What is the West & Saudi doing to Yemen & where is the UN?

Heartbreaking photos are being relayed across the social media of children in hunger. These photos raise to the surface many a question & hypocrisies that prevail in global diplomacy & highlights the bias of international peace bodies & human rights activists. We are not bothered by who is right but what should concern us is that these R2P ‘humanitarian’ interventions claiming to save the lives of people by getting rid of a supposed ‘dictator’ is only resulting in killing far more people than the supposed dictator is allegedly accused of killing. The West-Saudi led attacks on Yemen has left a country of 28m people in virtual starvation & not even the UN is doing anything about it.


In Sri Lanka, we wish to highlight this example primarily because the UN & UNHRC has been violating the UN Charter & the general ethics that should be awarded to a UN member country in its handling of LTTE terrorists. The successive resolutions against Sri Lanka has been punishment for militarily defeating the LTTE that had been used as a soft-power tool against Sri Lanka by the West & UN – these resolutions are even demanding Sri Lanka change its constitution while West is tying loans to abolishing penal codes & terror prevention acts. What kind of diplomacy is this?

Today UN officials are landing to demand Sri Lanka ask forgiveness from the LTTE & pay them state compensation – would the UN ask the US army to beg forgiveness from Al Qaeda & pay compensation to them? What kind of ridiculous demand is this. What about all of the victims LTTE killed throughout 30 years? Is justice not relevant to them? Is it the Terrorists that have to be given first place above the rights of those these non-state actors violated & killed?

Yemen became another Western-Saudi sponsored battleground in March 2015. The Arab Spring arrived in Yemen in 2011 & it was just a matter of time for Yemen to fall into crisis.

In the manner the West & UN is handling Yemen crisis – it proves above all else that the West are hypocrites & the UN is simply a puppet for Western imperial rule.

Yemen has a population of 28m. But when Saudi decided to intervene in Yemen Saudi was supported by Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Sudan, Bahrain, Morocco, Jordan plus Pakistan & not surprisingly US, U & EU. Sadly, the majority of the Muslim world are not taking the side of a fellow Muslim country. But if a cartoon or film was relayed on Islam the whole Muslim world would be on the streets issuing fatwas though none of them probably would not have even seen the cartoon. However, even after seeing these sad pictures of these dying and starving children the Muslim world is silent.

In November 2015 US even approved a $1.3billion arms sale to Saudi. In October 2016 the US even launched 3 cruise-missiles. US has also been helping Saudi attack Yemen some of these strikes have hit civilian marketplaces, water bottling factories, hospitals & funeral homes. The same precision bombing dislocating a country’s power to sustain itself was done to Serbia by US & NATO. Saudi’s have even stopped food & medicines entering Yemen from both sea & air leading to a humanitarian catastrophe. All that human rights activists have done is just report the ‘famine’. As of 2015 November HRW has records 58 separate attacks on civilians by Saudi that violates laws of war – but have you heard any UNHRC resolution against the Saudis or UN sending a rapporteur marching to Saudi for explanation? NO

HRW also says Saudi-alliance have used cluster ammunitions manufactured by US & UK – of course nothing will happen to any of these perpetrators.

We are just expected to be happy that UN has issued a statement

In October 2016 Saudi bombed a funeral home killing 140 and wounding over 500 people.

Half of the Yemeni population (14m) do not have enough of food to eat and insufficient medical supplies. Remember the incubator lie created to invade Iraq – well in Yemen babies are actually dying in incubators and the whole world is silent.

Why is the US helping Saudi against the Houthi rebels. Why would American tax payers want to have anything to do with or even against the Houthi’s, a name probably they have not even heard of! US has also been using drones on Yemen. The classic response by US is that it gives drones to any country that use these systems in accordance with international law.”

UAE forces are even aided by Colombian mercenaries.

July 2018 – more than 1m cholera cases, 400,000 nearing starvation

August 2018 – the bombs that the Saudi coalition used that killed 40 Yemeni children were made by Lockheed Martin, US

1.8m children in Yemen are suffering malnutrition

In Aslam district families are eating LEAVES


Can we expect anything from the UN when Saudi is a member of the UNHRC … and has not even been removed after the bombings.

These videos should make the West – the Muslim countries – the UN – the human rights groups feel equal shame. How can they go home and sleep knowing that they have done nothing to save these innocent children & people. What good are global bodies if they all function to politics???









PBS reporter Jane Ferguson says The missiles that kill us, American-made. The planes that kill us, American-made. The tanks … American-made. You are saying to me, where is America? America is the whole thing.”


There is nothing more to add beyond that!



Shenali D Waduge

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