The attempt to suddenly bring sex education to children above other more important issues is cause for concern especially if it is funded from foreign sources & curriculum is also written from foreign sources. Children should be taught values, to be animal-friendly, to be taught civics to learn the laws of the land before learning sex. Sri Lankan students already have a subject called Health Education – this is ample to cover the topic of basic knowledge of sex. Having infested eastern cultures with western culture of drilling young minds with sexuality & sensualism, children’s minds are being intentionally diverted. The West is openly including “LGBTQ curriculum” into the minds of perfectly normal children, since including same will draw negative publicity, the insidious attempt is to bring “sexuality” to children in the form of “sex education”. All of these curricular comes via foreign funds, with NGOs drafting the syllabus and education officials asked to only endorse it. Therefore, patriotic educationists and parents must be alert & read these texts & protests if they attempt to bring LGBTQ or other unnormal sex education into the minds of our children.

Sri Lanka loves to import every headache to our shores. LGBTQ is the newest ‘fad’.

6 US States have passed legislation to include LGBTQ+ in course syllabus. Nevada starts from kindergarten.

n 2011, California became the first state to require that the social studies curriculum include the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) figures and their roles in contemporary society. Similar legislation was passed eight years later in Colorado and New Jersey. The point is anyone may have been gay but that was NOT what made their mark in society. It was not because they were gay that they have entered history books. The LGBTQ community are twisting this “gayness” as a propaganda for their programs & now plugging into school texts as well.

US is encouraging youth to become sexually active with the same sex while also increasing health centres to meet the health challenges as well as hospitals, medicines, after-care (all owned by those promoting LGBTQ) It’s a very lucrative venture that has multiple goals & outcomes as those funding LGBTQ are also funding movements that seek to reduce population, which is being encouraged in multiple ways by discouraging marriage, presenting the futility of married life, making young couples fear having children, attracting youth away from natural opposite sex & getting them drawn to same-sex relationships & same-sex marriage which ends ability to give birth naturally and now the latest fad is the transgender movement where children are being brainwashed via sex education to change their sex & dent the normal process of life, marriage, family & procreation. This is unwanted meddling with nature & the natural and has nothing to do with any inherent qualities in anyone. It has everything to do with a well-funded, well lobbied, well campaigned well-coordinated global agenda seeking to legislatively make the changes to roll out programs across countries to fiddle with peoples sex & indoctrinate their young minds into becoming what they are not but being made  to believe it is their choice. This ‘choice’ comes about by infesting their mind believing to be what they are not but something/someone else. This toying with minds of children often without parental knowledge is dangerous & needs to be identified before it is rolled out in Sri Lanka, where funds can do magic with people willing to do anything for money.

How is “inclusive” defined, who defines it & in whose interest?

6 US States has LGBTQ “inclusive” laws

California, New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon, Illinois, Nevada

Notice the modus operandi.

Lobbies present a hyped-notion of “discrimination”. This is to stir sympathy bring it to a point where the organizers put their next trump card of demanding “legislative” changes to bring “safeguards” to the “discriminated” mostly using isolated incidents hype to present a “global issue”. Further pressure is exerted by getting their other influential arms to exert political pressure diplomatically or hand economic carrots (we will give $XXX if you implement this)  In all probability these documents would have already been prepared by them even before the whole “discrimination” scenarios were launched. Thus, the subtle indoctrination has become complete having choreographed the scenario, built-it to a level of demanding “system change”, drafting the ‘legislative change” to their advantage and then using their influence to ensure across the country, their program is implemented as per their plan. How many such



In all the above, children are made to believe that historical figures became historical figures because of being gay? The emphasis to being gay is a key operational clause embedded with ulterior motives.

If there are LGBTQ children & if they are being discriminated, the sensible thing to do is to take action against those bullying children. Not bullying children through course curriculum to learn about LGBTQ, infesting their minds to also join the club. If the argument is that LGBTQ are “naturally” LGBTQ, why force the “naturally” not LGBTQ children to think of becoming LGBTQ or think they are also LGBTQ via brainwashing through State school curriculums?

Confusing & confounding matters further is the pains being taken to teach the teachers about how to teach children to embrace LGBTQ as being ‘normal’.

Are US schools trying to turn normal children into LGBTQ? Are they trying to import this to Sri Lanka by first sneaking the agenda through “SEX EDUCATION” & combining that with foreign grant/aid making it impossible for corrupt politicians & public sector to refuse? Don’t play with the lives of children to satisfy corrupt ways. Introducing “sex education” is a ruse. Using ‘sex education’ as a camouflage, the attempt is to indoctrinate Sri Lanka’s children as young as 1 year olds to question their sexuality, distance them from family ties and bonds and create zombies out of them, making them dress abnormally, behave contrary to eastern culture, embrace ideals that are imported only to destroy their lives.

Phase 1: indoctrinating kids from age 1 to 7 & influencing their subconscious mind

Phase 2: kids begin questioning their sex, experimenting with sex & indirectly guided away from parental links

Phase 3: children encouraged to change sex, thinking it is their decision when it is clearly not. The course curricular was designed to infest their minds to become what they were naturally not & thereafter they are permanent customers of Big Pharma dependent on drugs to survive. Lifelong medicines have serious impact on a child & ruins the family & traumatizes them.

We are watching some sadistic people use funds to force countries to meddle with the minds of the child.

Sri Lanka’s parents must be awake to the “sex education” “gender” programs that are being rolled out simply because some foreign funding agency has given some money for implementing these programs that are going to ruin your precious child.

Disney+ Uses Drag Queens To Promote & Fund LGBTQ Curriculum In Public Schools

Over $200K being spent on drag queen shows at NYC schools, records show (2022)

Should drag shows be used as a teaching tool in Alberta schools?

Drag queens in schools: the unbelievable has finally happened (DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN IN SL)

Drag Queen Story Hour Admits To Grooming Your Kids

DISGUSTING Drag Queen Gives High School Student A LAP DANCE


The Florida Senate passes a bill aimed at blocking children from attending drag shows

Tennessee Passed the Nation’s First Law Limiting Drag Shows. Here’s the Status of Anti-Drag Bills Across the U.S.

What started in America was palmed off to UK & Europe. Americans are now European parents are up in arms over spreading of homosexual ideology among normal childen & passing new laws to curtail its spread.

Should we not be learning lessons & PREVENT same coming to Sri Lanka without embracing what has proved to be a failed project elsewhere but the damage done to the children is irreversible. 30 clinics are operating in US to change sex of children. Let this nonsense not come to Sri Lanka as well.

Shenali D Waduge

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