George Floyd murder enflames US: America is a failed state

On 26 May 2020 social media watched a black man (George Floyd) handcuffed and pinned to the pavement pleading to the 4 white American police officers – ‘I can’t breathe’. Onlookers watching George, whose neck was being pressed by a cop’s knee, pleaded for his release. Smartphones enabled the entire world to watch a human life cut short live. George was not the only black man to have been unfairly delivered ‘justice’ and he is unlikely to be the last. What unfolded thereafter across US was a cocktail of maladies coming home to roost in a country that has reigned by its supremacist manipulation of wars, elections, governments, foreign political leaders and even terrorists. What we now foresee is the unfolding of numerous agendas revolved around forthcoming elections abusing protests on behalf of George. America has become a victim of its own manipulations rolled out on other countries now being unleashed at home. The death has also brought to the focus and exposed the double standards of the UNHRC/international human rights organizations and other righteous mouthpieces who remain mum. George Floyd’s death is bringing to the surface a corrupt and unfair international systems & players that needs to now be replaced while signaling the fall of the American empire.


US population is 328m of which Blacks make up 42m – less than 13% of population but accounts for 30% of US shooting fatalities. The US justice system is such that 6.7million are in some form of correctional centre with 2.2million in prison. “African Americans are more likely than white Americans to be arrested; once arrested, they are more likely to be convicted; and once convicted, and they are more likely to experience lengthy prison sentences”


UN/UNHRC/Human Rights Groups SILENT

5 days since the murder of George Floyd and not a single statement or condemnation by international entities that does not blink to issue statements if such occurred in other countries. We can recall how UNHRC and entities went to town over Rathupaswela. In US, over 25 states are protesting with riots and curfew imposed and deafening silence from any of these entities. Minneapolis police station itself has been set ablaze. Vandalism, anarchy, windows of cars & shops broken, looting (while America’s rich got $434b richer from corona handouts), are just some of the horrifying footage being relayed across the world. In Chicago there is footage of cops being dragged through the streets. St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City has graffiti all over it and police cars have been set on fire in Philadelphia. Nashvilles historic court house & city hall has been set on fire. Protestors have even approached White House. The white nations called the Third World as uncivilized!

You can be sure that these entities would be writing a different narrative if what was happening in US was happening in a third world country. Such crass bias and hypocrisy is now exposed.


Yet the silence of the UN/HR groups have sealed their bias and their partiality. Media that has been hounding Sri Lanka twisting and turning every incident to denigrate the majority have little to say except to sensationalize and turn the event into political propaganda for their paymasters. It was social media and alternative media that showed the world the injustice to George proving that mainstream media (both print and electronic) are fast losing their sheen. The day of force-feeding news and brainwashing people by editors and columnists-for-life is waning and their shelf life is now virtually over.

While the oft unspoken racism and segregation that existed institutionally and was said to have been resolved, continues still in the US. America’s lack of compassion for humanity except to lavish so in words was seen in its corona record sheet. Always wanting to be the first in all, US ironically has grabbed gold medal for corona deaths now exceeding 100,000 while equally competitive rich EU nations hold the top 10 slots for most corona deaths. Has the curse fallen upon them or is it mere incompetence coming to light and showing that these rich countries who consider everything as a commodity with a price tag cannot look after their own or will not think twice to even grade who they care for, first. Half of all corona fatalities in Europe have been the old and aged in nursing homes in a Western world where to be old is now regarded as a liability for the political and economic system and they are not needed anymore. Human rights have gone to the dogs today.

Those holding mantle as human rights commissioners by their silence have shown they are simply mouthpieces of euro-centric white supremacist ideology. Who wants a world system that hands justice in different formats depending on the victims colour, race, religion – is what ICC is doing against Africa & how UNHRC has violated its own mandate against Sri Lanka creating legally questionable precedents!

We need a new UN located outside the West where the Third World is still waiting accountability and reparations for colonial crimes. Third World must have a larger say as they continue to suffer via neocolonial crimes by the same colonial violators!


Many are manipulating the situation unfolding in US. It is America’s turn to experience the regime change and manipulations America has been masters of. The masters at regime change and false flags are even experiencing busloads of protestors being transported to create mayhem. All that the US funds in other countries is now being enacted back home!


The country that has been delivering democracy, human rights, rule of law, law & order, justice for minorities, anti-racism, ant-discrimination blah blah blah to the world is now aflame because US is guilty of the very acts US accuses other countries of committing!


“When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Is this US democracy!


Who will deliver democracy to US now?




Shenali D Waduge

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