13A FARCE: 50% Jaffna Population are Koviars who are Tamilized Sinhalese & this demolishes Tamil Homeland theory & India’s role


A fake history was created & promoted by Tamil politicians who fooled Tamil youth to take up arms and resulted in 30 years of brutal bloodshed & put Sri Lanka into $200billion debt. That bloodshed was ended by the sacrifices of our heroic armed forces. Yet, that debt together with unplanned governance has resulted in further debt & bankruptcy. While the Tamil political leadership & LTTE Diaspora has to be held to account for this $200b debt, a key factor negates the Indo-Lanka Accord clause & the demand for 13A as a foundation stone for self-determination & a Tamil Homeland quest. This key factor is that 50% of the Jaffna peninsula population are Koviyar caste who are in reality Tamilized Sinhalese, implying that they were originally Sinhalese. If 50% of the current population living in the Jaffna peninsula are in reality Sinhalese, this negates the Tamil homeland myth. President Ranil should be seeking justice for these koviyas who are considered “untouchable” dalits before signing any land or police powers.

These are ground realities that President Ranil, holding executive powers for the 1st time has to come to terms with. He could promise anything when not in power, but holding executive powers he cannot sign to give into racist demands based on a false history promoted for over 100 years.

Instead the President should take up a more important human rights violation. The koviars being Sinhalese are treated as untouchable “dalits” – Justice for these Sinhalese “untouchables” must be addressed first by the President. Of course, these Sinhalese are unlikely to get any assistance from the $ seeking human rights organizations & the usual mouthpieces.  The Concise History of Tamils by MP Channa Jayasumana gives a detailed account of the caste system.


When did Tamils arrive to Sri Lanka?

Prof. Kartigesu Indrapala claims Tamils arrived 600 years back. This tallies with the Yalpana Vaipava Malai which claims Tamils were brought from South India during reign of a Sinhala king & majority returned after the Kings death as the Sinhalese who were living in the North did not like them. The book confirms the Sinhalese were original inhabitants of the North.

Capt Robert Percival’s book ‘An account of the island of Ceylon’ published in 1803 puts the arrival of Tamils to 300 years back and claims Tamils to be Malabars & not natives of Ceylon. The Tamils brought by Sinhalese King Jayatungka V and those brought as coolies differ.

The 1st invasion by Sena Guttika (2 horse traders) in 237BC was during the rule of a Sinhala King, whom they killed.

The 2nd invasion by Elara was during rule of King Asela (9th son of King Mutuseewa). Both invasions took place during the rule of Sinhalese kings. There was no Tamil independent kingdom when Sena Guttika arrived first to Sri Lanka in 237BC.

This negates the fake history started by Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam who made Malabars into Ceylon Tamils in 1911 and Chelvanayagam who began promoting a Tamil State in 1949. India who secretly trained Tamil militants, drafted the Indo-Lanka Accord in 1987 making use of this bogus history to their advantage to secure the world’s most sought after natural harbor – Trincomalee. The inclusion by India was not to provide any self-determination for Tamils, but to use Tamils to gain control over North & East of Sri Lanka. This was why India began training a separate Tamil militant group under the leadership of Varatharaja Perumal & why India tapped LTTE’s deputy Mahaththaya as their agent.


 The TNA has to :

  • Prove on what basis TNA is claiming a homeland in North Sri Lanka & present historical & archaeological evidence – the President must demand this.

  • Explain why they failed in governing the Northern Provincial Council without land & police powers since 2013 & why they need land & police powers to administer the province?

  • Disprove Tamil lineage to Africa or Tamil Nadu & prove Tamil lineage in Sri Lanka’s North to claim a “homeland”- Tamils cannot be demanding homelands all over the world. It will create an ugly precedent.

The question to President Ranil is

  • How can a fake history become the basis to separate an Island nation?

  • When previous Presidents have refrained from giving land & police powers after realizing the dangers of a fake history is likely to materialize into a separate state,-why should an interim president sign into effect a likely separation of Sri Lanka?

  • Does the President not realize that the issue is now more complex with not only Tamil leaders desiring a separate land but foreign nations also vying to take over the land that is likely to be separated & then work themselves down to take over the rest of the land too?

  • India thinks that breaking up Sri Lanka is advantageous to India, but Sri Lanka & India does not realize that the moment Sri Lanka is balkanized, India is next on target. If Sri Lanka falls, India’s fall is imminent & will take place sooner than India bargains for. Therefore, both President Ranil & Prime Minister Modi, need to play their cards discretely. The West are playing India against Sri Lanka while attempting to destabilize both countries. It is not to India’s advantage to destabalize Sri Lanka.

  • If India thinks, destabalizing Sri Lanka is advantageous to India, that gain is nowhere near the gain US/West will get by balkanizing India thereafter.

  • India appears to think that a greater Indian hold over Sri Lanka will prevent India’s destabalzing, however, that calculation is also incorrect. The Sri Lankan populace have never forgiven India for secretly training Tamil militants & preventing the capture of Prabakaran in May 1987 that would have ended militancy & not resulted in any of the deaths and assassinations that took place after May 1987 including that of PM Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 & close to 2000 Indian soldiers by 1990.


The first thing Sri Lanka’s Parliament must do is to finally nullify the fake history drummed by separatist Tamil politicians and foolishly accepted by Tamils. Unfortunately, we have no foreign policy strategists to devise an appropriate strategic plan to develop international relations with India, so that Sri Lanka’s sovereignty & territorial integrity is protected. All “experts” have been happy to forsake Sri Lanka’s sovereignty & we have nothing much to now give up. We are trying to protect & preserve the little that we have. The officials are primarily to be held accountable. They cannot pass blame on the politicians only. They had a role to play but did they deliver? What’s, left is now the voice of the citizens who wish to ensure the sovereignty of Sri Lanka continues without being outsourced for the political survival of a handful, who are foolish to think that they will survive after handing over all to foreign hands. The ground reality is that they will be the first to be ousted – the Politicians are foolish not to understand this.




Shenali D Waduge

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