Unholy alliance: AKD – America’s newest political “sweetheart” in Sri Lanka


The JVP-plugged NPP is not the JVP that Rohana Wijeweera created. The rank & file of those that survived insurrections in 1972 and 1980s will no doubt agree. Many of these today feel disillusioned, having sacrificed their lives & even members of their family for a cause that has cheated them of the best years of their lives. The JVP is sans any common ideology. The JVP-NPP is caught between maintaining its rural base or becoming a front of a new bourgeoisie west-influenced liberal class. What is certain is that the invisible handlers of both JVP & NPP must be equally confused, though their task & mandate is to ensure they keep classes of people intrigued by politically playing mischief with the minds of the masses. Today, the JVP leader is the poster-boy in US, Australia & Europe to masses of JVPers who have also made these western states their home and are now enjoying western liberal lives.

JVP is no doubt a compromised political party. It has been artfully used to prop up every coalition government. Its servile nature was seen in the manner it played dutiful servant following the US-India led regime change in 2015. Noteworthy is that NPP was created in 2015 and functions as the liberal arm of the JVP. What happened to Maoist-Marxism, one wonders!. JVP stalwarts were virtually living inside Temple Trees during this period inspite of displaying a dossier of corruption files, which only sees the light of day when an election draws near.

It was a regime change that marginalized the Sinhala majority, vilified them internationally & unfairly presented the notion that they received exceptional treatment. This is echoed by the JVP leader himself & JVP must be challenged to present evidence of what the majority Sinhalese enjoy that are constitutionally & legally denied to the minorities. This unfair notion presented by politicians and parroted by their blind followers has dealt prejudicial circumstances to the majority Sinhalese.

Unfortunately, the majority of JVP supporters are born Sinhala Buddhists. Sadly, they are pawns used to destroy Sinhala Buddhists. This was done by indoctrinating them to take up arms & being slaughtered in 2 insurrections that indirectly aspired to kill promising & talented Sinhala Buddhists.


Next, the JVP was used to infiltrate university education indoctrinating lecturers and students and inducing an ideology that many cannot overcome. It is sad that the JVP supporters who are living in western climes, their children gaining western education & jobs, are happy to fill the JVP accounts with funds & watch JVP mercilessly rag rural youth who enter university & subject them to physical and mental torture in an agenda that serves to remove whatever cultural values that they were taught in their home. Have any of these JVP foreign supporters demanded JVP stop their ragging of university students, many who either took their lives rather than suffer shame or left university education altogether. JVP annually produces students who are angry with themselves, angry with their nation, angry with their people, seeking revenge making demands and unconcerned about delivering any duty to the nation or even their parents. JVP annually churns graduates who end up useless to themselves or the nation apart from a handful who are able to come out of the JVP-spun mental prison.

This is how JVP is used to destroy university education and youth in Sri Lanka. Not a whim of protest by JVP supporters living overseas & watching their own children gain quality education & climb up in life. Back home JVP-NPP are against any progress in education & enjoy putting students to the streets instead of studies.

The aragalaya brought to the open and exposed many players who are political pawns, easily lured via funds or awards – JVP themselves admitted to playing a key role in it, the open arm welcome of the JVP leader by protestors is evidence enough. The role of university students during the protest was also a clue. The manner the US envoy personally shook hands with every player involved was also a sign of who was patron.

The JVP-NPP leader is on a Western tour and has become the poster-boy of the liberals! What an anti-climax. Rohana Wijeweera must be livid in his grave. The thousands of dead JVPers must be equally distraught – did they die for this! One can imagine the status of the living JVPers still embracing that old ideology.

Naturally, when the US envoy makes a personal visit to the office of the JVP leader, it is an open endorsement that the US has thrown in the towel & lost faith in the 2 main political parties and is now toying with the idea of promoting the JVP for a leadership role. Let it be made clear that prior to this sudden change, the JVP was only a hired party used to do the ground campaigning for the party that the international community decided to support to power. This should explain why inspite of major political propaganda stunts and campaign spending JVP votes never reach beyond 3%. This is no accident, this is planned and JVP is funded to only cause mischief in politics and be relevant as an option, but never an option.

However, the situation appears to have changed as the plotters cannot visualize a winning ticket and probably have weighed the situation & decided to bring JVP-NPP leader to power now that bankrupt Sri Lanka is secured under IMF tutelage.

The envoys can wish, but it is left to the people’s wisdom to realize the dangers of this scenario and decide to negate the plan.

The general public needs to look at the US support for JVP vis a vis the manner US is functioning in Gaza. The tragic fate of the people in Palestine being used as pawns in an ugly political game is indeed tragic. We must look at the situation not from the lens of who is firing, who is holding hostages but who are suffering and the role played by US and their statements regarding this is unacceptable and must be condemned by all. Even the citizens of America are feeling shy and embarrassed at the manner their government is behaving. Is this the government that is backing the JVP-NPP to power? This alone should signal the calamity that Sri Lanka is likely to be subject to in such a scenario that a puppet leader, propped up by US comes to power because the US propagandists are funding his campaign to power.

These are thoughts that must enter the minds of all Sri Lankan citizens who are naturally angry with the political parties and their anger is being toyed to divert their attention to thinking JVP-NPP is an alternative. It is an alternative that is under complete control of a nation that is destroying the world. Do we need Sri Lanka to be nailed to that coffin too.


Shenali D Waduge

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