Lanka in 2009


Twice voting against Sri Lanka

India (2012-2013) – but voted for Sri Lanka in 2009 and abstained in 2014

Argentina (2013-2014) – but abstained in 2009

Bahamas (2013-2014) – but abstained in 2009

Brazil (2013-2014) – but voted for Sri Lanka in 2009

Libya (2012-2013)

Poland (2012-2013)


Thrice voting against Sri Lanka

Mexico (2009-12-13)

Germany (2009-2013-2014)

Austria (2012-2013-2014)


Thrice abstaining

Japan (2009, 2013, 2014)

Burkina Faso (2012, 2013, 2014) – but voted for Sri Lanka in 2009


Thrice voting Pro-Sri Lanka

Indonesia (2009-2012-2013) – but abstained in 2014

Philippines (2009-2012-2013) – but abstained in 2014

Pakistan (2009-2013-2014)


Twice voting for Sri Lanka

Bangladesh (2009, 2012)

Mauritania (2012, 2013)

Venezuela (2013, 2014)


Once voting for Sri Lanka

Senegal (2009) but abstained in 2012

Algeria 2014



Ukraine (2009)

Namibia (2014)


UNHRC Resolution 2009-2012-2013-2014

Italy has been the only country to have voted against Sri Lanka in all 4 UNHRC Resolutions


Sri Lanka’s diplomats have their work cut out for them.

  • Why Italy voted against Sri Lanka in all of the 4 resolutions against Sri Lanka
  • Why Korea abstained voting against Sri Lanka in 2009 but voted against Sri Lanka in 2013.
  • Why Cameroon & Uruguay voted for Sri Lanka in 2009 but voted against in 2012
  • Why India voted for Sri Lanka in 2009 but voted against Sri Lankan in 2012-2013 and abstained in 2014
  • Why Argentina & Bahamas abstained in 2009 but voted against Sri Lanka in 2013 & 2014
  • Why Brazil who voted for Sri Lanka in 2009 voted against Sri Lanka in 2013 & 2014
  • Why Libya and Poland voted against Sri Lanka in 2012 & 2013
  • Why Mexico voted against Sri Lanka in 2009, 2012 & 2013
  • Why Germany voted against Sri Lanka in 2009, 2013, & 2014
  • Why Austria voted against Sri Lanka in 2012, 2013, & 2014
  • Why Libya & Poland voted against Sri Lanka in 2012 & 2013
  • Why Japan did not vote for Sri Lanka but abstained in 2009, 2013 & 2014
  • Why Gabon abstained in 2009 & 2014
  • Why Burkina Faso voted for Sri Lanka in 2009 but abstained in 2012, 2013 & 2014
  • Why Indonesia & Philippines voted for Sri Lanka in 2009, 2012 & 2013 but abstained in 2014
  • Why Ivory Coast voted against Sri Lanka in 2013 & 2014
  • Why Senegal voted for Sri Lanka in 2009 but abstained in 2012
  • Why Ukraine abstained voting in 2009
  • Why Namibia abstained voting in 2014


Bangladesh voted for Sri Lanka in 2009 & 2012

Bolivia & Brazil voted for Sri Lanka in 2009

Mauritania voted for Sri Lanka in 2012 & 2013

Venezuela voted for Sri Lanka in 2013 & 2014

Pakistan voted for Sri Lanka in 2009, 2013, & 2014

China, Cuba & Russia voted for Sri Lanka in 2009, 2012, & 2014


Sri Lanka cannot forget the nations that defend Sri Lanka on international forums. That amity must always prevail. At the same time, Sri Lanka must also canvass among the other nations who may have a wrong notion of the conflict in Sri Lanka & correct the narrative using the best of diplomatic channels available.





Shenali D Waduge

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