Western embassies in Sri Lanka – please open a desk for political asylum seekers


Who else is planning to do a Hamsa? Hamsa wanted asylum, C4 needed to boost revenue, West/UN needed a topic to politicize, foreign funded NGOs needed a topic for survival & funding & a bunch of others needed a reason to cover their guilty conscience regarding knowing but not doing anything to prevent Easter Sunday. These ingredients mashed together produced what was promised to be a sensational documentary that was all about weakening & demoralizing the armed forces & intelligence of Sri Lanka by targeting a key official. That drama became a washout when the directors themselves admitted they had no evidence. Quite a number including the UNHRC must render their apologies but to divert that we have another asylum seeker – this time it’s a magistrate. Another minority member claiming to be under death threats. This is getting really interesting.

This particular magistrate is having a bevy of cases against his biased judgements pending hearing and isnt it timely that he should wish to dart off before he is exposed. How artful it has become to cook up ‘death threats’ share a few posts on social media, engage a few foreign funded NGOs to do the publicity and it’s a piece of cake to carry out a campaign demonising the Sinhalese. There are veterans at this game.

The Western nations, themselves in economic decline, having subjected their citizens to shoulder an useless war in Ukraine, are already at the receiving end of verbal displeasure as Trudeau himself found out recently. Not too many Europeans & Americans are happy with immigrants nowadays. Therefore, western embassies may well have to think twice about accepting crocodile tear asylum seekers to their climes, though of course they do perform well after training to appear in the halls of the UN/UNHRC and deliver deadly statements against their motherland.

But shouldn’t these Western embassies wonder why these asylum seekers do not seek asylum in India or go to Tamil Nadu that is always wailing for their brothers & sisters in Sri Lanka? Why is it that the asylum seekers only want to go to UK, Europe, US, Canada or Australia? Is this question not asked by the western governments?

The problem with the Western governments, their media & the locals they fund is that what is presented to them as “news” is false data, fake history and distortions aligned to their political agendas. At some point in time these tales backfire as C4 found out recently. You can repeat the truth but a lie has to be sustained and more often than not one lie leads to another and then it gets out of hand when the liars compete with each other!

The news accounts of some of the cases the judge in question has presided over is full of falsehood. This is no time to be giving history lessons but ignoring historical facts is where the judge has erred. The defense of this is the current theatrics. What is the defense for denying & ordering police to prevent worshipping of flowers that it contravenes existing orders, in a land where Buddhism is state religion? Magistrates are meant to go by the law not play politics.

While the gist of the issue is to harp upon the fact that he is threatened because he is a Tamil, his claim that the AG asked him to reverse his judgement conveniently omits to mention that the AG is himself a Tamil. Then there is another facebook post by a journalist in Norway, also a Tamil, actually finding fault with the judge in question for cooking up a complaint against him & the colossal amount of money he ended up having to pay. These are not plus points to this grievance asylum case!

It has become very fashionable for the minority to cry foul & claim “ethnic” discrimination if they are found fault for anything. The message being conveyed is that they can do any wrong & get away because they are Tamil! The law of the land cannot apply to them and the moment they are questioned they go tapping at embassy doors, shedding crocodile tears & then claiming asylum, while the West is happy to use the case, print it to paper & use it as diplomatic demarches against Sri Lanka.

This ugly practice needs to stop. If the judge has received threats, he must produce evidence & present these in a form of a complaint lodged to the police. In the meanwhile, he must be ready to face the complaints against him for biased judgements that have been filed. His judgements have been challenged at a higher court, which is the legal & accepted norm. He cannot take offence over that.

However, if the embassies set precedents by giving asylum to anyone creating a Hamsa like drama, their embassy doors will be pretty busy and with long queues & more fairytales.

Maybe its better for all the bad applese to leave, anyways



Shenali D Waduge



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