Ulterior motives behind “Gender Equality Bill” – Another attempt to dislodge Sri Lanka’s Cultural heritage & Sinhala Buddhist identity


When anything is difficult to introduce, the tactic used is to camouflage the insidious objective & sugar coat it in a manner that can win over people’s approval. Thus, the name “Gender Equality” – it becomes something people cannot refuse & do not pay much attention to reading the hidden clauses attempted to be passed using this camouflage. It shows the architects of these names have mentally assessed how weak the majority of Sri Lanka’s populace are in believing anything sugar coated.

Yep good one. Also dont forget “Women Empowerement Bill ” “Gender Equality Bill” & “National Women Commission” are on the pipeline with NGO support & probably foreign funding which might even be strapped to aid & other humanitarian gifts given only on the condition that the government passes these Bills. This is how western nations inflict damage culturally on countries by pretending to give goodies which come with dangerous outcomes.


The insidious plan is to legalize Transgender / influence warped sexual ideology – in short it has nothing whatsoever to do with women except to turn men into something other than a man & turn a woman into something other than a woman.

The crux of the matter is that individuals can go about doing what they like in private but what is done in private does not require to be drummed and promoted & forced upon others by legal acts. If a person wants to be gay so be it. If a person wants to be a lesbian so be it. But gays and lesbians and people of any other name have no right to force their ideology upon others through legal Acts. People have a right to live the way they want too.


The documents being prepared are the Gender Equality Bill. How can women’s rights be protected via a Bill that gives equal place to homosexuality & transgenders?

The LGBT madness in US is nothing that majority of Americans agree to but have to put up with the nonsense at it was introduced with insidious plans in mind where ultimately big pharma bags a bunch of zombies into their medicinal kitty for therapy medications and depression following operations to change sex and other mental instabilities they begin to suffer as they age. It becomes a fad for those in teen who can easily be pumped up by paid NGOs to embrace anything that gets promoted as the “in thing” but with time they feel in a state of anxiety & require medications. This means clients for the pharmaceutical industry who must be one of the promoters of these “equality” Bills.

The Gender Equality Bill is proposing to create a Women’s Commission which will hardly look into the needs of women but concentrate on the lesbians and promoting lesbians across Sri Lanka’s girls. This is all part of the depopulation agenda. These are all part of the liberal agenda being transported and imported to countries as another means of dividing society & culturally destroying them. Countries that have no culture or no culture to boast about are going out of their way to destroy ancient cultures & keep them only as coffee table books. https://twitter.com/libsoftiktok listen to how libtards destroyed America with LGBT ideology.

The newest is the drag queen ideology – where young boys are being dressed like girls & sent on mardi gras like concerts. Would any mother or father wish to have their sons dressed as women? What right does a bunch of people have to introduce an ideology changing natural character (interior and exterior) of people? If they wish to, that is their individual choice – but do they have a right to force their will on others? Every persons freedoms and rights ends where they trespass on the freedoms & rights of others. This remains the golden rule.

Look at the number of AIDS victims as a result of abnormal sexual behavior in Africa promoted by NGOs from West? Do we want such in Sri Lanka? We saw how the wayward behavior promoted during the aragala gave rise to rise in HIV cases. Do we want to be an AIDS infected nation like the countries of Africa?

What the National Commission on Women’s Bill is cunningly attempting to do is to give legitimacy to LGBT under Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment.

Isn’t it ironic that the promoters of all these movements were at the forefront of intentionally displaying a black Vesak and mocking Buddha on the grounds of the Galle Face where they claimed they were protesting against an economic situation.

It is no secret that the 3 colonial invaders saw Buddhist philosophy as a threat and wished to vanquish it – their policies were directly aimed at destroying not only Buddhism but the Buddhist identity of Sri Lanka. The Catholic Action post-independence remains active & their goal is to destroy Buddhism from within as well – their pawn the JVP are doing a great job of robing men in Buddhist robes and making them run amok to give Buddhism a bad name. Imagine when they send gays and trans as Buddhist theros! With the legality given to them, their actions will be protected in Courts & this is what they are aiming to do. It is no different to trying to remove the PTA so that the same funding bodies can spread terror once more. By now, a supposed literate Sri Lanka should have understood these insidious plans.

The players are the very same that carry out colored revolutions and their footsoldiers are these its they have created since they do not wish to be called women or men!


What good is any Bill when inspite of many Bills – women still get beaten by men more than men get beaten by women, women & girls are trafficked more than men, a woman is raped more than men, more girls are out of school than boys, even those that boast of “equality” pay less to women, best jobs are never given to women, and those women that are lucky to go to the top are only ceremonial roles, While countries claim to have legalized transgender/homosexuality – half of all transgenders are sexually abused, there are more cases of suicides by men as they are unlikely to seek help due to their ego.

It is the female who gets pregnant & carries child for 9 months – should the father get the same leave as this mother who has to breastfeed the baby? Is this the equality that is being promoted?

We agree men are physically more powerful than women & it would be unfair to give equal status for a woman as that of a man who is carrying more heavy objects.

Moreover the ones screaming equal rights are also beating for women’s rights & feminist rights – so what happens to equal rights. How many women would say no to a male opening the door for them! How many females would refuse a male paying the restaurant bill!

The feminist movement became vogue only because it was introduced as a socio-political movement similar to the LGBT movement – there are politics behind these initiatives with organizations and governments heavily backing people promoting it.

Lets take a step back in time. Sri Lanka belongs to the Eastern Civilization, where our nations were called motherland because the head of the home was the mother, who looked after every affair in the house while the father brought food & kept the home safe. This was the role that was passed down from generations and it was a revered role one in which the mother did not try to boast her position was superior to that of the father & vice versa. Then came the macho men – the colonial explorers with their big guns who showed their physical powers enhanced via weapons. Soon, they infused their brand of ideology that pitted people against each other. The caste factor was never looked with degradation but it was turned into a class structure by colonials, men & women were placed against each other, women were turned into slavery and sex objects. The biggest damage was the psychological influence making people think themselves as superior or inferior and building anger and bad will against each other. This psyche continues and is what is being rebranded via various well funded initiatives – all to break up the home..

The colonials followed the rule “divide the house” – this is what they are doing now, they are dividing the home – getting children hooked on to drugs, getting children to adopt bizarre sexual norms which are being presented as fashionable, getting children to not respect their elders and teachers, getting elders involved in equally illicit activities preparing the grounds to justify children not respecting them … a major psychological operation is at play. These are all well-funded & well organized with NGOs and locals coopted to roll out the efforts. Natural biology cannot be tampered & tweaked. Attempts to do so result in trauma to the person forced to experience such changes not to those promoting it. People should not be turned into guineapigs and politicians in Sri Lanka should stop playing further games with people’s lives by plugging every imported headache to Sri Lanka.

What should happen is legally men & women should be treated equally & professionally depending on the job – women & men should get paid equally too. All other areas, legislation should not be allowed to force people to adopt any socio-politically motivated & funded initiatives that are being unfairly plugged to foreign aid with diplomatic arm-twisting. Culturally corrupt nations are attempting to corrupt the cultures of nations that embrace proud civilizational traditions, heritage & customs.


Sri Lankans – Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims must object to changing their children into socio-political guineapigs & destroying their natural physique & turning them into a facade that is unnatural & likely to lead to psychological trauma in later years for themselves & their families.

Shenali D Waduge

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