Why does the West & its media love to hate the Rajapakse’s?






Nothing they do is right. Everything right they do is wrong. What exactly is their problem? This is really puzzling to most patriots and nationalists who are grappling to pinpoint what the root cause of this hate ailment against Rajapakse’s by the West is in order to even remotely consider avenues for reconciliation. Native American Indians said the white man speaks with a forked tongue and we can see that in its diplomacy and tools.


Are they angry that LTTE their pet tiger was defeated?

Why should they be, LTTE was after all murdering innocent people, terminating their lives for no reason, they made $300m annual profits but did not spend a cent on Tamils whom they claim to represent. Scores of Tamil low caste, poor children were turned into child soldier depriving them their fundamental right to education and living with their families. Right to freedom was denied by forcing people to remain encircled in a defacto area they ruled. How can the West choose the tiger over the innocents that they killed unless their geopolitical-military-trade mattered more than lives of people.


Were the successive UNHRC resolutions their punishment?

A bogus dead figure that has no names (or are giving names of dead LTTE terrorists), no skeletons or evidence to prove is the basis for successive resolutions claiming war crimes/genocide against Sri Lanka. Naming terrorist dead as civilians completely ignoring how many Tamils LTTE shot and killed while trying to flee LTTE. Refusing to even imagine how 40,000 dead bodies could have been dug and pushed into graves without US satellite imagery seeing them or Ban Ki Moon and his foreign delegation not seeing newly dug graves as they travelled over terrain in helicopter 3 days after LTTE defeat. Name dead Tamil civilians not LTTE dead. Prove the Tamil civilians dead were killed by Sri Lanka Army purposely – just don’t ridicule a national army benchmarking against the proven crimes committed by Western troops in illegally invaded nations.


Was this why a totally irregular and unprecedented action was taken by UNSG?

When illegal invasions/interventions/bombings have taken place none of which resulted in UNSG appointing panels to personally appraise him, why did the UNSG decide to appoint a panel AFTER a conflict that lasted 30 years ended? Why did UNSG not seek permission from UNSC or UNGA assembly to appoint a UN panel & instead appointed a non-UN member panel which was to only appraise him of the final months of Sri Lanka’s conflict, which became the basis of the UNHRC’s recommendation for investigation against Sri Lanka. We continue to question the legality of this entire process adopted with malice against a UN member state that was suffering 30 years of terror and did not see any assistance of the UN or West to end LTTE terror though all LTTE fronts were operating from these Western countries inspite of the West banning the LTTE. When UN and West know that LTTE fronts are operating from their countries why are they not taking action against them for materially supporting terrorists?


Is this why using UN nomenclatures Western governments are plugging aid and assistance with demands to make legislative changes and weaken/destabilize Sri Lanka

One good example was the GSP plus requiring Sri Lanka to make legislative/penal code/policy changes which cannot be reversed easily but West could with a stroke of a statement revoke GSP. Where does that leave Sri Lanka after making the changes the West demanded? The MCC agreement is one such ‘grant’ where drastic legislative changes have already taken place as preconditions to giving a grant which is to be audited by US govt and coming through a US incorporated company in Sri Lanka.


White van abductions?

Was this a foreign intel-psy ops as part of psychologically scaring people at the mention of these two words? The fanfare over that died out with the stupid stunt played by a former Minister and a driver! But it would be good for the West making wild allegations to be a little responsible in their accusations by providing names and even court cases related to such abductions. There was a period that people were abducted never to be seen again – this was during the 1980s – where were all these human rights angels and free media then? The leader of the JVP was toasted alive in the Borella crematorium – where were the human rights voices?

A plethora of other mud campaigns have been sponsored by the West against Rajapakse’s.



Take any foreign media release – a disclaimer at the end will carry something or the other about abducted journalists – murdered journalists implying that no journalist is safe in Sri Lanka. Where were these media when Richard De Zoysa, Sagarika Gomes and a host of others including lawyer Wijayadasa Liyanarachchi was killed? How is it that their names never make it to international print?


Surely, the past 4 ½ years with entire West-UN agencies backing the Wickremasinghe government the perpetrators of these crimes should have been brought to book.


Thajudeen’s case has been blown to bits by an OIC put in prison simply because he refused to say the crime was by Rajapakses for which he & his family would get to live in Canada

https://www.facebook.com/VoteMahinda/videos/559884671469187/ (a must listen)

while a former military/lawyer has revealed shocking disclosures about Ekneligoda


and the PM and Lasantha’s own brother is on record for giving the name of the perpetrator of Lasantha’s killing – all these revelations do not point to any Rajapakse.


Human rights/R2P-democracy-rule of law-transparency-accountability

These are all Western policy tools and are keys used to sway allegiance diplomatically-politically-economically-culturally-socially with last resort of military action (R2P).


But what is the credibility of these countries to preach?

The West carry a legacy of colonial crimes lasting over 500 years with atrocities far atrocious than the isolated one’s they go after – genocide, elimination of entire tribes, dividing families/tribes by artificial boundaries, inflicting disease and starving with intent to murder, killing elephants as a sport, hanging people while eating breakfast, throwing indigenous babies to crocodiles as punishment for natives not towing their line. Plundering treasures and resources of these nations. How about accountability for these heinous crimes?

Every year, more than 30,000 people are shot, murdered, or commit suicide using guns, and over 200,000 people are wounded in gun-related violence in the US.


Before giving money to look after the poor in other countries take care of the rising poor in the West as a result of failed capitalism. Nearly 40 million people are living in poverty in America. 20% of UK people live in poverty including 8 million working-age adults. In 2017, 112.8 million people in the EU lived in households at risk of poverty.

Racial discrimination is deeply rooted in the US – racial equality exists only on paper. US speaks about torture – what about the torture-interrogation methods adopted by CIA many similar to what was used during the Inquisitions.


US has militarily intervened in 142 countries since 1991. https://nationalinterest.org/feature/why-america-addicted-foreign-interventions-23582

Dictators sponsored by West – Batista, Somoza, Marcos, Mobutu Sese Seko, Pinochet, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (the former shah of Iran), Zia ul-Haq, Syngman Rhee, Suharto, Idi Amin.


Bombs dropped by West and collateral deaths – as of November 2018, at least 244,000 civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan have died violent deaths, this excludes Yemen, Syria, Somalia and other countries US & NATO are daily bombing.


How can the West demand Sri Lanka to remove military bases in its own country when US has nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad while UK and France have military bases in 11 countries? British armed forces are already deployed in more than 80 countries. The US has 1.3 million troops stationed around the world.


6.9million people voted for Gotabaya Rajapaks in 2019, previously though Mahinda Rajapakse lost elections in 2015, he too got 5.8million votes. The masses have placed confidence in him. Far more voters go to vote in Sri Lanka than they do in the West, so people do exercise their democratic right.


Just as they voted out a Rajapakse in 2015 they voted in a Rajapakse in 2019. So don’t cry over spoilt milk. We understand the West has invested heavily in the previous government plus much more on a coterie of dark ‘princes’ who run civil society & NGO outlets, but it may be good to assess their performance against the remunerations given and replace them – they have absolutely no credibility in society and are just good for the cocktail circles they call ‘civil society’.





Shenali D Waduge

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