The harm JVP & sidekicks have done to Sri Lanka



There is one entity that is a menace to society & that is the JVP, its partners & its offshoots – all three combined have been one of the major causes for many of the ills that ails Sri Lanka. The collective campaign by the network are the destabilizing agents operating in Sri Lanka and citizens must be able to make the connections.



JVP & associates links to LTTE terrorists

  • A factor that has had attention drawn towards


JVP & associates links to Islamic terrorism

  • The Easter Sunday bombings revealed these links

Easter Sunday suicide bombers father on JVP 2015 National List.


JVP & associates links to foreign intel agencies

  • This is clear in the manner they are outsourced to carry out various covert/overt campaigns

Note how JVP is rebranding itself along a new “liberal” with its new party name!


JVP & the Church

  • An unexpected chemistry but the manner numerous Church heads are seen in the presence of JVP & associates raises the question what this partnership is up to.


JVP & associates functioning as political pimps

  • At every election, they will side with the winning party or be given the role of remaining in the opposition to make governance difficult for the winning party. Either way, they cause havoc to the implementation of policy.
  • JVP have been the foot soldiers for every government that has come to power. The times they are tasked to remain out of power – they have made life hell of the government in power by carrying out mass protests, riots, destruction to property, false flag campaigns etc.


In parliament, they are given a special role to highlight charge sheets against all & sundry but little happens thereafter as they have tied up with every government they have hurled accusations against.


JVP & associates – ruining Buddhism/Buddhists

  • Many of the robed youth demonstrating presently are unlikely to be ordained or ordained for the wrong reasons or for other reasons. However, the site of their behavior is an embarrassment to Buddhists/Buddhism and possibly this is the desired outcome in putting them in robes. In such a scenario the State needs to reverse decision to allow Buddhist theros to study in universities for layman and return them to Buddhist universities or take action against anyone in robes vandalizing or acting violently.


JVP & associates ruining higher education

  • The assets of a nation are its people when the early education system is also not managed properly, the situation is made worse when youth get brainwashed into being revolutionaries without fulfilling the duty as a child to their parents by completing studies. JVP & branches within the universities have ruined the minds of the assets of the Nation & governments and higher education authorities are faulted for not taking action.


JVP and ragging

  • The scale of ragging and the sexual, physical and mental abuse to youth by these warped individuals is nothing short of criminal. That stern action has not been taken has enabled them to continue with every new enrolment. Many have even taken their lives as a result of excessive ragging, sexual and physical abuse – the rest are haunted and tormented by what they have had to silently suffer. The others that have suffered and become hardened by that suffering become the torch bearers that continue the system of abuse on freshers in a cycle of revenge “if I suffered, so must you”. Imagine the type of individuals that eventually come out – hating the world, seeking revenge and pent up anger brewing inside. These are the easy prey for political games and foot soldiers. Angered by the system – they are naturally angry with the system but they are unlikely to change the system seen in the manner they instill the pain they suffered unto others.–physical-abuse–in-our-Universities-reaches-crisis-proportions/131-169200


JVP & associates – dampen development & progress

  • Protesting anything & everything without counter proposals
  • JVP-Associates-led Trade unions have been champions of complaining but have watched corruptions take place within their own entities – ex: CEB, Ports, Petroleum etc


JVP & associates – ruining education

  • It is well & good to be promoting nationalism – but when a warped sense of nationalism is being promoted, it gets the nation and its people nowhere
  • Initiatives to develop and improve education systems are always objected with no counter proposals to develop & improve education
  • When free education is provided – the leaders make avail of free education & even scholarships but do not pass out & are inside universities for years. It is entirely the fault of the university authorities & their failure to ensure no student abuses the system.
  • When proposals emerge to turn education into a profit-making venture where the State can draw partnerships with international universities and offer courses in Sri Lanka, this too is objected by the JVP & their partners. If the private sector can facilitate foreign education & bring profit as well as impart a service, why can’t the same model be applied by the State and draw profits into the education system which can be utilized to subsidize the poor segments of school going-university going children. Anything can be turned into a win-win arrangement, however the JVP continues to prevent such.


The level of the mentality of hate, revenge, selfishness, sadism emerging from JVP-associate linked youth entering society as “qualified” adults is regularly seen by their actions, highlighted well in the attacks to property, homes and precious belongings of people on 9 May and their behavior in the centre of protest grounds.


The irony is that the JVP & its breakaway groups send their children overseas for studies and employment but are vociferous critics when other children are given the opportunity to study a foreign degree in a private university in Sri Lanka or a state university partnering with international universities


It is time the supporters of the JVP & its breakaway factions ask some simple questions:


  • Where did JVP leaders’ son study?
  • Where do other JVP leaders children study?
  • How many children of JVP top brass have studied overseas & which countries?
  • How many JVP & their breakaway groups have PR status overseas?
  • How many JVP & their breakaway groups have property overseas?
  • How are JVP & their breakaway leaders leading the life they lead without doing a job, following Marxism since they preach to their followers everything and anything against privatization or consumerism.


The day the followers of JVP & its breakaway faction start asking and getting answers to the above questions, the JVP & its breakaway groups will fail to exist after getting exposed to lying to them and leading them astray.


LTTE was militarily eliminated. Islamic terrorism is being curtailed by law & an alert public but the JVP and its associates continue to be a menace and are now being tapped by anyone & everyone who want to sabotage or block Sri Lanka’s progress.


Unless and until action is taking against these saboteurs Sri Lanka can never move forward whatever plans, policies or international assistance Sri Lanka gets.

Against these ills, what is the point in bringing files or presenting statistics on corruptions but doing nothing about them?






Shenali D Waduge



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