WE REMEMBER: S/514701 PTE Dharmadasa KG – shot dead on 15 February 2003 by LTTE during infamous 2002 Ceasefire

The UN & UNHRC are taking a lot of pains about LTTE terrorists – how they died, where they died, why they were killed and what not. It’s very strange that the UN/UNHRC appears not to be bothered about soldiers of a national army or are they meant to be cannon fodder?

The UN UNHRC expects soldiers to be referring to the international law books before they take any action while the LTTE are not bothered about any such book and couldn’t care less of the laws in it. This soldier was killed in 2003 on 15thFebruary while an international ceasefire was in place. Not only was the 2002 ceasefire agreement internationally mediated by Norway, with nod of Indian approval, a Nordic monitoring mission was also tasked to record violations. It turned out that LTTE committed 3,830 violations while 356 violations were recorded to have been committed by Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces. It was during this same cease fire agreement that Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadiragamar was killed and LTTE began re-recruiting children as child soldiers while increasing funding campaigns to return to kill, which took place with the closure of the Mavil Aru anicut leading to the downfall of the LTTE on May 2009.


The Armed Forces lost thousands of lives defending the nation.

The Armed Forces has thousands wounded some unable to walk, speak or hear.

The Armed Forces has real widows mourning their soldier war heroes

The Armed Forces has thousands of children who have lost their father

The Armed Forces has thousands of parents crying over their lost sons


While LTTE also has lost many a combatant. But it was their choice to take up arms.

It was LTTE’s choice to kill.

It was LTTE’s choice to continue to kill.

It was LTTE’s choice to refuse to surrender

It was LTTE’s choice to fight till the last man

It was LTTE’s choice to take the gun and die with the gun. So be it.

No one can be faulted for LTTE’s choice.




To the family of S/514701 PTE Dharmadasa KG our respect for a son who went to defend the nation and fell victim.

As the family mourns his death anniversary, we too mourn the many other fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for the integrity and sovereignty of the Nation.




Shenali D Waduge

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